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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Wow!!!  Talk about fast -- I have the smartest followers in the neighborhood!!!


Camille, came in the winner at 3:47 p.m. correctly answering the five questions.
Camille, you have won the album rak along with 5 sets/pks. of crystal stickers included as the add-on rak. If you could please leave me an email on the message board with your snail maill address, I will get your prize out to you in the mail!!!  You can find me under the name Audrey Frelix.  Otherwise, you can post your snail mail address here on this comment and I will not publish it (it will be keep private).  Just let me know how you leave the information.

Again, congrats, and thanks so much for playing with me.  I'll look for you at the next game-time!!!

The correct answers are:
  1. Either husband/wife  relationship between the 4 persons are acceptable answers:  the policeman is married to the farmers daughter or the policeman's sister is married to the farmer.
  2. There are 15 houses on the block.
  3. The 6-letter word that uses the four letters L-O-V-E is "evolve".
  4. Rearranging the letters in the word new door to make one word: "One Word"
  5. The numbers 11, 69, and 88 read the same upside down.
Robin, you were so close also.  Unfortunately,  a father and son relationship would mean they'd both be compensated from the lottery prize individually as they are not a couple.  Therefore, that was not a correct answer.  Sorry!  But there's always the next game, so I hope to see you then!

As the bonus question was not answered, it will not be announced but contributed to the next game-time!!!

Thank you all for playing, I hope you had fun!!!  As always, be on the lookout!!!  It could be a week, a day, or an hour before I give warning prior to posting the next game!!!

Have a great day all!!!  And, I'll be seeing you!


Good Sunday afternoon, all my friends!  Hope your are all well, and that you had a wonderful weekend and heading for an equally as wonderful well!!!



Unfortunately, our potential winner was not a follower which disqualifies her from winning the rak -- I am so sorry!  However, as she is now a new follower, -- welcome -- she is now eligible to continue in the next game.  Please let me take a moment to reiterate, if you are a visitor and would like to participate in  the game-times, you must be a follower to win the rak.

This unfortunate error does regrettably change the course of the game rules.  As I mentioned in the previous updated game-time post, that if this were the case, consideration and credit will be given to all the previous participants/followers.

Also, as this continues a new game, there will be an additional item added to the rak.
  1. Previous players/followers, you will have only three (3) questions to answer correctly in the set of five questions.  For you, these questions will be the three (3) questions in red print.
  2. To all new players/followers who did not participate in the previous game, again, you must be a follower; you must answer all five (5) new questions correctly.
  3. To receive the addtional rak for the bonus question, all questions (as noted above on #1 and #2) must be answered correctly.
  4. The first correct anwers to the questions will receive the rak.  However, in order to receive the bonus rak, you must have correct answers to all questions pertaining to you (as noted above), and the correct answer to the rak.
  5. If you get the correct answer to the bonus question, but miss a correct response to another question, you will forfeit both raks.
  6. Deadline is 12 noon (CT) on Tuesday, May 4.  Game will be closed after this time and no other entries will be recognized.
  7. You must post your comments on this post.
The new added rak item and surprise rak will be announced once I have all the correct answers.  Again, the surprise rak will not be included with the question rak unless it is answered along with all questions -- correctly answered.  In other words, if you answer the questions correctly, but miss the bonus question, you will only receive the question rak only; or, if you answer the bonus question correctly, but miss any of the correct answers to the additional questions, you forfeit the question and bonus raks.

Here are your questions:

  1. A farmer and his daughter, and a  policeman and his sister, won the lottery.  They equally divided the prize amount into 3 parts among them.  How could they do this?
  2. Megan's house is the 10th one from the end of the block and the 6th one from the other end.  How many houses are on the block?
  3. What is a 6-letter word that uses only the following letters four (4) letter:  L-O-V-E?
  4. Rearrange the letters in the words "new door" to make one word.
  5. What do the numbers 11, 69, and 88 all have in common?
     Bonus:  What is a five letter word being weird, messed up or used?

If no one answers all five questions/bonus question correctly by the time designated, one question will be removed and replaced with another question, and another time designation given, then the game will continue as outlined above.

If it is necessary for a game to be continued, another small rak will be added to the quesion rak. If necessary, there will be only one (1) continued game after this one with any details noted.   If no one wins the rak by the end-time, the rak will go towards the next game time. So, get your thinking caps on!!!

Good luck!!!  Have fun!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I left you something on my blog

Camille said...

1. The policeman is the farmer's son.
2. 15
4. "One Word"
5. THe numbers all read the same upside down.

Bonus..... ???? I may wait for the next bonus Q ??? LOL

Robin said...

1. The farmer''s daughter is the policeman's wife.
2. 15
4. One Word
5. They read the same upside down.

Robin Plummer