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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well with everyone!

I'm still going through a pretty rough time with my kitchen remodel.  To name a few things, we made a change in our initial oven selection purchase from the double-oven to deciding on the full-size oven with a bottom warming drawer and someone at the store forgot to make the change on paper, so the double-oven was delivered and had to be returned -- and replaced; the contractors are in competition with each blaming the other for mistakes, i.e., the plumber blames the cabinet maker for not placing the cabinets in the correct position for the dishwasher to fit properly and the cabinet maker says it's the plumber's fault for installing the pipes the wrong way -- UGHHHH!  I don't care who's to blame, I just want it corrected and done!!!  Then there's dust EVERYWHERE that I've been unsucessfully trying to clean up nightly to avoid inhaling all night; I'm tired of all the kitchen utilities packed up and relocated throughout my home where they don't belong, and in my way; and daily eating out and/or microwave meals, and having to wash dishes in the laundry room sink (in a new dishwash basket of course)!!!  This is just a preview of things; at this point and overall, I want all of these folks out of my house and everything back to normal!!!  I'm not liking neither my situation or myself right now!  Anyway, I decided to give you a before and "how it looks now' sneek peek and I'll share that at the end of my project post.

With no time to give to do a tutorial for my today's DT project over at Sheila's, I'm only able to share a quick project I put together and provide a brief explanation of how it was done.  It's simple enough  to copy should you choose to do so.

My project is a clipboard note-holder and magnet (sorry the pictures didn't turn out as clear as I would have liked):

The colored cardstock in the middle of the board is an example of a note clipped to the board and the picture below shows the "note" removed from the clip clearly revealing a notes pad attached (I think I'm going to add a matching pen and make this a gift set):
This picture below shows the back of the board where the back of the clip and magnet are attached:
This clipboard began from a set of discarded cardboard coasters shown below and a large paper clip :
What I did was painted the board with a cream color acrylic paint, sprayed it with a clear gloss, glued lace around the edges, attached the clip with E6000 glue, and embellished with gold bling ribbon, flowers edged with gold Stickles, and topped it off with a cream bow at the bottom -- SIMPLE!  This will be a quick gift when as occasion arises for one.
Now, as promised, the before and "to-date" sneak peaks of a corner of my ugly old kitchen's remodel:
Still waiting for the counter tops to be measured and installed, the new ceiling fan to be put up, the cabinets to be corrected so that the dishwasher can fit in between correctly, the electrical fixtures and plumbing to be completed, and a few other adjustments and installations.  I'll have pictures of all the completed work to share with you when it's done -- whenever that happens!!!
Well, I haven't been sleeping well these last few nights so I'm off to try to get some rest.  I'll be back when I can, and will catch up on visiting also as soon as I can.  Because this is such a trying and stressful time for me, I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience.  I truly do miss you but for now, this is my life and it's no fun!
As always, thanks for stopping by, love you all and...,
I'll be seeing you!