Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have you visit with me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I absolutely love company, sharing, and making new friends so I hope you find something here that inspires, motivates, or just pleases you in some way.

Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

Before you go, I would love it if you'd please leave me a comment letting me know you dropped in! Actually, I'd just love to hear from you -- comments, opinions, or questions you'd like me to answer.

In the meantime, relax and make yourselves at home... you're family here!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hello, again!  I do hope your holiday evening has wound down nicely.

I'm back with a card I made for a 3-year old little guy name Lennon who likes to receive cards.   However, this card is specail.  I learned of Lennon through my friend Barb.  Lennon has cancer which consists of multiple tumors on his brain and spine.  You can read what Barb has to say about Lennon by clicking on her name which is a direct link to her blog.

Here is the card and it's in two (2) layers.  The second layer pages is the surprise because I think all children love the little guy it features:

Front of card

First Layer Pages

The card reads:  Your friend Donald Duck says..."Quack-quack, Lennon!!! A tip of my hat and a tail wagging hello to you!"

Second Layer Pages

On this second layer, I'm going to hand write a little note to Lennon because Wednesday, June 2, is his birthday.  This card may not get there in time, but I want him to know he still can get birthday wishes, even if they're just a little bit late.

I hope Lennon likes it!

Have a great evening, everyone!  And...,

I'll be seeing you!


Good happy Memorial Day Monday, everyone!!!  I hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend and, for those of you who are off work today for the holiday, I hope you'll enjoy each moment.

I want to say, again, congratulations to all our Showcase #8 winners -- you all did such amazing projects!

I'm dropping in quickly to remind you that registration for Showcase #9 is open.  You can go to my "New Series Showcases" sidebar label for the details and registration information, and the link to sign up your projects.  Flowerdisco is there waiting for you.

With the weather so crappy here today, I'll probably be jumping in and out.  And I'll explain why.  We are currently under a severe thunder storm watch here, and we're experiencing some pretty heavy rain storms.  As  I believe I've mentioned before my grandfather was one of those old-timey southern baptist ministers, so I was brought up to believe that when there's severe lightning God is trying to get our attention; the roaring  thunder is Him speaking to us.  I learned that you sit down, be still and quiet, and open your ears and heart to receive his message.  All televisions, radios, and such are turned off!  Because if you're not focused you can't hear what he has to say.

It may be silly of me, I don't know, but this is what I was taught and it's still with me!  Even probably more silly is it seems that I always come away with something -- if only a peaceful feeling.  But it works for me!  So when there's severe thunder, I'm quiet and listening with open ears and an open heart.   So, if you don't hear from me off and on today, that's why -- I'm listening.

I'll  jump in and out to do some visiting  as the weather permits, so put some old rugs out on your floor so the bottom of my shoes don't get things wet and muddy -- LOL!  Until...

I'll be seeing you!



The fairies and I are so proud to be able to get such close-hand views of your crafts, that we otherwise might possibly would not have seen.  We have been enjoying seeing and being inspired by all the wonderful projects you do!!!

As all these projects were just perfect for this showcase, and because we just couldn't decide on one project to exclude from the selection process based on originality and design, we simplified the deciding factor dilemma by selecting all the projects for an award.  They were all great and all deserving!!!

Everyone, please help us to congratulate 5 ladies who did fantastic jobs on their projects:

Michelle:  "Thank You Cards" from scratch
Jean:  "Kaylee and His Mom" Layout
Barb:  'Happy Hour" Card
Barbara:  A "Showcase #8" Card
MsJay:  "Birthday Wishes" Card

Here are their projects:

Michelle's "Thank You Card" from Scratch

Jean's  "Kaylee and His Mom" Layout

Barb's "Happy Hour" Card

MsJay's "Birthday Wishes" Card

Beebeebab's "Showcase #8" Card

Again ladies, congratulations!  We are so proud of you!!!  From the fairies, please accept your award:

The fairies and I wish to thank you for playing with us, and we hope you return to do so again.

To our viewers, thank you for stopping by with your encouragement and support!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Revised Comment (as of 5/30/10):  Happy Holiday, Sunday.  I sincerely wish you're having the greatest holiday weekend ever!  I am popping in to revise/update the picture of Flowerdisco.  You'll like this one!  She's so cute, and such a sweetie!!!

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!!!  I hope everyone is celebrating this Memorial Day weekend by having a wondertime time.  I am having a really great time, but had to "sneak" in to say hello and let you know about our upcoming Showcase #9.

Our next showcase in the new series, Showcase #9,  begins immediately after the Awardee Showcase #8 on Monday, May 31.  Registration will be open after that time, and will run through Friday, June 4.  Once registration is open, details and registration information will be available and can be found under the "New Showcase Series" label on my sidebar.

As you know, yesterday was my last day as theme designer; however, I'm very honored and excited to introduce our next Team Fairy Theme/Designer.  Most of you are already probably familiar with this Team Fairy and the wonderful cards she creates, she is Flowerdisco.  Flowerdisco will be your host through the end of the registration period for Showcase #9.

It is my pleasure to turn you over to Flowerdisco
Let's all welcome, Flowerdisco (and her brother):

Hello everyone, I am Flowerdisco, and welcome to Showcase $#9.  I have set a theme project for you that I hope you will all enjoy doing.  Using any color or medium you'd like, I would like for you to make a card which will include three (3) basic materials:  a stamp of your choice, a ribbon and a charm.  You can design the card however you like and use any other materials you'd like as long as the card has these 3 items.
Here is my sample theme project for you using the above forementioned 3 items:

I hope you all have a fun time with this project and I will be expecting to see some great projects.  My sample theme project will be posted at the top page of Audrey's blog until Friday, June 4, if you need to come back and have a look at it.  In the meantime, go get started on your projects and let me see how much I've inspired you.  The fairies and I want to see loads of projects here next week.  I, especially, will be waiting.
Thank you, Flowerdisco!!!   Your sample theme project card is, as usual, a work of art!
If you don't know Flowerdisco, please click on here name highlighted above (in purple) for a direct link to her blog; you'll be absolute amazed with her cardmaking skills
Now for a SURPRISE!!!  We promised you a new series of showcases with fun and games, right?  Well, stay tuned for Showcase # 10 when our own Team Fairy Lori will be back to join us with not only a great sample theme project but a GAME PRIZE TO BE WON!!!  More details will be provided when Lori joins us at that time!  But you'll want to stick around to be able to participate!
And, if I may, I'ld like to remind everyone to please join us on Monday for the Awardee Showcase #8.  I am sure all the ladies would appreciate your being here to congratulate them on the great projects they worked on.  As always, we all appreciate your support and encouragement!!!  You're the best!
Thanks for stopping in!

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Happy Thursday, everyone!

First, a reminder, today is Thursday, guys!  Don't forget your Showcase #8 projects have to be registered into Mr. Linky by 8 p.m. central time tomorrow.

Well, with the weather being so muggy over the last couple of days, I was too drained to do much crafting, so I took the time to revisit some blogs I hadn't visited almost since I've been blogging.  One of them was a blog I used to visit frequently, "A Star For Chiemi".  This particular crafter has some of the cutest and most amazing projects, and while browsing I ran across and was inspired by a little box I thought was just adorable.   As I love boxes, I knew I had to figure out how to do something similar, so I kept it in mind.  Last night with the temperature more comfortable and feeling better, I sat down and did my version of a cut.file for this box, which is the one I mentioned in my earlier post I wanted to share with you.

i gave this box a teddy bear window which would make it perfiect for a child's birthday, baby gift (tuck a pair of socks or booties in it), or you can put candy or whatever you come with when you redesign it.  Also, I punched out the decorative edge on the bottom, on the cut.file it's just a straight edge.

The back of the box ties into a bow with a ribbon which is attached in the front of the box.  This secures and holds the box lid/cover flaps down in place.

When you untie the box, the box flips over from the top by turning the lid/cover sideways:

Here's the box completely opened:

Depending on the size brads you use you may have to adjust the size of the hole.  Initially I used a tiny brad which was fine for the small holes on the cut.file, but when I changed to a larger brad to accomodate the brad inserted into the flower I had to slightly enlarge the hole for it to turn properly.  So, if you find your lid/cover is tight, just enlarge the hole until it's appropriate with your brad size to move freely.

Isn't it cute!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi, again, all, and hope you're having a happy day!!!

I'm so excited because my friend, Sheila, over at She's A Sassy Lady completed a blank flag book I made and sent her as a consolation prize for being runner-up in one of my game contests! I had honestly forgotten about it until Sheila emailed me that she was completing it to publish/post.  Sheila swears she had a hard time with this book but, if she did, she did an amazing job on it, and I'm just thrilled.  Here's the cover:

You'll really have to visit Sheila to see all of the flag book and all that she did.  She even deconstructed it and printed out her instructions for completing it.  It's a perfect description if you'd like to make one for yourself.

I am just fascinated with what she did with this blank book.  I never and/or expected when I made it for her, it to be so thoroughly and beautifully done -- but, than again, Sheila did it!!!

If you haven't already dropped in, please go check this out.  I've left a direct link to her blog under the picture, just click on her name!  I'm just too impressed!  Isn't it beautiful?!!!

Sheila, thank you so very much for sharing this, and I love you too!

I'll be seeing you!


Hello, and good Wednesday, my friends!

Wow! I hate to complain about the weather because it's been so rainy and cool here, but the last several days have been so hot and muggy!!! This humidity and heat has literally left me feeling drained, even under the coolness of my air-conditioner (going through the change doesn't help much either -- LOL!). Even poor little Buster is feeling the effects. I had a small cut.file I'd hoped to have completed but I just couldn't push myself to getting it done, so you have something to look forward to in the next day or so.

Among other things, I am dropping in to say hello! And, to welcome some new followers. It's always a pleasure and thrills my heart to see new faces. I get so excited when I inspire someone so that they want to follow me, and I appreciate it more than you can even imagine.

I'm aware I'm getting a bit slower in trying to get around to everyone as my following grows and additional things are taking place, but I am getting to all of you as soon as I can. I am having some difficulty finding some of my new followers to visit because some of their member sign-ons do not show blog links/addresses for them. It is possible that these in particular may not have blogs; in which case, I want them to know I appreciate them being here and they're always welcome, and to make themselves at home and comfortable to anything thing I have available and/or any events on-going.

Before I forget, getting to you all may get slower still as I plan to put more time and effort in getting some svg files and some videos together for you. I know you thought I'd forgotten, but I haven't. I've just been trying to get through other things. I did, however, get frustrated with the "video" thing at one point, but I'm now more mentally prepared to tackle it again -- I've had a few pointers from a pro!!! So, just bear with me and I'll have a few more goodies for you.

As an aside, I hope I've encouraged enough of you to submit a project to the Showcase #8. The Team Fairies and I are so looking forward to seeing your layouts and/or card entries, so I hope that you're working on something for us. As much as we love admiring your talents, we are really doing this for you -- so that as many others as possible through another media can also admire and be inspired by your talent and crafting skills.

Lastly, I want to announce that I will have blog candy once I reach 200 followers, and I will post a picture of what will be available in the rak in a couple of days. I am so thankful to all of you including the visitors for just giving me some numbers. I never thought I'd become popular or famous when I started blogging and I don't think that'll ever happen, but you all have made me feel secure and comfortable. I feel as though you all wrapped your arms around me and gave me just the comfort and support I needed to get through those first several weeks and keep going. This is so important to me because I was such a nervous wreck - a real basket case -- hoping and praying that there would be just a few people here I'd be able to reach and please with my crafting. I wasn't looking to compete, just display in my own work, as best I could, the talent that inspired and encouraged me to love doing this. Now I look at 178 beautiful faces and all the numbers on my blog counter, and I feel so very Blessed! I never dreamed I'd be here either!!!

Thank you and I love you all!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Happy Monday, everyone!!!  I hope everyone is enjoying the awardee showcase #7!  If you haven't visited yet, skip down and take a peek; we had some great entries and I'm sure the contributors would appreciate a congratulatory word or two!!!  It never ceases to amaze me all the talent and inspiration around me.  I can get so much from just anything, and everything keeps me on my toes.

Earlier into the weekend, I was rummaging through and trying to organize some sewing materials.  I figured since my brother will be here in July, I didn't have to have sewing and craft stuff in both my office craft room and my "official" craft room which is in the basement.  I call it "official" because as I'm retired, my office is slowly acquiring more craft stuff and I do most of my crafting in here.  However, as my sewing room was the easiest to get started on, I started there and ran across some metal coin purse closures I'd bought 3 years ago when I made coin purses for my co-workers as their last Christmas presents from me before retiring.

My first thought was to just make up several coin purses and have them as spare gifts but because I really like to embroider them with the person's name (they love that), I decided I'd just put them up until I could do that.  BUT..., when I came across a scrap of velvet paper which was where it shouldn't have been in the first place, my mind went back to that metal closure.  Without a whole lot of thought, my mind saw a little paper velvet pouch to carry chapstick, lipstick, nail polish, even a few coins in.  So, with that scrap of velvet paper, the metal coin purse closure, a metal crown embellishment, and a little bit of glue, I came up with this little treausre fit for any queen to pull out of her purse:

And here it is open holding one of the lipstick tubes:

Isn't this just too cute cute?  And soooo easy!

Well, I guess I better get back to sorting through and organizing my sewing/craft room.  That is, until I run across something else that'll set this rambling ole mind of mine into another adventure land!  LOL!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got as much crafting done as you could! I even hope you had a chance to get started on your projects for Showcase #8!  LOL!

If you could all join me in congratulating the following ladies for projects well-done:

Jean: Elvis Layout
Michelle: Recycled CD Album
Kelly: Quick Graduation Card
Sharon: Teacher Appreciation Cookie Treats

Jean's Elvis Layout:

Michelle's Recycled CD Album:

Kelly's Quick Graduation Card:

Sharon's Teacher Appreciation Cookie Treats:

Great job ladies!!!  And your awards.  We hope your blogs were them proudly!!!

I would also like to present a token tag to our other contributors in appreciation for their participation.  We hope you accept this as our appreciation to you in allowing us an opportunity to showcase your talent for crafting.

Ladies, Thank you all!  We very much enjoyed your projects, and hope you all come back to play with us again.

And, last but not least, thank you to the viewing audience whose help encouraged and "cheered" on all our contributors.  Thank you for coming!

Please visit all these ladies and their wonderful blogs.  They are very talented indeed!

The Team Fairies and I will be seeing you!



Registration  is open today, Monday, May 31 through 8 p.m. Friday, June 4.  The direct link for registration and detail information is on my side bar under the label "New Contributors Showcases".

As you should know by now, Flowerdisco is our Team Fairy Theme Designer this week:

Yes, it's me, Flowerdisco.  I want to remind you that your project should be a card which includes a stamped image, a ribbon and a charm.  You can further design, embellish and color as you wish.  My theme sample project is below and, again, at the top of the page here on Audrey's blog if you need to drop in for a quick view. 

The fairies and I are so anxious to see what you'll come up with, and we'll be expecting you!

Now go get registered below with Mr. Linky:Sign below.


  • Two (2) projects entries allowed per showcase only
  • Provide an email address if you do not have a blog, in the event we need to comment/contact you; or, a name where we can emal you on the Cricut Message Board (NOTE: email addresses will not be published when posted into the Post "Comment")
  1. Go the the title of your project post by right-clicking on the post title,
  2. when the drop down box opens, scroll down to "Properties",
  3. under "Properties" you will see the URL address for your post -- this begins with "http://"
  4. copy that URL address and paste that address into Mr. Linky when you register.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A FOLLOWER TO PARTICIPATE; so lurkers, visitors, whoever you are - if you love to craft come on in and join the fun! We're challenging each and every one of you to showcase your craft projects with us.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Good Saturday morning, everyone!  Welcome into the weekend and I certainly hope it's a wonderful one for you so far!

As you know, Sheryl  is leaving today as Showcase #7 Team Fairy Theme Designer and Hostess.  I'd like to thank Sheryl for doing a fantastic job and providing such a wonderful theme and project sample for our contributors.  I understand all the contestants had a great time creating their projects!   Sheryl will be back next month; however, please visit her from time to time (her highlighted name above is a direct link to her blog).  She'd love to have you visit and she has so many great projects that will inspire and "whet your appetites".  However, as much fun as we've had with Sheryl and have enjoyed her theme project sample, we're facing a new week, so it's time to move on!

Just to let you know, registration will be open for Showcase #8 on Monday, May 24, after the awardee showcase.  At that time, you will find the direct link on my sidebar for registration and detail information.  The deadline for registration for the week of May 24 is 8 p.m. (CT) on Friday, 28.

Now we come to the moment where "yours truly" will take her bow as Team Fairy Theme/Designer and your host for Showcase #8 in the new series of showcases.   I'm not going to make a big intro or grand entrance for myself because most of you know me, and I'd rather exert the energy trying to get you motivated to show off your talent(s).  You're putting it on a blog already, so share the love!!!  We'd all love to see what you're doing!!!  Won't you show us?!

My theme project for Showcase #8 is for you to create a layout or card.  I've decided on a theme title and it's "Got the Blues".  Your layout or card must include:
  • a minimum of 2 different color blues
  • beads or pearls (rhinestones acceptable)
  • a minimum of one flower
  • ribbon
You can further embellish your layout or card as you wish, as long as it includes the above described items.

As I've yet to make a layout page, I chose to make a motivational card as my "Got the Blues" theme project sample for you to use as an example:

Front of card:

Inside of Card:

Okay, now that you've got your theme and sample, get to crafting!!! On Monday, May 24, this theme sample will be posted throughout the week on the top page above the posts here on my blog for you to refer to.  And, I'll be here waiting for you to register your creations during the week!!!  I look forward to seeing some amazing creations!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hi, guys! I'm back again for a minute with another card entry for Sheila's "Love-Love-Love Summer" giveaway.

But first, as I'm here, let me remind you that as of 8 p.m. (CT) tonight, the last entry will be accepted for Showcase #7.  Therefore, please hurry to get your projects completed and registered with Mr. Linky.  The fairies and I are waiting for you and can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Now, I'd like to share several views with you of the card I made for Sheila's "Summer" theme giveaway:

I cut the card, the  card insert, and the panels out on my cricut, and used a Fiskars punch along the outer edge of the card.  I also cut the scalloped edge tag inside with the wording on my cricut then taped it using removable tape to a piece of typing paper, inserted it into my printer and typed "Summertime... and the living is easy".  I added a ribbon and a cabachon that matches the paper panels to the front of the card.  As far as the flower on the front and the little bumble bee on the inside, I actually don't remember where  I got them from.  I've had them a while and, I believe they came with the paper.  I think it was a set I ordered from QVC a year or so ago.  Anyway,the labels were more than likely tossed when I first opened the packs to use -- sorry!!!  I really would like to to keep/remember where my supplies come from, but when I get to crafting, that idea just goes out the window!  LOL!!!   Finally, I inked the edges with blue ink from Martha Steward. 

I hope everyone likes the card!

Well, that's it for now -- don't forget Showcase #7!

I'll be seeing you! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hello, and a beautiful Thursday afternoon to all of you!

Yes, I really am coming down with a slight cold, so I'm definitely already on top of that. So far I've been fortunate in that my sinuses haven't already begin to bother me; I wouldn't want them to all of a sudden appear and compound the cold situation. However, I really don't feel bad at all, I just have to nip this cold thing in the bud now, before it can get any worse.

But, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'll probably be missing most of the day. I've got plenty of things around the house that need to be taken care of, I want to get in some additional crafting, I want to drop in on as many of you as I can and see what you're up to, and I've got to start to get myself prepared for Showcase #8 featuring "yours truly" as the Team Fairy Theme Designer and hostess. So, I need to decide what I'm going to do; I've been thinking about it but so far... nothing! Now is not the time for my "mojo" to "go-go"! LOL!

So, until...

I'll be seeing you!!!


Good Thursday, morning all. Well, here I am up and not sleeping again!!! And I think I am coming down with a cold after all. I don't feel bad but I do now show one ugly symptom in particular -- a runny nose!!! Gross! LOL!

Anyway, all seems to be back to normal and operating smoothly. It seems all the problems I started experiencing here on my blog were a result of something going on with Mr. Linky. Scary their technical issues could effect my entire blog like that, isn't it? Ummmm....! And, it didn't end with my post to you alerting you of the problems, after I published that post, I found out I couldn't post any of my comments -- kept getting some "bX" error that wasn't listed in Google Help or anywhere on the web. Of course with spending the entire evening trying to figure out what was going on, I didn't get to spend the time I wanted crafting. So..., guess I'll be busy later today!

Oh, well, fortunately I guess no harm was done; hope not anyway!

Hope you guys are peacefully asleep and won't be reading this until later this morning!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello, all!!!  We've arrived at "hump day" Wednesday!  Hope you're applying time getting your projects ready to register for Showcase #7!!!

Oh yes, some of you entered projects but we don't know exactly which ones they are.  If you go to the registration page, there are instructions on how to copy your project's blog address.  This way you'll be applying a direct link which will make it easy for the Fairies and myself to find your projects and know which ones they are. It would help a lot and we'd surely appreciate it.

Now, I do feel much better today, but still a bit off-centered -- I sure hope I'm not trying to come down with something,  The weather here has been so unstable it wouldn't be unusual for me to be coming down with a cold.  But, I don't really feel sick or anything, so I'm going to say I feel okay for a Wednesday -- LOL!!!

I have a project to share that I made for a friend.  Unfortunately, it's for a friend I have attempted contacting via posts and emails; and because it's so very unlike her not to respond, frankly, I'm a bit concerned.  I want to let her know she's thought about and I'm praying she's only very busy working -- that all else is well!

Most of you know my friend, her name is Cindy McVey, and it's not like her to be away from her blog so long without comment, and/or not to shoot off a hasty response -- so to let her know she's not forgotten or simply just overlooked in her absence, I have made this home decor plaque/card for her - from all of us.  I'm going to sign the back "from Audrey and all your blogdom friends".   I'd surely appreciate it if you'd let me know if you think she'll like it:

I had an old picture frame and the frame was cracked, eventually the glass panel broke too, but I kept the easel board; being the hoarder I am.  So I decided that instead of a card, I'd use the easel board to make something different for Cindy.  I decoupaged paper onto the board, then wrote a little saying which was written out using the Plantin cart on my cricut (keep telling you, I love these cricut pens!!!).  I matted the saying onto a coordinating sheet of paper, put lace around it and applied it to the board.  I edged all the edges with a dusty rose ink, and used Crystal Ice Stickles here and there to highlight some of the areas.  I don't recall the manufacturer of the metal letters because I've had them a very long time and the label has since been long gone, but I'm pretty sure there are many different ones available.  Anyway I used them to add her name to the top of the plaque/card.  Lastly, as an afterthought, I cut some corners and put on each corner of the easel board -- not too sure about them but as I've stuck them on, I can't very well remove them without destroying the paper.

To keep the natural tan color of the easel board from conflicting with the colors on the paper, I decoupaged matching paper onto the inside back of the easel stand.  So, now it looks like this if the plaque/card were to be viewed from an odd angle:

So, do you think she'll like it?  Do you?  Please let me know!

Like I said, I'd like this to be from all of us, because I think we all think a lot of her for the inspiration and help she's provided.  And, although I've only come to know her a short time ago, she's demonstrated she's a geniune friend to us all!

Well, that's it for now!  I'll be back!!!  Which, of course, means...

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Happy Tuesday, all!!!  I do hope you're all well.

I dropped in to peek around and say hello, and noticed I have several new followers!  Well, of course, I definitely want to welcome you and hope you'll enjoy yourselves enough to stay awhile.  We're like one big family around here, and I so enjoy company dropping in often.  You can kick your shoes off, listen to some music, browse around, and help yourself to anything I have to offer -- just make yourselves at home!

I'm a bit tired today, had to get up and get to my therapy session on just about 3 hours of sleep only, and I'm still feeling the effects.  Since I came in, I've finished the hubby's dinner and have tried to work on a project I'd began for a friend.  Unfortunately, I'm still feeling a bit worn around the edges, so my concentration leveal is not at it's highest.  Of course, having to drive in downtown Chicago didn't help!  So-so frustrating, and I normally have the patience of a saint!!!  Ever been to Chicago and had to drive downtown -- north end???  OMG!!!  LOL!
So, my friends, I'll probably be back a bit later to drop in and see what's going on.  But, right now, I'm going to at least try to relax a bit (with "the" Buster) and recoup some much needed mind and body strength.  If I'm not back with my project later this evening (which Iprobably will be), please drop by tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be ready for just about anything -- LOL!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, good evening!!!  I hope everyone is doing well, in the best of health, and craft happy!

Did you see all the wonderful projects in Showcase #6?  Weren't they great?  I hope it gave you all an incentive to enter your projects into Showcase #7.  The fairies and I are really enthusiastic to showcase your projects.  The Registration link is now open on my sidebar.  Team Fairy Sheryl and I will be there waiting for you!!!

Okay, I do have a project to share.  I did this card for Sheila's "Love-Love-Love Summer" challenge.  I'm calling this card "Summer's Seeds" because the beauty of the season seems to be grown and harvested.  True, all seasons have their own beauty, but summer is the time where there's a burst of colors and natural fragrances in the air no other season has.  And what can be more beautiful than a butterfly with vibrant and multi-colored wings, roses, wild flowers, a rainbow after a brief rain?  And that only names a few!  Doesn't it seem like these things are sown and nurtured to grow, and to prepare us for every year?

For this card I used the Walk In My Garden cart to cut the watering can, the flowers in the grass, and garden tools; and, I used the Plantin cart for the words.  When I cut the flowers, I used white paper and used assorted colors of Stickles to color them.

The paper flowers on the side of the card are by Prima and the butterflies were punched using Anna Griffin's 3D paper punch.  I used clear and silver Stickles to simulate the water being poured from the watering can and sprayed the entire card with a lite spray of Pearl Glimmer Mist.

I put this card together in a hurry because I was working on getting together the post for the Awardee Showcase and the post for Showcase #7, all at the same time.  I thought the last day to get it entered was tomorrow, Tuesday; but then when I went back and re-read Sheila's post, the drawing isn't until next Tuesday, so I might even do another entry and invest more time into it.  But I still think this card came out pretty nice, and I hope everyone likes it!

Now all I have to do is make a pretty matching box for it and wait for just the right occasion to give to someone!

Until, my friends..

I'll be seeing you!


Hello, everyone!!!

Sheryl and I are waiting to see all the fabulous creations you'll have crafted to registering into Showcase #7, and to present your own personalized award to be displayed on your blog, if you are selected!!!  Here's a sample copy of it:

Now don't forget -- you have all week, Monday, May 17 until 8 p.m. C.T. on Friday, May 21, to get your projects prepared and registered.  The Awardee Showcase will be featured on Monday, May 24.

Now, here's a word from our Team Fairy Theme Designer for this week, Sheryl:

Hello, everyone!  Just a quick reminder that the theme of your projects must be round; a used CD, a circle cut from cardboard, etc.  and you can color and embellish it any way you wish.  Again, my theme sample for you is the wall plague below:

Now back to your sponsor -- that would be me -- LOL!!!  Thanks, Sheryl!!!

Friends, I know exactly how cute this plague is because Sheryl did a wonderful thing and sent it to me!!!  How excited I was to receive it, and I have to say it's so much more prettier in person -- the picture just doesn't do it enough justice!

Now go pull out all those CD, cut up some cardboard, grab a paper plate, whatever, and get to crafting!!!  We'll be here waiting for you!


Sign up with Mr. Linky below
  1. Two (2) projects entries allowed per showcase only
  2. Provide an email address if you do not have a blog, in the event we need to comment/contact you; or, a name where we can emal you on the Cricut Message Board (NOTE:  email addresses will not be published when posted into the Post "Comment")
  • Go the the title of your project post by right-clicking on the post title,
  • when the drop down box opens, scroll down to "Properties",
  • under "Properties" you will see the URL address for your post -- this begins with "http://"
  • copy that URL address and paste that address into Mr. Linky when you register.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A FOLLOWER TO PARTICIPATE; so lurkers, visitors, whoever you are - if you love to craft come on in and join the fun! We're challenging each and every one of you to showcase your craft projects with us.

Four (4) craft contributors will be selected per showcase.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Good Monday morning!  Welcome and thank you for attending the Award Showcase #6.   I trust you had a wonderful weekend!

Before, I go on, I hope you all stopped by to say thank you and congratulations to Lori for the great job she did in setting a fabulous theme as Team Fairy Designer for your projects.  She was a wonderful host and will return next month, so look for her.

Wow, the Team Fairies and I had so much fun and were so inspired by all the wonderful projects that were submitted.  However, as usual, we really had the most difficult time selecting only four (4) entries.  All of your entries are just over the top!!!  You are all such talented crafters and we truly love you all!  Unfortunately, ...  But, there's always next time!

We do congratulate all the contributors and thank you for your participation!  Thank you also to those of you who visited and supported their contributions.

The awardees for Showcase #6 are:

Jamie's Glitz Shoe:

Michelle's Mother's Day Accordion Album:

Joy's Notepad Covers:

Makeup Girl's Details Altered Frame:

Congratulations!!! Great job, ladies!!! Thank you so much for letting us showcase your talent!

Here are your awards:

We would also like to thank and present an appreciation tag to our other talented contributors:

Ms Jay

Please accept this tag of appreciation for your blog for participating in our showcase:

To all our contributors, your projects were wonderful and as inspiring as we'd hoped them to be, and we do hope you come back to play with us again.

Friends, please visit each of our contributors by clicking on their names, which are direct links to their blogs!  Their blogs certainly offer a bounty of treats!!!

Thank you for all stopping by to support and congratulate our contributors, and the fairies and I will be looking for you next week for another of  our new showcase series!