Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have you visit with me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I absolutely love company, sharing, and making new friends so I hope you find something here that inspires, motivates, or just pleases you in some way.

Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

Before you go, I would love it if you'd please leave me a comment letting me know you dropped in! Actually, I'd just love to hear from you -- comments, opinions, or questions you'd like me to answer.

In the meantime, relax and make yourselves at home... you're family here!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi, everyone!  Hope all's well and that you're all happy crafters!

I wanted to drop in, say hello, and tell you what I'm up to -- making toiletries!!!  My orders have started to come in and I have a good idea of how much I need in supplies, so I'm getting everything together to get started.  My hubby is even off picking up denatured alcohol for me for my parfums, body sprays, and linen sprays -- that's his contribution to helping me out!  LOL!!!  Fortunately, this time of year is perfect for making soap because I make it outside I don't become overwhelmed by the lye fumes and, because it's nippy out, I don't become overheated.  That's why I'd never make soap in warmer weather.  Today, I finished up most the car deodorizers, now all I have to do is label those.  I think the the guys would really like theirs in tucked into those little "mens shoe" boxes I posted a few weeks ago -- remember?  Anyway, as everything comes together I'll take pictures to post for you to see!

As this is always a pretty busy time of year for me, and with still  having my aunt to tend to, my time here will be "hit and miss" over the next several weeks (at least up until Christmas when all my orders are out); however, I do promise to be around as often as I can.  I'll also be keeping up with the resin pendant gift giveaways, so please don't hesitate to keep coming to check on that.  I will be here for my design team projects and would appreciate your encouragement and support as always.  Which brings me to my DT project over at Sheila's this Thursday, December 2, I have another little project I'll be presenting that I think you'll all like, so I do hope you'll all join me.

I believe I mentioned that toiletries are the only item(s) I make to sell and only at this time of year, so if I don't get to post and/or drop in for a couple of days at a time, you know why.

In the meantime, I may not get an opportunity to post tomorrow, but I will try to get to visit more of you later today -- time permitting. 

Until, don't forget to join me on Thursday, stay happy and keep crafting!!!

Love ya!  I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  I still have to pass on my most recent award to five (5) people -- I haven't forgotten, so I'll do that after I present my project on Thursday!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Happy, happy Monday!!!  It's really is a happy Monday for me, although an extremely busy one.  I have so much to do and so little time!  LOL!

I'm really finding it difficult to get to everything and everyone, although I'm raring to go!!!  With running back and forth between home responsibilities and tending to my aunt, I'm not making a lot of progress.  And to boot, I think my aunt is jealous of my crafting!!!  It seems she goes out of her way to find things to keep me occupied!  Especially if I say "crafting"!  What's a girl to do?!!!  Anyway, it's going to take me longer than expected to get to you at the rate I'm going right now, so please have just a bit more patience with me.  I'm really trying to be here for you all!

Several things to comment on:

Welcome to a new follower!!!  I love family!  And, I am so happy to have you become a part of mine!  Hope to see you often and please make yourself right at home.  I'll be around to visit with you as soon as I can, but be forewarned I am a bit backed up right now, so please allow me some time to get to you.

With respect to the "Thank You" resin pendants, you will notice a posting which will remain at the top of my blog page for your comments for the Friday, December 3, drawing.  If your comments are not posted by the end of the day (12 PM CT) on Thursday, you will not be eligible for Friday's drawing.  This posting will be updated for each week's drawing.  For your convenience, you can actually post at any time on any day, as long as your comments are posted by the deadline.

Also, I have blog awards that have been pending my posting and which I'd love to acknowledge at this time:

Thank you Liz, and Sheryl

Ladies, thank you so very much and I so much appreciate your passing this award on to me.  As I've recieved this award, I will add your names to my sidebar where this award is displayed. 

And, thank you to Sheila and Wende for this award:

As this is the first time I've received this award I will be passing it on to five (5) other bloggers.  However, I must first consider who they will be (such a diffiicult decsion)!  So, once I get this all figured out, I'll be back to those who will be receiving this award and the three (3) things which gives my blog attitude.

Again, thank you to all you wonderful ladies, and I hope everyone who visits with me will click on your names to visit and admire your gorgeous creations!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Hello!!!  I've really missed all you wonderful people over the weekend and I hope your holiday was as beautiful as mine!!!  Of course I ate tooo much and rested too little, so my body decided it would make me take the "R&R" it demanded.  I feel so much better now!

Now that I think (and hope) my system is back on track, I'm ready to go!!!  And to start off, today is the day I invited you here with a hope that what I have will be a pleasant surprise for you!!!  But before I go there, let me share with you a few things.

Over the last several weeks, in between my blog projects, I've been playing around again with resins and utee (Ultra Thick Embossing Powders).  I gave out several as gifts to see how well they'd be received and everyone loved and was overwhelmed with them all.  I've even been requested to make some for purchases but I won't -- these are strictly for gift giving and for fun!!!   Here's just some of what I've did with resin:

I took this cameo and the crystal:

and made these molds from them:

Once the resin set, I popped out my replicas and here's what I created:

I plan on using these as box and card embellishments!  I've always admired cameos and have always wanted to do the decoupaged crystals but they are so expensive to buy; this way I now won't have to use all the few of these items I do have.  But, I didn't stop there!  I made these photo pieces which will be used for assorted jewelry, and I've quite a few more to do for a family photo cube (similar to Rubic's cube)!  Cool, huh?

Of course, I completed a several photo/personalized jewelry pieces too.  Here are some:  pendants, purse charm, bracelet, and initialed cuff links for my son:

These resin pieces are soooo much fun to make!  And I have plenty of beads, wire and jewelry makings; so I've already prepared molds ready for earrings, rings, Christmas card charms, embellies, magnets, pins and more!!!

Now I'd like to show you two (2) freehand pieces I made just playing around with utee.  I don't know how I'll use these yet but I can also see (and have many other ideas) jewelry and embellishments with these:

You might not have realized it, but this has all been an introduction to what I have in store for you -- (DRUM ROLL!) -- because I will be giving away 10 resin photo pendants!!! Beginning this Friday and every Friday in the month of December (the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st),  I will select two (2) blog followers by random generator to receive one of my handmade photo pendants. 

Here are the rules:
  1. You MUST BE A FOLLOWER OR BECOME A FOLLOWER.  If you're aren't a follower and would like to participate, you must sign-up to follow me before the Friday of each random selection.  You will be eligible if you are a follower the week of - but before -the Friday before the drawing in that week.
  2. You must be WILLING TO EMAIL ME A PHOTO that you'd like in your pendant, or you can request I design your pendant for you.  (I will provide the selected persons my email address each Friday after the drawing.)
  3. You MUST PROVIDE ME AN ADDRESS where I can send your pendant.
  4. You MUST LEAVE ME AT LEAST ONE COMMENT ON THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE FRIDAY OF EACH DRAWING!  (IMPORTANT:  Your comment on each consecutive Thursday before that Friday's drawing in that week  is what will be used as your assigned number for random generator in order to be selected.  If there is no comment on the Thursday prior to each Friday's drawing, you will not be counted as eligible to win.
There will only be one gift to each winner; therefore, if you win once and then again for any additional weeks), another winner will be selected.

NOTE:  I will make all the pendants at the same time, after the last drawing on December 31 when all 10 candidates are selected; all pendants will be mailed out to the winners in the first week of  January 2011.

So, now that you have the rules, I look forward to making and presenting you with your gifts!!!

Again, this is my way of saying how grateful and fortunate I am to have you all in my life, and to thank you for following me, giving me love, support, and inspiration!!!  Good luck in the drawings!!!

In closing, I have several blog awards I must acknowledge -- I haven't forgotten!!!  I'll get to them as soon as I get back!  And, of course, I'm waaaay behind in visiting you... again!!!  So that's on my agenda too!

I'll be seeing you!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving eve!!!  I hope alls well!

I wanted to drop in to wish you all a beautiful, warm, and happy Thanksgiving holiday!  I know that despite circumstances many of us have had in the past year, all of us have so many wonderful things we can/should be grateful and give thanks for, and I pray that all our lives are further enriched even more with our appreciation!!!

I also want to invite you all to here to Cute and Some on Monday, November 29, when I will be announcing a special event I have planned to say  "thank you" to you from me; for being here for me, for being my family, and supporting and inspiring me, taking the time to follow me, and offering all you could even when you may not have realized how uplifting you've been.  I appreciate you all more than you can even begin to imagine, and I hope to always find ways to let you know this -- to give back just a little of what I've gotten.  Therefore, please join me on Monday to see what I have in store for you!!!  You are all included in what I am thankful for this year and from the bottom of my heart -- THANK YOU!

From my family to yours, have a happy-happy holiday!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A very happy Tuesday to you all!!!

Tending to my aunt has left me with little time but I am working at both: getting around to visiting with you all and getting in some crafting!!!  It's not so easy to play catch up when you're behind, especially with so many of you to get around to (and most of you are soooo busy creating).  It's going to be slow-going still, at least until I know my aunt is safe and secure; however, my intent is to not forsake any of you, I'll get there and I'll browse to see all I've missed but forgive me if I can't stay around to comment on every project.

I got up today and worked on a project to share with you before I have to leave out.  I hope you l like my gift set.  The gift is a book page marker paper clip:

There's a story behind this set; I found all the scroll designed materials separately, all on separate shopping occasions!  I found the black and white flocked ribbon first, next I found the black and white paper, then the black flocked paper followed by the scroll stamp, and I found the little scroll labels last.  This must be some popular scroll design!!!  Because it's difficult to see the flocking, I've added close-ups, you can click on each image for a better view. 

The card:

One of the labels is on the window and the card is stamped on the inside behind the window with the scroll stamp; this card predominantly features the black and white paper with the black flocked paper accenting the top, bottom and embellishment:


The box:

The box predominantly features the black flocked paper with the black and white as a background.  Another label, which I covered with Glossy Accents to give it dimension, is affixed near the bottom of the box.  Can you guess what the bauble is over the ribbon?  It's a flat bottom marble with another label lacquered to the back!

The gift:

The book page marker is a large paper clip with a flocked ribbon bow glued to it.  The accent rhinestone embellishment is an old pin I found in my junk pile.

To complement the rhinestones on the book page marker, I added detail rhinestones to the box and the card.

I really couldn't get a good enough picture to do this project justice and to reflect how pretty it all is -- so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you it came out beautiful!!!  At least it's beautiful to me!  LOL!

That's it for now!  Gotta go!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your taking the time, and I'll be seeing you!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Happy, happy Monday!!!  Is it just me?  Or, was this weekend really as short as it seemed!  I guess time does fly...!

I have some exciting news!  Today, I am a guest designer on Gaby's blog.  The project that I am sharing with you today will be featured on her blog also, so you can hop back and forth, and double your pleasure--double your fun!  Hee-heee!!!

Gaby is a new family blogger here at Cute and Some and she has a great blog, so please go visit; tell her I sent you, and enjoy all her talent she's offering!!!  As I understand, Gaby will be presenting a different project from different designers every Monday, so we should expect to be in for some wonderful treats!

You know I have to have some kind of little catchy name for almost all my projects, so in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday I'm calling this one "A Well Full Of Thankfulness":

This little project was so easy and fun to put together.  If you'd like to make the well you will need;

  • Craft paper measuring 3.50" x 12"
  • 2- dowel rods measuring 6" tall
  • Use an old CD to measure a circle on a sheet of  additional (matching) craft paper
  • A tin biscuit or juice lid
  • Styrofoam cut to fit the bottom of the tin lid
  1. Glue the styrofoam to the inside of the tin lid
  2. Wrap and glue the 3.50" x 12" craft paper around the base of the tin lid (cut off access, if any).  This forms well base.
  3. Push the towel rods into the styrofoam side-by-side with about 2" between them and glue them in place
  4. Cut a slit from the base of the circle paper to the middle of the circle (example "A" below)
  5. To form the dome/top, hold the circle at each slit gently overlapping one end over the other and pulling them in until all the entire circular edge is even; glue in place (example "B" below)
  6. Glue dome to the top of the dowel rods
  7. Decorate any way you please!!!
Examples for dome/top of well:

             Example A                                                                                               Example B

To finish my well, before decorating it, I added some leftover scraps from the craft paper to make the handle.

I hope you like it!!!

Thanks for stopping in!  I always love company and I love you all too!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Happy Sunday, all!!!  I hope you're all doing well and having fun!

Good news!  I'm praying --  it might have just been the medications that had my aunt so confused because the last several days have been such good days -- no strange behaviors!  She's just been her feisty but sweet self.  Thank God!!!  Anyway, we'll see how the next days fair.
Another bit of good news is I've been passed on the Stylish Award again!!!  Thanks so much to my sweet friend Jen.  Jen is an amazing talent and you should all really should visit her blog; I know you'll enjoy your visit.

As I just received this award yesterday, I won't re-list all the "about me" things I've already went through listing; however, I would like to pass it on to 8 more new (or relatively new) and deserving blogging followers/friends:

All of you deserve awards because you're all amazing, and as I receive them, I'll let you know how much I appreciate you all by passing them on to you!  I do want to take just a moment to say thank you for supporting, motivating, inspiring, and being a part of my extended family!!!  I appreciate you all, and my award to you all is hopefully to give back some of what you give to me!!!

Oh, don't forget that as a guest designer, my project for tomorrow is being featured both here and on Gaby's blog.  So, after you leave here tomorrow, jump on over and browse her blog.  Tell her I sent you!!!

Have a great day, I'll be back...


Hi, everyone!!!

I had to pop in to say thank you to two (2) friends Jackie and Michelle who passed on this lovely blog award to me:

I am so honored, and it is always such a pleasure to visit with these wonderful ladies (good motive to know them too is because their RN's, soooo.....  -- lol!)  Seriously, they have a wonderful blog and have such wonderful creations.  I enjoy every visit and you should visit them too!!!  Please do drop in!
Ladies, thank you so very much!!!
In order to accept this award, I must acknowledge Jackie and Michelle and link to their blog; which I've done, hopefully, graciously and appreciatively.  I also must list 8 things about myself and pass the award on to 8 new blog followers.  As this is the time of year to be thankful, and because I'm feeling so full of that, here goes.  About me: 
  1. I enjoy spending time with and enjoying all my families and friends
  2. I love late evening cuddling and relaxing with my little fur-baby, Buster
  3. I love all the moments shared with my dear hubby
  4. I will always find time to grab my bible and read a few verses ( throw in a couple novels too for fun -- lol!)
  5. Of course I love all my crafting and exploring new crafting adventures
  6. I love visiting, being visited, and being inspired by all of you, my extended family! 
  7. I love to laugh -- haughty, loud and hard!!!  Feels wonderful and makes me happy!
  8. And, to list one thing about me I hate, you will often hear me say this -- DRIVING!!!
There are more, but as I had to narrow my list to only 8 new blog-family followers that I could pass this award on to (I'll get the others next time), they are: 
Please click on the names and visit all my wonderful new blogging families and admire the wonderful projects they're creating!!!

I'll be seeing you!!!  As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Happy Friday, all!!!  Are we ready for a fabulous weekend?!!!  Aaaand you know it!!!

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful and warm comments.  I did share them with my aunt and other than the fact she didn't having her picture posted, she was too tickled -- she was actually blushing! 

Wow, I've got another new follower!!!  Hello, Zwin and welcome to my little family!!!  I hope you make yourself at home and visit often -- I always love company!!!

Well, I'm still trying to catch up on visiting many of you and I am making my rounds slowly but surely!  If I haven't visited with you yet, just give me a bit; I'm on my way!  I may have to make additional visits to catch up on everything you've done but I will!

I know I'll be spending most of the day with my aunt tomorrow so I wanted to leave you with a little project I completed, and wanted to share.  I just thought of this to call it, "Just A Little Sprinkle For The Beauty Of Fall", and it's a watering can filled with flowers and a note card:

After I put the can together, I painted it with Gold Lame color Smooch Ink and then covered it with yellow Stickles to give it a glossy almost metal kind of look.  To have it match the card, I covered the top handle, back handle, and the spout on the can with the same cardstock as on the card.  I didn't have autumn color flowers, and with this being a fall project, I lightly sprayed some yellow ones I had with: Peach Delight, Burnt Red, and Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist colors. 

I think this would make a nice table centerpiece as well as a gift!  I hope you all like it!

Well, I'll be back as soon as I can!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello, my extended family!!!  I hope all is well!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes, they are so very much appreciated.  It feels like I've been away forever, and I've missed you and my crafting tremendously.  I can't begin or imagine how to tell you how difficult and exhausting this week has been, but both myself and my aunt are well.  I brought her home yesterday and she will still have a nurse to come in to provide 24-hour supervision because she's still a bit confused, and because she gets around so well, she is a "flight" risk being anxious to go back to work.  I have some pictures to share with you at the bottom of this post that I took of her getting ready to come home.  She dressed herself and was definitely in hurry to leave.  Although she was upset with me because I forgot her wig and her teeth, she was so happy to "get out" -- lol-- she was a good sport and even posed.

Before I go any further, I so very behind on visiting you and althought I may not get through all the wonderful projects you've  done that I've missed, I will be around to see as much as I can of what you've been up too.  Please excuse me if it takes me some time as I visit so many that it will take me awhile.  I have not forgotten or forsaken any of you!  I'll be there as soon as I can!

Well, I'd told you I came in and worked on several projects the other night to calm myself down but, unfortunately, I was unable to post them the following day.  So, I'd like to share with you now.  The first project is a "Be Thankful" box/card set, the box is filled with after dinner mints:

This next holiday set is a purse-size tissue box with a card set.  The box lid secures with Velcro:

Because of the way the tissues come folded, they dispense from the top of the box instead of in the middle:

I do have a third project; however, you won't be able to see it until Monday, November 22.  That is when I'm being presented as a guest designer at Gaby's.  Gaby is a new friend and asked me to be a guest designer, and I accepted her invitation; so, I hope you will all join me there for the presentation of my project.  I believe you'll like my project, Gaby, and her place too!

Now for the pictures of my aunt.  On this first one she's completing dressing herself:

She refuses any assistance and it's really so cute, although sooooo annyoying at times.  On this next picture she doing her "I'm very happy I'm getting outta here" pose:

Most of the women in my family have long hair -- can you believe in my whole life I've only seen my aunt's real hair maybe 4 times.  She keeps it braided and tied under a wig!!!  Everyone was telling her how pretty her hair was -- meant nothing to her, she wanted her wig and her teeth!!!  LOL!!!

Love you all and I'll be seeing you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hello my blog family!!!  I miss you all and your creativeness so very much!!!  I hope all's well!

Edit:  If you tried to get in this posta bit earlier and couldn't, it's probably because of this edit.  I guess I'm more tired than I thought because I almost forgot my manners.  I should have and want to say thank you for all the wonderful comments you've left me concerning my aunt.  I very much appreciate that you have kept us in your thoughts and prayers -- Thank you!!!

I am fine but very tired.  My aunt is recovering -- physically -- very well; however, the last 2 days she has been confused and hallucinating.  The doctor says it may be the medication, however, I think it's a rapid progression of alzheimer's.  The symptoms are so eerily familiar to me as those of my grandmother, grandfather, and my mother-in-law.  I've been spending all day and evening with her, and they have a nurse sitting with her during the night to keep her from pulling out her tubes and/or trying to leave the hospital.  Most of the time, she's lucid and can hold a normal conversation.  She remembers people, events, dates, but then there are those awful  and sad moments in between.

I did come in this evening and relaxed by working on a couple of projects, and chatting with the hubby.  He had even prepared my dinner!!!  I was so tense and stressed, and crafting did me so much good; so I will have something to share with you as soon as my projects are dry and I get back from the hospital tomorrow to post.  Hopefully, another family member will relief me so I won't have to spend the entire day there and I'll be able to post fairly early.

I am going to try to visit as many of you as I can during the available time I have, but considering my schedule right now, it willl be slow going.  However, please know you are all in my thoughts!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Good evening all my extended and wonderful blog family!!!

Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and prayers concerning my aunt.  I just got home and I'm so very happy to say she came through her surgery very well and VERRRY feisty!!!  This was no easy task getting her to do this and we ran into some problems with that, but when the dust settled, she went into surgery about 9:30 this morning.

The good news is that the doctor believes she got all of the cancer.  They had to remove all but about 20% of her colon, however, there's enough left that she won't have to have a bag (if you know what I  mean).  What we don't know yet is whether or not she'll have tohavechemotherapy.  That will be determined once the pathologist has examined the tumor and has checked her.  But she woke up fussing and we knew then she was okay!!!  LOL!!!  She really is amazing eventhough she'll drive you crazy!!!

They did also see something on her liver but they said they don't think it's of any concern right now, and that  it would be typical if it were just a "blood blister" (?????) which can occur after that kind of surgery.  Anyway, I'm not going to start worrying over something that may be nothing -- I'm reporting GOOD NEWS!!!

Of course, I'll be back and forth at the hospital for as long as it takes; eventhough, she's in good physical condition, her age is still a huge factor in her recuperation and so her doctor  will not be "kicking" out after the normal 2-day stay -- which isn't pleasing my aunt at all!!!  LOL!  What a relief though that is to me!!!

Anyway, I know I'll have a lot of catching up to do commenting on your blogs, but please bear with me, it may take me some time but once I can get her through this and settled at home, I will get to you all!!!  I promise!!!  I miss you, love your comments, and you're all in my thoughts that all is going well with you and yours!

Again, thank you so much for your prayers!!!  They were answered!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello, again!!!

First, while I'm here, I'd like to say "Welcome" to several new followers.  I think I've visited those of you who have blogs and those of you who don't, you're still not a stranger!!!  I hope you all visit often and enjoy your visits; you're family now!!!  Make yourselves at home!

Last week I was passed on several awards that I'd like to acknowledge, and say "thank" you to the wonderful ladies who gave them to me.

From Norma:

From Myapyapooh: (I hope I spelled this right-- LOL!):

Thank you sweet ladies so much for these awards!

To my followers and viewers, please click on these ladies names and visit their blogs.  They are wonderful crafters, and warm and kind ladies!!!  I love them already!!!

Now if the ladies don't mind, because I've already received these awards and have previously passed them on, I would like to pass them on to all my followers, viewers, friends, family -- whoever would like to have them to post to their blogs from me!

Ladies, I will add your names to the badges on my sidebar to acknowledge and give thanks.  I very much appreciate your thinking of me!!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!!  I always enjoy your visit and comments, and appreciate you taking the time to spend with me!

I'll be seeing you!


Happy Monday, all!!!  I hope you're all doing well and had a wonderful weekend!

I've been absent this weekend spending time, off and on, with my aunt.  She is having surgery on Wednesday of this week and she's not taking it well -- refusing to have it.  She has pre-op orientation tomorrow and I know it's going to be difficult getting her there.  Because I'll be with her throughout, I may not get a chance to Post for a couple  days; however, I will be trying to get in as many visits as I can to avoid getting too far behind on what you've been up to.  Tess found my aunt has some kind of abcess on her liver and they need to remove it.  The good news is that despite her age, she's in great physical shape and, therefore, no complications are expected.

Now for the moment I'm hoping many of you have been waiting for!!!  There's a winner for the PDDU (Paper Doll Dress Up) cart and the MYSTERY SURPRISE package!

First I must apologize as normally I would have a picture of the Random Generator chosen number; unfortunately,  for some reason, the server rejected each saved picture or copy I tried to capture -- sorry!  I don't know why and couldn't figure out how to capture it to reflect here in this Post, so you'll have to just trust me.

The number  Random Generator selected is: #34.

Congratulations to Gaby!  You are number 34!!!  You have won the Paper Dolls Dress Up Cart:

Gaby, as I'd mentioned, you will also be receiving the mystery surprise gift!  Your gift is a Christmas package which includes a scrapbook, assorted Christmas paper, stickers, borders, vinyl stickers, rub-ons, ribbon, glittered words, and more:

Please provide me your mailing address by commenting on this Post (your personal info will not be published).

Again, congratulations!!!

I'll be back shortly as I have some blog awards that were passed on to me that I'm anxious to acknowledge, so...

I'll be seeing you!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello, everyone!  Can you believe it's Thursday and we're approaching another weekend?!!!

I've noticed in the last few days I 've gotten some new followers, and I'd like to give you all a huge WELCOME!  I am always happy to welcome new family; glad you're here and hope you make yourselves at home, visit often, and feel free to be as comfortable as you please -- hopefully you'll be inspired.  You can ask questions, give suggestions/advice -- you're at home here!!!

Now I really tried to come up with a Thanksgiving project for my DT project today over at Sheila's, but after racking my brains for an idea, this was all I could come up with.  However, this is soooo cute and so easy, I think you'll all forgive me another Christmas project so soon!

I'm calling this a "What the heck is up with Santa's pants?!!!" Treat Box:

So, are you all ready to put it together?  Okay, let's go!  What you'll need are:

2 - toilet tissue rolls
1 - 8.50' x 11" sheet of red cardstock
1 - 8.50" x 11" sheet of black cardstock
1 - small piece of batting (or white faux fur material)
2 - 3" white cardstock circles

Note:  I used a hot glue gun to glue this project together -- makes it super quick!

Before beginning cut off 1-1/4" from one end of each toilet tissue (TT) roll.  Place TT rolls on top of  each of the 3" circles and glue in place.  Next, make slits around the extending edges of the circles all the way to the outer edge of the rolls, as in this example:

Roll the slit edges up around the TT rolls and glue in place.  You will now have this:

Cut 2, 3.50 x 6.50 squares from the red cardstock.  Wrap and glue a square around each of the TT rolls lining up the cardstock even with the bottom.  The extending top red cardstock squares you will slit around the TT roll, fold down and glue.  The TT roll on the left in the picture below shows the slitted paper and the right TT roll shows it folded and glued insde the TT roll:

Next cut 2, 1/2" x 6.50" from the batting (or faux fur) and glue one strip around the bottom of each TT roll (cut off any access and discard):

Now you're going to glue, along the paper seams -- with them facing each other on the inner side of the TT rolls, but only glue them together about 1/4" of the way down.   It should look like this, with a slight gap between the 2 TT rolls:

And these are Santa's pants legs!  Cool, huh?

Next cut:
1 - 1/2" x 6.50" strip from the black cardstock (this will be the belt to the pants)
1 - 1/4" x 6.50" from the batting (or faux fur)
2- 1/4" x 8" strips from the red cardstock (the belt loops)

Glue on all the pieces as shown below (cut off and discard any access):

Finally we're going to cut 2, 1/4" x 8" strips for the suspenders.  Attach the front 2 strips to the front of the box, but criss cross the strips, one over the other in the back of the box when gluing.  It will look like this:

I used Stickles to add a belt buckle and now it's done!  Stuff it with Christmas candies and goodies!!!

I hope you like my project and enjoy making your own!!!  And, if you do decide to make this project, I certainly would love to see what you did with it!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hi, all!  I'm back to remind you that if you haven't already left a comment for my blog candy, I will have a direct link to it at the top of my sidebar under "Audrey's Blog Candy".   This should make it easy for you!  All sign-up comments must be left on the linked November 2, 2010 post to be included in the Random Generator selection.

Also, don't forget along that with the PPDU cart, the winner will also receive a MYSTERY GIFT SURPRISE which will be revealed once the winner is announced.

Again, to be  eligible:  you MUST be a follower and you must leave me a comment on the linked post only.

The drawing will be on Monday, November 8, after 12 noon central time.  So come on back and check it out!!!  You may be the winner!

Good Luck!!!

Now, I'm off to complete my DT project for Sheila's blog tomorrow.  I hope you all join me there!!!  I think you'll like what I have to share with you!

I'll be seeing you!


Happy Wedsday, everyone!!!  I hope all is well!!!
I am so happy to have been passed on this "I Got the Attitude" Blog Award from my friend Jean:

Jean, thank you so much for thinking of me for this "tude" award!!!

Jean's blog is one you should visit, if you haven't!  Her crafting style is unique, fun, and imaginative -- there's something amazing everyday!!!

To accept this award and be eligible for the $5 free digi certificate I have to list 3 things that make me/my blog different, and to pass it on to 5 additional bloggers.  Although I know my desires are not unique in that all of us bloggers work to be different, and probably have common and similar goals, three (3) top things I work hard to strive for are:
  1. providing support and confidence to new bloggers as well as those well seasoned,
  2. to be not only willing to share my projects but freely willing to give the directions and the how-to's so that they can be recreated by anyone who is inspired by them, and
  3. to have a blog where people can come and actually feel they are part of a family; where they are recognized and acknowledged as such.
Because I absolutely adore you all, having to select 5 bloggers to pass this award on to, was not an easy decision, and it nearly drove me nuts!!!  However, for particular reasons, I did whittle it down to these 5:
Ladies, to qualify for the $5 Digis with Attitude store gift certificate, you must:  list 3 things that make you/your blog different, pass this award on the 5 others, display the badge/award on your sidebar linking to the Digis with Attitude Challenge Blog, and please read the Digi's with Attitude guidelines: http://digiswithattitudechallenges.blogspot.com/p/i-got-attitude-blog-award.html.
I'll be back in a bit!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Monday!!!  It's the beginning of a whole new week and I'm so looking forward to it!!!  I'm so awaiting new projects and sharing good time with good friends.  By the way, I'll be having blog candy, so don't forget to check out the details at the bottom of my post!

Before I move on, I'd like to say "Welcome" to some new followers!!!  Thank you so much for becoming a part of my family, happy to have you, and I do hope we'll become steadfast friends!!!

During my visits I could see everyone had a wonderful Halloween Sunday, and weekend, and I'm so glad.  The hubby and I had a wonderful time also, but I'm glad it's over;  I ate waaaay toooo many sweets and I was exhausted by the time it was all over!!!  But what fun!!!

As I've said so many times before I'm not the best cardmaker and I'm so slow, so I've been doing a great number of Christmas cards -- trying to play catch up -- and which is why I've been posting so many Christmas cards.  I know you're probably tired of them, but please bare with me.  I promise I'm getting ready to start on some Thanksgiving projects soon!

Here's the card I'm sharing today:

I don't know the name of the paper, I just picked up a few sheets at Michaels.  For the flower, I used 3 circles cut from the scrap leftover from the sheet of paper.  The lacy top and bottom borders is cut from one of the Martha Steward punch around the page/corner sets, and I highlighted the lacy edges with chalk ink to bring it out more.   I cut out a couple of extra bells from the paper and pop-dotted them onto the matching bells. Because this was my first time attempting to punch around the corners of a square, I started small and used my "test" punch on the inside of the card:

This is definitely going to be a learning experience for me because I didn't find it that easy and I still don't know exactly what I did to get it to look this decent.  LOL!!!

Before, I leave I want to give you the two  (2) details on winning the candy: you MUST be a follower and you must leave me a comment on this post!!!  That's it!!!  Now, there's also a SURPRISE attached to this blog candy!!!  I will be giving away, along with the candy, a mystery gift!  This will be announced once the winner has been determined.  The blog candy award itself is the Paper Doll Dress Up cart:

  • Note:  This is a new cart, however, it did come as part of a set; the other cart was part of another blog candy award.  Therefore, the box is not sealed but, again, it is a brand new cart.
The drawing will be Monday, November 8, anytime after 12 noon CT.  The winner will be determined by Random Generator.

I love surprising and doing these little things to you!!!  I'm soooooo bad!!!  But, I think you'll love what I have in store for you!

I'll be seeing you!!!