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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well!

Well, I told you I'd share a few of our reunion photos -- didn't get many because I never remember to take my camera out of my purse...lol!!!  Here are a few that were given/sent to me; however, I will delete this post shortly, as the families are not very appreciative of my posting them.  They do not like being published for public viewing:

Atlanta Reunion                                                                     

(Hubby and Me)

Hubby and me again
Our reunion theme and t-shirts were purple and yellow but our reunion dinner was formal.
 (Cousins, aunt, uncle)

Chicago Reunion:

Well, that's it..., but I didn't forget to share -- as I'd promised!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Ohhh Snap said...

Looks like good times were had :D. Gorgeous families!

Shannen said...

Hello there

Have just checked out your blog and LOVE it!!

Come follow me too at http://momentsbyshadow.blogspot.com

Will be great to share ideas! TFS!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey the photos were wonderful. I was amazed that you had a formal dinner in the evening. We are lucky to get all every year for a family picnic and that is always held the last Sunday in July at the same spot. So all know and we still have a difficult time! I will miss it this year but am going next year. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love your photos looks like all had fun. I was amazed with the formal dinner in the evening. Our reunion is always held the last Sunday in July at the same spot and we have a difficult time gathering everyone for that! And look at you with coordinating shirts and all! Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of beautiful people! I am so very happy that you had such fun.

Jean said...

Great pics!!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the reunions. They both looked like lots of fun.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

How fun Audrey and I'm sure you had a great time:) Glad you shared

Treva said...

Beautiful family, thanks for sharing!

Sandi Cl~ said...

Looks like everyone had loads of fun! Glad I got to see your photos before you delete your post. And I've been eyeing that bag you made from faux leather paper .. adorable! Take care and have a great weekend!

The Archiving Angel said...

Wow, you have a big family! Looks like lots of fun. I have to say, I love those matching t-shirts.

lovemypaper said...

Very nice pictures love the t-shirt color.

Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for stopping by Audrey - Look like you all had a great time thanks for sharing!!!

Rhonda Emery said...

looks like you had a good turn out and a fun time love the shirts. tfs. hugs

scrappin sista said...

Love all the photos Audrey, looks like you had a blast!!

~BridgetL~ said...

Ok I know I posted here the other day, but im begining to think Im still having trouble with blogger.
Anyway, I would love to be a part of your family fun times. I could use some good BBQ. You all look like you have such a good time. You and Hubby look good together. Glad you had a great time at both the reunions. Hugs,

Kate said...

How fabulous and fun!! When we were in the US last summer, we passed through S. Carolina and met a huge group gathered for a family reunion. They all had matching t-shirts too. I thought it was the most wonderful thing!

Susan said...

Hey Audrey!

Thanks for sharing your pictures! You have such a big family! If you would like to share them too you just let me know ok? I would love to have a family that big! You're very lucky! I'm so glad to hear you had a great time.


Mary said...

Wow looks like you guys had a great time. Love the Frelix ( I love a cookout!) Thanks foe sharing. Hugs, Mary

Brenda said...

Wow, what a family reunion. I love seeing all those smiling faces. Looks like you guys really had a great time. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

Zenifer Dsouza said...

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Ladybug said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!! What a time to treasure!! TFS! :-)

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh WOW! How fun! What a fabulous looking family. Glad I had a chance to see the pix, still. xxD

smith said...

wow..that was nice family,. so cute and lovely feelings..thank you