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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy Sunday, everyone!!!  I pray you're all feeling much better than I am.  Yes!!!  I'm still not feeling too well, I can't seem to shake this nagging migraine!  I am, though, trying to deal with it.

I noticed I have several new followers I'd like to welcome into our little close-knit family!  Welcome newcomers!!! I hope you enjoy your visits here, please do browse around, make yourselves right at home, and visit with some of the others in our neighbor!  Also, please check out my previous post and comment for the small giveaway of a stamp, if you're interested.  You are more than welcome to participate.

Okay everyone, I have another card to share with you today.  Of course, again, I'm using accessories purchased at the CHA Supershow.  The stamp is made by Heartfelt Creations and is called the "Bella Rose Sroll", and as with the previous stamp I posted, this also has a corresponding die.  The stamp also comes as a set of 2 stamps -- the scroll image and a sentiment stamp... how cool is that?!!!

To give a bit of color to the stamped image, I used Viva Inka-Gold.  What I like most about these inks as opposed to the Luster line is that you can add water to decrease and/or intensify the color.  Here's a picture of the stamp and inks:

And here's the card:

The only thing I didn't enjoy in making this card was cutting out the images.  I cut out 2 of the scrolls and several of the florals to layer to give it dimension.  I did add a bit of stickles for effect, and just mounted the images to a card.  I didn't do any other deocr or embellishing on this card because I didn't think it need it -- to me, it looks pretty in the simplicity in which it was put together.

Now if you haven't already done so, please get your comments in on my previous posts for the stamp giveaway.  You have until 5 p.m. tomorrow!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Love you all, and ...

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Good day, and happy Friday!!!  I hope, as always, things are well with all my wonderful family-friends!

I don't have a project today as these last few days I've not felt too well -- I believe it's my a result of my elevated blood pressure.  In additional, the excessive heat isn't helping and/or encouraging.
But I do have a bit of a surprise for you and didn't want to hold off letting you know!  I was going through all my CHA Supershow finds and discovered I'd duplicated a purchase -- so guess what that means?!!!  YES!!!  I'm going to give away the extra item to one of you!

This is a layering set of stamps made by Heartfelt Creations.  The wonderful thing about these stamps is that they are made to coordinate with certain cutting dies, so you stamp and cut!!!  This particular set of stamps is called "Gracefull Pansy" and if you don't want to hand cut them after stamping, it coordinates with and matches the Peony Nestabilities die (which is not included in this giveaway...lol!). 

This giveaway is open to anyone interested.  All you need to do to be eligible is leave me a comment on this post.  The recipient will be selected by Random.org. and the number selected will correspond to the order of the person commenting.  The drawing and winner announcement will be no later than 5 p.m. central time on Monday, August 2.  Good luck!!!

Well, I'm off to try to feel better so I can get back to crafting and share more stuff...lol1!!

Thanks for dropping by!  And don't forget to leave your comment for the stamp!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


UPDATE:  The previous link to the Happy Crafters website was incorrect on this original post below.  The link is now updated correctly, and will direct you to the website.

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!  AND... I've got it right today!!!!  I don't know if you noticed or not, but I thought yesterday was Tuesday when I greeted you all on my post.  For the life of me, I don't know where I lost it, however, I actually lost an entire day!!!  Guess my headache was worse than I thought...lol!!!

Anyway, I have another card I made from another CHA Supershow find.  The embossing board I used for my is designed by the "Glitter Girls" and, if you like it, can be purchased at The Happy Crafters website:  http://www.happycrafter.com/.  Here'sa picture of the board:

And here's the card I made using it:

The rhinestones on this card are actually clear rhinestones, the blue was picked up from my blouse which reflected onto the gems.  It turned out really nice but I wish I'd used more lively colors!  The paper colors I used are cream and gold, but I rubbed a black Luster Rub-On creme over the background embossed area and it gave it such a dark look -- looks almost masculine to me.  Anyway, next time I make this card, I'll use a lighter color-scheme.  Overall, I like the appearance and this is going to be another fun board I'm going to enjoy using.

I didn't complete the inside of this card as I don't know what occassion I'll use it for, so I'll just put it aside to have until something appropriate comes up.

Okay, my beautiful family-friends, that's about it for now; however, I'll be back!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  And, of course...,  I'll be seeing you!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Happy Tuesday, family and friends!!!  Hope all's well in Blogland!!!

Unfortunately, my blood pressure has been a little  high since yesterday evening, so I've been battling a slight headache since late yesterday.  I did try to visit some of you but after reading several blogs my headache felt as though it was getting worse, so I'll get to those of you I haven't a bit later.  However, I did want to get started on playing with some of my new "stuff" I bought at the show, so I got up this morning and began playing.

This is one of the sets of dies I purchased at the show.  It is a line called GEO-Dies and the company that makes them is called Pop-Ups Etc.:

If you like the die, please visit http://www.geo-dies.com/.

I began working on a little card using the die just to get a feel for it.  I'd almost completed it but couldn't quite get the idea from the back of my to the front on just how I wanted it completed... LOL!  I know I'm going to cut-out either words or images for each side panel opening onto the card, and add a sentiment to the inside; however, I just don't know what words, images, or sentiments -- I don't know if it's going to be a birthday card, all occasion, thank you, etc. (?).  I also have to finish the inside with Peel-Offs but I couldn't wait to come up with all of that as I wanted you to see an example of this die more.  I love it!!!

Of course, as I've always said, I'm not really a great cardmaker and, therefore, I'm open to your suggestions (hint-hint).  Anyway, here's the card using the die:

I made this into sort of a 3-fold card (I guess that's what it'd be called); I was trying to do something a bit different with it:

I'll show it to you again when I've added all the finishing touches to it, and I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more I'll be doing using this die because I'm really liking it a lot; it's such fun!!!

Well, for now, that's it.  But, for sure... I'll be seeing you soon!


Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello everyone!!!  I prayed I'd come back to everyone well and happily crafting!!!  I hope you are!

Without going into any details (long story), all I'm going to say is I, among many, am not very fond of CHA at this particular time!  Unfortunately, I did not attend the last day of the convention as intended although I did stay the weekend for the JF&A/SuperCraft show -- another long story!!!

As I did not attend the last day of the trade show, I ran into a few trade members/exhibitors and other attendees at my hotel that were leaving the convention heading back to their perspective homes, and I tried to get some feedback.  However, I couldn't judge by their conversations how things went for them nor could I read anything in their facial expressions, and I'm not a person to just come out and ask for information not volunteered.  I do hope, for their sakes, the convention went better than the "Super" Craft Show.  I hate to say it but the craft show was truly a huge disappointment!!!  Both the craft exhibitors and buyers were extremely upset with CHA, and complaints were flying all around like crazy-- wow, is CHA going to get an ear FULL!!!  I have to agree, however, CHA was not very nice this year and this was not a "super" craft show and should not have been referred to as such even with the word "section" attached to it!

The craft section was located in the very back of the Convention Center in a small "tight" corner.  The booths were about 3-4 rows deep with not more than a total of about 30 booths, and surrounded by and behind the cafeteria area.  It was as though they were being hidden away!!!

Of course, the JF&A show covered the entire front and surrounding areas and had thousands of people flocking to it, but the tiny-tinny craft section was basically empty.  Compared to the rest of the floor, I don't think many people even realized there was a craft section.  To make matters worse, there were not many happy faces among the craft buyers and/or exhibitors.   Many of the exhibitors were upset and felt as though CHA had "dropped the ball on them" (an expression one of them offered me) and the few crafters I spoke with expected  much more of CHA too so, therefore, were very upset as well.  Just to give you an idea, take a look at the exhibitor at this booth:

She looks happy, huh?  Or, this poor guy:

And how much crafters/buyers-attention did the craft section get?  Well..., this was about the most people I saw all together at one time at a booth for the entire 3 days I was there!

Now, take the picture below, add it before the picture above and imaging counting back about 3 rows -- that was the "super" craft show!!!

From left to right, one picture is the ending wall and the one directly above is the beginning wall.  The other side of the blue rug behind the roped off section of the above picture is the cafeteria area.

Another of the complaints among the few crafters/buyers was that more than half of the exhibitors were companies most of us  probably aren't even very familiar with.  Many were small stamping companies but, I thought, very nice.  I think the most well-known names there were Archivers and Splitcoast Stampers, who was there giving cardmaking instructions only.    Actually, there were very few make 'n takes, no craft classes and only a few giveaways/contests this year!  Other familiar exhibitors were Flower Soft and Crafters Companion.

For the small number of craft booths, there were some nice projects on display though:

As for me, as much as I didn't want to enjoy the JF&A show, I had a blast!!!  I felt as though I was a trader to my fellow crafters/companies but that show was fun.  JF&A carries everything you can imagine other than just jewelry -- clothing, beauty accessories, designer sunglassess, purses, shoes, etc.!!!  I had a free make-over, got my hair styled for free on Friday and sweated it out by Saturday...lol!!!; got a glitter tattoo on my arm (don't panic, it eventually washes away)!!!  And I even had my eyes done with glitter eyewear although I immediately went and washed my face of it; and I had characters painted and rhinestones placed on my nails which I've also already removed -- but it was just all so much fun!!!

Of course being a crafter, I didn't walk away from the craft section empty-handed either -- I couldn't walk away from craft accessoriess if I wanted to -- no matter what!!!  I made the best of that situation too (so I didn't feel so much the trader as I could have had I purchased nothing).  I found some things I needed and some I wanted.  Here's some of the damage I came home with:

Here are a couple more bags of stuff I tossed in for good measure -- Buster decided he wanted in the picture too as he was sticking around being nosey!  LOL!

So, after a huge disappointment and being most upset with CHA after my first day fiasco, I did manage to end up leaving last night with a smile:

Well, I've shared as much as I dare!  After I catch-up on some things missed after being gone from home these last several days, I'll be back to visit and share some crafts using some of my new treats!!!

Glad to be back, missed you all, and can't wait to join you again!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  Hope all's well and there's some happy crafting going on!!!

Sorry I haven't been around today but, wow, I've had a heck of a day!!!  As you know, I'd planned earlier to be at CHA this week, however, with the cost of assisting in 2 family reunions and with an upcoming vacation on our schedule, I decided to put aside what leisure money I have for our vacation and forego CHA this year.  Figuring I'd spend much less money than I would have at CHA, I did hope to attend the CHA Road Show meet-up, but by the time I went to register Iwas emailed registration was closed!  I was a bit disappointed but let it go as it wasn't something pre-planned anyway.  Well..., as luck would have it, when my dear hubby looked at me this morning, he said, "...if you're going be moping around here looking hot and miserable, you may as well be hot and miserable  enjoying yourself".  With that he handed me money and told me to go to CHA!!!  Of course my first thought was that I'd missed CHA, but then realized I still had a day left and then there's the Supershow (even if it is different this year).

Before  I got myself all excited, I called to see if I could get a hotel reservation at such a late date and I was in luck!!!  So all day I've been getting my things together, getting everything in order that needed to be; and, just in case I need them, I just had to put together some calling cards.  Not having time to do anything really as cute as I would have liked, I did manage to do about 50 fast and easy calling cards so far:

So, I'm off again early in the morning for the last day of CHA and the Super Show!!!  I hate the hubby with these sporadic surprises he springs on me but I have to admit they do make me feel good -- uuuum....wonder what he'll be up too.  LOL!!!  Ahhhh, who cares!!! I think this is just what I need to get my momentum back!!!

Anyway, I don't have to dip into my little bit of cash now that the hubby's taken care of this!!!  And, he's so right -- I'd rather be doing something I enjoy than just feeling awful while trying to beat the heat!!!  Sometimes, I just think he's too wonderful... but, I'd never-ever tell him this!!!  LOL!!!  (Hope it doesn't read this post!)

I'll try to take as many pictures as I can although I'm not good at getting my camera out of my purse when I'm enjoying myself.  I'm not certain if I'll come back home Saturday evening or Sunday morning; that will depend on how I feel after all the fun I hope to have, but I do promise to let you know all about it!!!

Boy, this really IS turning into a busy summer for me -- busiest I can remember in a long, long time!!!

Gotta go!!!  Really excited now, so much so that if I weren't afraid to drive alone at night I'd leave right now.  Of course,  I wouldn't dare -- it's after 11 p.m..  Okay, that's about it; can't wait to get back with something exciting to share!!!

Love you all, hugs, and ...

I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  Oops!!!  Almost forgot.  Regarding an email I received from Pesky about the Gypsy cut.file for my DT purse box (the pirate box cut.files).  Pesky, you said the file was grayed out and wouldn't cut.  I'd like to know if you have the George cart installed on your Gypsy?  I used George to create this file and you'll need that cart installed; which may be why the file grayed and wouldn't cut.  I checked the file and didn't see a problem but if anyone else is having this problem, and has the George cart installed, please let me know and I'll try to figure out what the problem is.  In the meantime, Pesky, if you don't have the George cart and you're still interested in the file, please email me at audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net and I'll be more than happy to see if there's another cart I create this file with for you, or come up with another solution. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello, and happy Monday all my blogging family!!!  I hope all's well!!!  AND, welcome to some new family-friends.  Thank you for joining me and the rest of the family!!!  I love having you here and hope to get well acquainted!

I really hope you liked seeing the pictures of my family reunion but I'll soon remove them because as I told you there were some who aren't appreciative of my posting them.

Soooo, is it as hot where you are as it is here?  With the heat index the temperature is 100+, it's extremely humid, and we're under a heat warning here.  To make matters worse, it's going to get even hotter this week!!!  As for me, I'm not taking this heat very well.  I don't want to complain as it was a long, cold and hard winter, but I just don't handle excessive heat well and I'm not doing well having to deal with it eventhough our air-conditioner is on full force.  If you know what I mean, body changes at my age coupled with this heat is just not nice, and is affecting me in a "not-so-positive" way.  But, I still want to craft!!!  I tried to use my Expression but it felt as though I could feel heat radiating from it!!!  Probably my imagination...lol... but I can't get comfortable and although the house is cool, the sweat is pouring off me like a waterfall!!!

So, instead of using one of my most loved machines, I decided to pull out my Big Shot (none electrical, therefore, not heat generating), an embossing folder, a scrap piece of ribbon, a few stamps, my newest love tools -- pearl pens, and some Glamour Dust (although it's difficult to see it) to make a card.  It's simple and not very involved, but I think it came out pretty and without exerting much energy; which I just don't have right now as this heat is so draining.  Here's the card:

"Thank You" wording stamped on the inside of the note card on the front

Inside of the card blank for hand journaled message

Well, that's it for my sharing right now!   Like I said, simple.

I'm still trying to craft despite the heat but it's slow going, so I'll be back with another project as soon as I can muster up some much needed energy to complete my next project!  I'm trying too --slowly-- to get around to seeing what you guys have been up to;  I've enjoyed my visits so far!  You all have been so busy doing wonderful projects -- loving them!!!

 In the meantime, thanks for stopping by; I always love to have you visit with me and, of course, I always expect you to make yourselves at home!!!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well!

Well, I told you I'd share a few of our reunion photos -- didn't get many because I never remember to take my camera out of my purse...lol!!!  Here are a few that were given/sent to me; however, I will delete this post shortly, as the families are not very appreciative of my posting them.  They do not like being published for public viewing:

Atlanta Reunion                                                                     

(Hubby and Me)

Hubby and me again
Our reunion theme and t-shirts were purple and yellow but our reunion dinner was formal.
 (Cousins, aunt, uncle)

Chicago Reunion:

Well, that's it..., but I didn't forget to share -- as I'd promised!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hello my friends, and thanks for joining me  for my DT project today!  I love sharing with you, and many thanks to Pam for letting me be one of the designers on her fabulous blog!!!  You can visit Pam by clicking on her name (highlighted in blue) which is a direct link to her blog.  You'll love your visit!!!

As you know, I returned home from a family reunion/vacation recently, so I had just enough time yesterday to put this little designer purse candy/gift box together for you as my DT project:

Isn't it cute?!!!  The leather-look paper I believe I purchased some time ago from Michael's but I'm not absolutely sure as I've have had it for a while. 

I'll show you how I made the box using the sample template pictures below.  I wasn't sure how this box was going to turn out, so I did mine from the first dry run (which I think came out great) but didn't do a step-by-step while I was doing it, so I've prepared this demonstration on how to complete the box.  First, I began by designing my cut.file in Design Studio and cutting out the template on my Expression:

Once the file had cut, I removed the cut template/pattern and it looked like this:

Next I flipped the template over and folded it into the box shape along the score lines.  I made broken lines on the picture below to represent the fold lines (where the folds are made) and is the inside of the box:

After folding along the fold lines, I added adhesive to the outside top side tab, aligned it evenly with the inside of the opposite side edge of the box, and adhered it in place:

I then folded up the bottom panels and glued them together in place.  To finish the box, I aligned the top flap over the rounded sides of the box:

To keep the flap of my box shut I added self-sticking magnetic snaps for the box closure (you can use velcro or whatever you like), and here's the completed box sample:

Here's a picture of the magnetic snaps, just in case you're interested in them:

You can decorate your box as a purse candy/gift box and add handles as I have, or decorate and embellish it as a pirate's box, or even as man's toolbox -- it has quite a few use-options with using just a little imagination!

The cut.file was done using the George cartridge and is available along with the Gypsy converted file at the end of this post; however, please let me know if you don't have that cart and I'll do whatever I can to make this available for you to use, if you'd like -- just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Oh..., if you make this box, I'd love to see what you did with it!!!

I hope you like my candy/gift box!!!  Thanks for stopping by, and ...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello, hello, hello all my wonderful family-friends!!!  Although I must admit I've missed you all terribly, I'm having such a grand summer!!!  I hope everyone in blogland is doing well and enjoying the summertime as much as I have so far.

I thought our reunion was great!!!  Others were somewhat disappointed because we didn't have the turn-out expected; there were some who just couldn't afford the trip this year and others who were just unable to get there due to other obligations, but I enjoyed everyone and had such fun!!!  I do have pictures I'll be posting of both reunions and telling you more about it, however, there are some important things I need to give attention to and get out the way first.  Beginning with two (2) blog gifts I won and received from dear friends while I was away, beginning with this beautiful handmade pin is from Christine:

And this fun stamp set from Brenda:

I'd also like to acknowledge and extend my appreciation for the "Stinkin Cute" blog award from my sweet friend Sandy:

Thank you ladies, each of these has been graciously accepted and has truly touched the deepest part of my heart!

Please click on the nanes of my friends to directly link to their blogs; they're all such talented and gifted ladies!

With regards to my June "Pay It Forward" post, I am still waiting for 5 participants who are willing to play along.  I currently have only one (1) commentor who has participated and whom I will be sending one of my handmade projects to as the rules dictate.  If you may have forgotten or are interested, here is a direct link to click on to be linked to the "Pay It Forward" post:  http://cuteandsome.blogspot.com/2011/06/pay-it-forward-very-good-deed-indeed.html .  The rules are listed on this post and your comment(s) can be left on that post.
NOTE:  Brenda, I have your mailing address and your gift will be in the maill to you sometime next week.

Unfortunately friends, I have to run again because I have to begin on a DT project for Pam's blog which is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, June 15).  I don't have a clue yet what it's going to be and right now my mind isn't cooperating to comr up with anything, but I'll definitely have "something" to share for sure.  Hope you stop by to check out whatever it is I'll come up with -- lol!!!

In the meantime, I'll be dropping in to see what you've been up to as soon as I can after I complete my DT project; and I'll let you know when I have the reunion pictures posted for you.

Wonderful to be back with you, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hello, everyone!  So happy to have another monthly DT project to share on Sheila's blog today!  Always much thanks to Sheila for having me as one of the designers on her beautiful blog!

Wow, it's been an ongoing busy summer for me and I really had to challenge myself to come up with something really quick -- and I do mean fast -- and easy to have ready for posting only hours before leaving for Atlanta.  Although I've had a lot going on, I didn't want to disappoint Sheila or myself (or you) by not finding enough time for my monthly project commitment; I hope to never have to cancel or postpone unless absolutely necessary!  So, this project is not one of my best -- as I've always said I'm not really good with cardmaking -- but I needed something in a hurry opposed to nothing at all.

As I didn't have time to do any cut.files, set up a tutorial, or time to make any particular cuts, I headed to what I called my "crap" bin to see what I could come up with.  Do we all save those drawers or boxes with sheets of paper we've made a small cut or two from to re-use the rest of the paper?  Well, I do and that's how this card came together -- from scraps!!!  Thus the post title -- "crap" scrap!!!

Taking an 8.50x 11 sheet of paper I'd previously cut a character from using the Home Accents cart, I cut around the image to create a 4x4.50 card front.  I popped the card front onto a slighter larger (about 4.25x4.75) scrap piece of green cardstock and mounted it to a 4.50x5 card.  I also save tiny pieces of cutouts to use as embellishments, so I used one for the center front of the card and one for the inside.  My scraps created an interesting window-type card (I backed the open image on the front with acetate).  Here're pictures:


To complete the card I added ribbon across the bottom, glued on a couple of Offray ribbon flowers, stamped "Thinking of You" on the bottom right-hand side of the card front, and then totally messed up using a Pearl Pen for the swirls...lol!!!  It was my first time using a Pearl Pen, so I had no pre-practice in controlling the spacing and/or the amount of the paint flow from the pen in my free-hand drawing in advance.  I'm going to throw in the excuse too that it was after 2 a.m. and I was somewhat "under the gun" when I was completing this card... heee-heee!!!  Good excuse, right?  To make matters worse, I attempted to cover up the mistake at the top of the card by adding more swirl dots, and that came out even worse!!!!  So, I just stopped and left it as it was.  Sooooo..., let's all pretend my swirls are just perfect, okay?  Okay, okay, then how about acceptable... LOL!  Regardless,  I do hope you'll overlook my "pen" mistakes.

Overall, I do like it and think it's nice enough to send to a friend and that's exactly what I'm going to do!  I hope you like it too.

I apologize for not having the time to be more elaborate and/or not having a more a detailed project this month, but I'll be working on making up for it next month!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great-great day!

I'll be seeing you!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello, everyone!  Well, the hubby and I will be heading out to Atlanta later this afternoon!  Thanks for all the well wishes and safe travel comments!  I'm so sorry I won't get a chance to visit with you before I leave, there just wasn't enough time, but I will drop in on everyone just as soon as I get back.

In the meantime, are you wondering what I'm doing up this early in the morning?  Well, I still have to complete a DT project or Sheila's blog on Thursday; and, unfortunately, another very dear and close friend of my husband passed over the Independence holiday.  The loss of four (4) friends this year is really taking a toll on Leonard, so of course when he asked if I could find time to squeeze in a quick card, I couldn't say "no".  So here I am after 2 am with his card done and a DT project to go!  Because I haven't had time to do anything else to share with you over the last few days, I'm going to share the card.  I love making these particular cards but, as I have to be up, I wish this card could have been  more fun to do -- other than for such a sad circumstance.  But these cards do seem so appropriate -- don't you think so too?  Oh well, I'll have fun with my DT project, although it'll be short but (hopefully) sweet!  I'm getting tired...lol!

I've shared these cards with you before, so I hope you're not weary of seeing them.  I try not to be too repetitious.  Here's the card:

Here's a picture with the card's box and the envelope for the card-stand:

Gotta go finish up my DT project now as I've got to get it posted  before we leave to post on Thursday, and I've got to try to get a bit of rest -- still got one more errand to run before we leave.  So, I hope you'll all be happy while I'm gone.  I'll be thinking of you, and I can't wait to see all you're wonderful projects when I get back!!!  Hopefully, by then, I'll have pictures from both family reunion's to share with you too!

If you can, please stop by, or by Sheila's, on Thursday to see what I've prepared for my DT project!!!

Thanks always for stopping by!!!  You're the best blog-family in blogland and I appreciate you all!!!