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Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

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Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello, family-friends!!!  Hope all's well -- as I always pray is so!!!  Sorry I haven't been around but I've really been busy today; had a doctor's appointment earlier (will be on pins and needles waiting for the"just great" results...lol) and now I'm rushing to get ready for my neice's baby shower tomorrow.  I'm almost done with the project I'm working on despite a few minor alterations to it here and there -- then I'm off to cooking barbecue meatball appetizers and potato salad for 60 people... lol!!!  Several of the family folks are chipping in on the food because the hotel wanted way too much per person, so our doing it cuts the cost astronomically... lol!  (But, let's not tell Marriott, because it's really not allowed -- my neice is only getting away with it because she's a manager there!)

My project is a keepsake baby carriage that I'm calling a "Cadillac Carriage".  Why?  Because, although I've done many of these on a smaller scale, this is the largest one I've done so far, so it's really the "Cadillac" of all the others.

Just so you know, this has given me the B-L-U-E-S!!!  I thought it would be easy enough but when I couldn't find a proportionately-sized box I actually had to cut and piece boxes together to get the size I needed.  I think it's come along pretty good -- and it was still kind of fun to put together; here's it is and you can click on each picture for a better view:

The "CR" on the picture of the carriage above are the baby's initials.  Here's a view of the opposite side of the box that has a pocket to hold the card:

This picture shows the front of the box with a pocket holding baby wash cloths:

And the back of the box has a small pocket holding a set of rattles:

To give you an idea on how large this carriage is, excluding what's in the pockets, the inside contains a bottle of Drift Liquid Detergent, pampers, a bottle/food warmer, 2-sets of jammies, 4 outfits, baby clothes hangers, a comb/brush set, diaper rash ointment, medicine dispensers, tinny little nail files and nail clipper, thermometer, formula dispensing cup, baby wipes, diaper waste bags, pacifier wipes, nose inhalers; Johnson's lotion, soap, shampoo and powder; petroleum jelly... and a couple of other things I need to "squeeze" in somewhere...lol!!!  I usually call this a "Needful Things" carriage because some of these items are things young mothers may not receive in the gift-giving from others... lol!

After the contents have been used, I hope my neice will find this a useful keepsake item in the baby's room to store little things she may need right at hand.

Well, I'm off to finish up as much as I can tonight before I have to go to the shower tomorrow, so I'll probably not see you until I get back home! 

Hope you enjoyed my project!!!  In the meantime...

Hugs, love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you!!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi, everyone!  I see most of you have been having a crafting good time!!!  Unfortunately, although I visited, I did not even try to comment yesterday!  I'd been so annoyed with the Blogger issue that I just didn't put myself through the aggravation.  I did enjoy your projects though!  I did some commenting today, however, the problem still exists for many of you where I can't comment -- all I get is that dreaded blank screen!

I do have a altered box project today.  This project was the a result of my cleaning up Christmas supplies that I didn't have time to complete projects for during the holiday.  In those supplies were these boxes I'd thought to re-do for Christmas and as I didn't get the opportunity, I re-did them for Valentine Day instead.  Here's the box:

It reads "Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness".  I'm  not certain what I'll put on the inside yet -- maybe candy -- but whatever, I'm hoping it will be a present inside a present because I like how it turned out overall.  Here's a picture of the top of the box:

Because I liked the outcome of this box so much, I decided I wanted the back to be fun and have a focal point also:

I titled it "Dressing Christmas for Valentine Day" because, as I said earlier, this was made from a box I was planning on recycling for Christmas.  I had several of them:

I used a velvet/suede-type paper to cover the box; the material on the top I purchased somewhere on etsy -- it comes in a 12"x12" cut, and then I glued on a few rhinestones; on the back is a velvet ribbon bow, small ribbon flowers, and a large rhinestone; the flowers were cut from a stem of silk flowers I found in my bin; some gathered ribbon, white beaded ribbon, more rhinestones, and the acrylic word block completed the embellishments on the box.   I hope you like it!!!

Well, I'm off again!  I'm working on a "major" baby-shower gift which I'll share with you as soon as it's completed!  Soooooo...,

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Thank you, Diana, of DL Arts Blog.  She advised me that she changed her posting comments from "Embedded" to another selection in the "Settings" and was able to access her comments.  I did the same and was able to also access mine.  Now I can announce the winner of the Diamond Access:

Sheila of She's A Sassy Lady is the 24th commentor and the winner!!!  Congrats, Sheila!  I'll be mailing out your RAK to you as soon as I can get to the post office this week!!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I know I'm sounding off a bit but I have to say I've been so frustrated with Blogger/Google issues -- it's really gotten to me; they really need to resolve this issue!!!  Don't you think?  Well in a moment you definitely will!!!

Thank you to my new followers, and to all of you -- my family-friends -- who participated in this RAK.  We do have a winner for the Diamond Mesh, however, due to the issues with Blogger I am unable to access my comments at this time to announce the winner.  Until I can, Random.org. selected:

Congratulations to the 24th commentor, whoever you are!!!  I will post-announce you for your RAK with details as soon as I'm able to access my comments, and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience to everyone!  I will keep checking with hopes that this will be resolved very soon!  Some of you may be be able to access my comments to see the winner and, if so, you'll know before I do!

In the meantime,  I want to share with you my project using the purple mesh!!!  I'm really excited about this one!  Unfortunately, I don't know yet if it's really completed and I'll tell you why.  Let's start off with a picture of the (so-far) completed project:

Okay, let me tell and show you this project started, and why I can only hope it's completed.  First, I did the bottles which were supposed to hold some my handmade liquid soap and lotion, then packaged into this matching purse-box:

Well, since the purse was so roomy, I decided to add a matching and personalized votive candle to the set:

Ugh!  I still had room in the purse-box, so I thought "okay, I'll etch and personalize a mirror to sit the candle on (you can hardly see it but the mirror has a floral embellishment, the recipient's initials, and her name etched on it):

Oh-no!!!  How large did I make this purse-box?!!!  There's still room for more!!!  Well, at this point, I changed plans; I decided to add homemade shampoo and conditioner to the bottles instead of the soap and lotion, and add a comb and brush -- a hair care set with a candle??????!!!:

Would you believe there's still room..., but I think after I wrap each piece in tissue that should take up some extra slack.  So, now you know why I say I'm not sure it's completed!  This has been one fun project but I do think I've tired of the mesh now and that I'm ready to move on.  I hope I haven't bored you with all this mesh stuff and that you've enjoyed my projects!!!  Oh-oh, I think I'll just go back once more and trim the mirror with some mesh... lol!!!  Oh-no -- again!!!  Maybe I should include a hair drying towel -- personally embroidered?!!!  What do you think?  Actually, this has got to stop...lol!!!

Heck, let's move on!  I'd like to say now that if anyone missed out on this RAK because of the Blogger issues, I have another mesh RAK to announce soon -- but after this Blogger issue is resoved.  So, continue to check in for that.  However, do continue to check back for the announcement of this RAK winner.  Again, although it's beyond my control, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Love you all, hugs, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi, everyone!!!  I'm happy and well, and hoping I'm find you all the same.  I am still working on my project but hope to have it completed to share with you tomorrow.

Needless to say, I'm really-really annoyed with Blogger/Google as I'm still having problems posting comments!!!  I think I may have gotten to comment on a few blogs today that I hadn't been able to over the past several days but, basically, it's about the same.

Although I'm sure this probably isn't the case, I hope no one is having a problem with posting to my blog --other than myself -- as tomorrow is the last day to comment for my Diamond Mesh sample RAK.  If anyone is having a problem commenting, I will have another mesh RAK next week, or whenever the commenting issue is resolved, so that anyone who missed out will have another opportunity to win.  I'll post an announcement, so be on the lookout!

In the meantime, good luck to all of you getting your comments in!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello family-friends!  I hope this post finds all of you doing well and happily crafting!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still having a problem posting comments to many of your blogs (including my own)... don't know what the problem is but I do hope it's resolved very soon!  It's frustrating and I've wanted to comment on many of the wonderful projects you've done during my visits to you.  Don't think I've overlooked anyone because I haven't and I'll have some catching up to do whenever Blogger/Google, or whatever/whomever, finally gets to the bottom of this matter!

In the meantime, love you all, love what your doing, and I'll still be dropping in to check on you regardless to whether I can comment or not!

Hugs!  And, of course, ...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Hello, everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well!!!  I am happy, well, and 2012 has started out beautifully!!!  I'm loving every day!!!  HOWEVER, can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with Blogger?!!!  I've been trying to visit and leave comments, and I've been having trouble reaching some of you -- I can't even post a comment on my own blog here!!!!  Google/Blogger can be a bugger sometime!!!!  If you didn't hear from me, than you're probably one of the ones I've had trouble posting a comment to!

Anyway, welcome to some new followers too!  I'm so very happy to have you here, and I hope to become better acquainted with you all.  I think I've visited you already (if I've found you and if Blogger has let me...lol!), however, if I haven't I'll get to you soon!  In the meantime, you've made it home and I hope you enjoy your stay!

We've finally had a turn in the weather here.  Gone are the sunny days, warm weather, and no snow days...lol!!!  It's cold and snowy, but I'm enjoying every moment of just being alive!  Of course the last several days have been busy but satisfying; I've done some errands for the auntie, did some volunteer charity work, -- and some fun crafting!

It's so funny -- and ironic -- that my friend Becky over at http://bloglessinutah.blogspot.com left a comment on my blog about a lady named Cynthialoowhoo who does a lot of work with the bling mesh because while searching to buy the diamond mesh at a reasonable cost, I ran across a YouTube video by this lady... WOW, was I ever inspired!!!!  After watching the video I ran out to purchase a comb, brush, mirror, came back home, grabbed my glue and went to work!!!  And, you ask, what inspired me so that I frantically had to do this project?  Well, you tell me after seeing it, here's the project I worked on:

Here is more of a close-up of the vanity set:

Thank you, Cynthialoowho!!!  It took me several tries before I got this, and it took some time and patience, but I hope I made Cynthialoowho proud!   I've started one of these in gold too, I'll post it when I'm done!

I did check out Etsy for the diamond mesh and was disappointed that the prices are pretty steep there too.  So far, the best deal I've come across is the site I posted for you earlier, but I'm still looking!  Oh, by the way, I did see some at Joanne's but it's only one single strand wrapped around a spool (not even a yard) and it was reallllly expensive!!!  Surprisingly I also saw a small square of it packaged, maybe a little larger than a 1" square, at Walmart -- it was ridiculously priced at $3.99!!!

I'm now working on another project I came up with it as a gift for my son's godmother who also was my mother's closest friend.  I decided to use the purple I was so excited about as she is someone very special to me and my family.  I'll share that one too when I'm finished.

I hope you're enjoying these bling projects and that they're inspiring you to try some of this stuff -- it's soooooo fun!

Love you all, and hugs!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy Sunday, family-friends!!!  As I've been visiting you, so many of you have commented on wonderful the weather you're experiencing, and I'm joining the group!!!  Surprisingly the weather here is beautiful too.  Temperatures have reached the 50's and we're haing sunny days!  I've lived in Chicago alllllll my life and I've never known a winter such as this!!!  LOL!

I don't have a project for you today, I've been trying to think of something special to use the purple mesh on still (having a brain freeze), but haven't come up with anything yet!  LOL!  Maybe I should just move on to something else and step away from the mesh stuff for a moment... lol!

However, I did tell you the next time I posted I'd have something for you -- I do!!!  I have a little "Just Because" rak for you!!!  I'm just so excited about this diamond mesh that I thought it would be nice if one of you could sample a bit of it; so along with a couple of adornments/embellishments I made, I am giving away four (4) squares of about 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 inch swatches of the mesh:  one (1) each of the gold, silver, black and red:

A little of this stuff can go a long way if used on small projects.  These swatches will give you about 8 of the ink pens I posted earlier and you'd still have a bit left over for several small projects!  I hope you like it and my handmade embellishments!

This rak is open to all my family-friends.  This means all my followers and anyone wishing to join to follow me is eligible!  Often I offer raks to everyone including non-followers; however, although I love and appreciate you all, it's an honor when others outwardly show you their support and appreciation for the work you've done.  Therefore,  to all of you who follow me, I will always show my appreciation in some small "special" way  when I can to let you know I appreciate you too for thinking that much of me, and thank you.  Good luck!!!

To participate, please leave me one of your great comments on this blog.  You will have one week to post your comments.  The deadline will be next Sunday, January 15, and  comments will be accepted only up to 12 noon on that day.  Random.org will announce the winner on the same Sunday by 5 p.m. central time.

Love you all, hugs, and...

I'll be seeing you!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well!

I haven't posted this week because I've been up to several things like visiting and catching up on your blogs and wonderful projects.  I left a comment or two on your blogs but I did get to do some further browsing just to catch up on most of what I'd missed while MIA.  Takes a lot of time to comment on everything, so I'll just let you know now in one-lump sum that your crafting skills are amazing.  Also, wanted to say hello to those of you who do not have blogs  for me to visit but who support me;  I don't forget about you either.

Additionally I took some time to do some browsing; browsed YouTube (which I don't normally do because I'm terrified of viruses) and I got some wonderful ideas while there.  I'll have to not be so intimidated as to keep me from going there more often.  Mostly though I did a lot of searching trying to find on-line places that sold that diamond mesh at a pretty reasonable cost -- compared to Etsy and other on-line places prices.  I really-really wanted that purple and as the little fabric store in my neighborhood didn't have it, I went looking -- and I found somewhere!!!  I ordered my purple and received it yesterday!!!  I ordered several colors including red to do Valentine gifts but I'm a bit disappointed as the red looks more pink.  Anyway, I'm going to share a few quick and easy gifts I made last night with the silver and red, and tell you where you can order it.  I received my order really quick -- although I paid extra for a faster delivery!  Now, I think you can imagine just how much I loooove this stuff?!!!  I'm still searching for somewhere less expensive, but here's the link where you can find it at the best cost I've found so far:  http://save-on-crafts.com/sequins.html .  Now I'll share with you the easy projects I did. 

I found this lipstick case at a dollar store and purchased a stick of lip gloss:

I turned it into this:

Here's a picture of the lip gloss tucked inside the case:

My second purchase at the dollar store was this little purse:

And it now looks like this:

The inside of this purse is red which makes it just perfect for Valentine Day, so I'm going to tuck a small chocolate and a small bottle of perfume on the inside ( little bottle with match of course as I'll embellish it with the mesh!):

Last, I made another pen; this time using the gold -- and I made a small notebook to match:

All these projects took less than an hour to do, and I would have been on a roll had my hubby not interrupted me to do something for him... lol!!!  Overall, being as excited as I am -- and at this rate -- I think I'll be plenty ready for Valentine and Mother's Day!!!  LOL!!!

Well guys, I guess you're in for a ride!!!  You'll probably be really-really sick of me using this stuff for a while because I'm absolutely hooked on it.  As I'm trying to come up with a special project using the purple, you can expect to see another project using this diamond mesh ribbon sooner than later... lol!!!

I'm off again, but I'll be back!  Stay turned though because I also have a little surprise coming up for you next time!!!

Love and hugs!!!