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Monday, May 31, 2010


Good happy Memorial Day Monday, everyone!!!  I hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend and, for those of you who are off work today for the holiday, I hope you'll enjoy each moment.

I want to say, again, congratulations to all our Showcase #8 winners -- you all did such amazing projects!

I'm dropping in quickly to remind you that registration for Showcase #9 is open.  You can go to my "New Series Showcases" sidebar label for the details and registration information, and the link to sign up your projects.  Flowerdisco is there waiting for you.

With the weather so crappy here today, I'll probably be jumping in and out.  And I'll explain why.  We are currently under a severe thunder storm watch here, and we're experiencing some pretty heavy rain storms.  As  I believe I've mentioned before my grandfather was one of those old-timey southern baptist ministers, so I was brought up to believe that when there's severe lightning God is trying to get our attention; the roaring  thunder is Him speaking to us.  I learned that you sit down, be still and quiet, and open your ears and heart to receive his message.  All televisions, radios, and such are turned off!  Because if you're not focused you can't hear what he has to say.

It may be silly of me, I don't know, but this is what I was taught and it's still with me!  Even probably more silly is it seems that I always come away with something -- if only a peaceful feeling.  But it works for me!  So when there's severe thunder, I'm quiet and listening with open ears and an open heart.   So, if you don't hear from me off and on today, that's why -- I'm listening.

I'll  jump in and out to do some visiting  as the weather permits, so put some old rugs out on your floor so the bottom of my shoes don't get things wet and muddy -- LOL!  Until...

I'll be seeing you!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I don't think that's silly at all. We should all be listening more often to what God has to say to us. Be say my friend. hugs

MsJay said...

I am getting some good practice in making cards. I entered the new showcase.

DonnaMundinger said...

No wonder I'm so terrified of thunder storms. LOL xxD