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Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful week!

I'm so very excited!  Yesterday (Thursday) it was my pleasure to meet and spend the afternoon with my friend Charlotte from A Little Bit of Detail.  Charlotte came to Chicago to attend a National Education Association conference.  When she emailed me she'd be here in Chicago several weeks ago, we planned to meet.  It's always nice to meet friends face-to-face but Charlotte and I clicked immediately, like we've always known each other -- what a beautiful soul she is!!!  And, OMG, we had such a wonderful time!  We had lunch at a little but well-known cajun restuarant called Heaven on Seven; later we went up to the observatory in the John Hancock building (which once used to be the tallest building in the U.S. but is now the 3rd) where Charlotte got to view the city and our beautiful lakefront from the 100th floor.   We browsed one of the stores in the Water Tower and walked along North Michigan Avenue a bit.  Before our visit was over I introduced Charlotte to Garrett's popcorn which is known to be the best anywhere!!!  I have a feeling I may be mailing popcorn to Alabama now -- lol!!!

Before this post I'd dropped over to Charlotte's blog to leave her a message letting her know how much I enjoyed our visit.  However, I totally forgot to post the comment/message intended because I got so excited to see she'd already posted pictures on her blog that I forgot were even taken.  I have a picture myself  that we took at the observatory but I love these pictures too Charlotte posted and wanted to include them to share with you.  Charlotte asked an employee at the restuarant to take these pictures:

Charlotte had a friend who joined us for lunch, Genie,  another wonderful person!!!  If you'd seen the 3 of us, you would have thought us old acquaintances; unfortunately Genie had to leave us after lunch. Here we are:

Isn't Genie a shortie?!!!  LOL!!!

Here's the picture I was to have posted yesterday when I got home but once I came in I was needed to take a friend on an errand, when I got back home I shut computer and everything down because we were having a pretty nasty storm ( you guys should already know how I feel about storms); earlier today I had a hair appointment, so I'm much later getting this posted than expected.  This picture of Charlotte and myself was taken at the John Hancock Observatory:

I am so hoping to meet with Charlotte again before she leaves because I've just fell in love with her!!!  Meeting her will be an event I'll never forget, and hope to have happen again and again!!!  And how wonderful it feels thinking we really didn't have to get to know each other -- we did already -- we realllly just clicked!!!

If anyone is interested, Charlotte has more pictures on her blog.  You can click her name for a a direct link.

I wish and hope to someday meet all my family-friends here in our community!  As or right now, I would love nothing better!!!

Before I forget I need to say thanks to  my very dear friends Jill and Bobby, Cricut Couple for passing on to me earlier this week this beautiful award:

Thank you so much, Jill and Bobby!!!  You are beautiful friends!!!

Having received this award several times, I'd like to pass it on to everyone who'd like to grab it and post to their blog from me; and I'll acknowledge receipt and gratitute to Jill and Bobby on the award posted on my sidebar.

Well, I'm off now to start preparing potato salad for our family 4th of July picture tomorrow.  I'll probably get to visit with some of you late this evening but, just in case, I don't get to you all -- have a wonderful 4th weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Oh isn't that wonderful! I just love meeting with my blogging buddies and can't wait to meet up with you one day too. Congratulations on the award!

girlia said...

It sounds like you guys had a good time. The observatory pics were beautiful. Congratulations on your award!

scrappin sista said...

Looks like you and the other ladies had a ball!!I love the skyline picture, it is just beautiful!!! Happy 4th of July to you Ms. Audrey in case i don't get back here to your blog before then!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey how fun to meet someone from bloggerland... AND it sounds and looks like you both had a fabulous time... I just got home and I am exhausted.. but wanted to pop in just to say hi... hugs

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

It's so nice to actually meet crafting friends in person. I hope that one day I can meet you in Chicago or perhaps even here in Alabama!

Congratulations on your award!

Charlotte said...

Hi Audrey, my dear sweet friend. What a fabulous time I had with you. I just feel as if we have known each other my entire life. Being with you was not just fun, but a real blessing. I will cherish this visit always. I do hope we have time to get back together.
Love you,

Susan said...

What wonderful pictures Audrey! It sounds like you had such a fantastic day. That is so great you two were able to meet up in person.

After reading all the places you both went it made me realize just how much I miss my Chicago. I read somewhere about a year ago that Garrett's had closed so I'm am thrilled to hear that isn't the case!!!!

Have a great weekend Audrey and thank you so much for sharing that wonderful post and bringing back such good memories of Chicago for me!


Terry Oulboub said...

Audrey, what a wonderful day you and Charlotte must have had. Two beautiful ladies on the town having a good time! It's so nice to meet people and enjoy them, isn't it? So glad you all had a great time together. Congrats on winning another super award! Oh, I love your Nefertiti wrist cuff and pendant set - how cool is that? Love it!

Jean said...

Looks like you ladies had a ton of fun and I know it was great to meet a blogging friend.

lovemypaper said...

Very nice story, glad to see you all had a good time.Great pictures I must do a google search for the Garrett's popcorn. I love a good carmel popcorn tfs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Very nice.

Sandy Ang said...

Happy Independence Day to you !

Angi @ CokiePop said...

It's so fun to meet a bloggy friend. Love the pictures. And your hair is beautiful Audrey.

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July. :)

Georgiana said...

Lucky you to meet some of your blogging friends. I am hoping one day to meet some of my crafty friends too. There is a Scrapbook Expo in the fall, so there is a chance.

Curt in Carmel said...

What a fabulous time you must have had. I envy her because she got to meet one of my most favorite people in blogland! You look beautiful! That photo of yours that you posted with the skyline in the background is so beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful time. Who knows, maybe I'll get to meet you sometime too! That would be such a blast! Best, Curt

silvia haynes said...

Great pics!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!