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Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Helloooo, everyone!!!  I do hope everyone is doing well!

I've missed you all so very much.  The other week when I wasn't feeling well, I really wasn't!  I ended up having to have a bit of a hospital "vacation"!  Fortunately, I got to my doctor before it became a serious matter.  I am sorry I couldn't let you all know why I was detained but my hubby absolutely refused to bring a laptop to me, and he couldn't figure out how to post for me to let you know (Mr. "Blog Illiterate").

Anyway, I'm home and feeling fit-as-a-fiddle now, so I'll be back to visiting and crafting as soon as I finish getingt myself readjusted; giving Buster as much love as he's giving me-- the little stink really missed me terribly--, catching up on mail, what's been happening at home, etc.

Again, I missed you all dearly, can't wait to get back in touch!

Thank you for those who sent their concern, thank you all for stopping by.  I love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello, my wonderful family and friends!  I hope all's well!  As for me, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather but I'm working towards feeling better while trying not to let how I feel keep me totally down.

In the meantime, I just couldn't wait any longer to share this with you!!!  I am so fortunate coming here to great friends such as yourselves!  I know I am Blessed having you, and I'm  feeling particularly honored that my friend, Bobby (aka the "Cricut Dude"), thought enough of me to take time to create/design for me my very own blog award and to surprise me with it!!!  How wonderful is that?!!!  Hugs, Bobby!!!  You have definitely made me feel special -- and Blessed!!!

Let me -- very excitedly and proudly -- introduce to you my "You Truly Bless Me" blog award:

Isn't it wonderful?!!!  Bobby, thank you so very much for this!!!  It has truly made me feel inexplicably happy!!!

As this is mine to do with as I please, I have decided I don't want to apply the same rules we usually see attached to passing on awards.  Because this award is special to me, I want it to be special not just in a recipient receiving it... but how it's received and who receives it!!!  And I want it to be fun!!!

I would especially love to see this award passed on to bloggers who need a lift, some encouragement,  who need to know they too truly do bless us in special ways, and deserve this award.

So, over the next several days, I'll be thinking on the rules for how I hope this award will be passed on to others, and also who will be the very first to receive this beautiful and special award!  I hope you'll all be around to congratulate the recipients (if it's not you... lol!!!) -- I'll let you know when!!!

Again, thank you Bobby!!!

Well, I'm back off to bed again.  Writing this post was enough to let me know I'm not quite ready yet... lol!!!  If I can later, I will probably get up to do some visiting; checking in to see all the wonderful creations you're doing!!!   Sorry, I can't do any better or be any faster getting to you right now.
Thanks for stopping by to share my joy of this wonderful gift.  Hugs, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello, all!  And hello and welcome to all my new following family-members that I may not have acknowledged in the last few days!  I'm happy to have all of you here!!!

For several weeks my aunt has been increasingly demanding and has kept me pretty busy.  In trying to please her, I've been overworking myself; so Saturday and yesterday were days of rest -- particularly after coming in from church yesterday feeling ill.  Unfortunately, I'd also been really very tired for awhile so I guess it started to catch up with me.  I felt some of the pressure but ignored it, not realizing just how tired I was and/or how it was effecting me.   Being HARD-HEADED I even ignored the signs.   For instance, I don't know if any of you noticed  -- and I just can't figure how I did it -- but I made a wrong selection on my last blog candy for the paperstack.  The winner should have been the Cricut Couple as they were the 12th commentor; how I counted as far down to Maria... I just don't know.  However, as embarrassing as it was, I've apologized to the Cricut Couple, and both they and Maria will receive paper stacks.  Thanks to my hubby for recognizing my error in that he decided to sit and  browse/read through my posts and comments.  Also, on Thursday, my DT project here on my blog posted late because I thought I'd automatically scheduled it but had never taken it out of "draft" mode.  Then, I dozed off Friday afternoon and was awakened by the sound of a god-awul explosion -- I'd forgotten some eggs I'd put on to boil and when the water completely boiled away -- BOOM!!!  LOL!!!  What a mess; boiled eggs were all over my nice clean kitchen!!!  God only knows what else I've done I'm not aware of yet!!!  LOL!!! Anyway, like I said, I did get some rest most of weekend.  However, doing nothing, bores me very easily; therefore, I decided I'd just experiment on something simple for a minute or so to break the monotony.

Several weeks ago, I purchased this frame bookmark from a resale shop:

Well, by now you should know me!  I've been looking AND looking at it, and this morning decided I'd experiment to see if I could come up with something similar -- not to do anything stressful or strenuous, just something to toy with.  After thinking on how I might be able to make this bookmark, I grabbed a coat hanger (and cut off a section of the wire), a can of gold spray paint, a medium and small size cabachon, and some oven-bake clay:

And in a matter of about 30 minutes here's the outcome of my version of the bookmark:

Here are both bookmarks side-by-side:

Mine is still a bit rough looking but now that I've done the experiment, I know what I'll do refine it to make it better looking!  However, I won't do that now because I think the fumes from the paint are causing what was a dimenishing migraine to resurface.  However, I'd appreciate your telling  me what you think so far!

Before I leave, I also want to share what may be the very last of the roses from my hubby's garden for this summer.  Each year he keeps fresh assorted flowers and roses all throughout the house that he's grown.  All his red roses and most of the flowers have already gone but there're still a few buds left of the white, pink and yellow roses on the bushes (which he's hoping will still bloom).  Here's what he brought me in yesterday that had opened:

His flowers and roses are always so pretty!  Here's a close up of these which are probably though his last ones for the summer:

Well, I'm going to get a bit more rest to try to rid myself of this aggravating migraine; then I'll be back later to visit with some of you!  Maybe even "sneak" in another project!

Thanks for stopping by, love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you -- soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  I hope all's well, and that every one is happy!

Well, I'm presenting this also as my monthly DT project over at Pam's today.  And I am so thankful I fianlly did figure out something to do to have to share!!!  LOL!!!  My mind was at an absolute blank all day yesterday, and it wasn't looking very good!!!

Well there it was 5:11 p.m. last evening (Thursday), and I was just sitting with my elbows on my knees, my face in my hands, looking down at the floor while thinking of a project to do for today.  I don't  know how long I sat there, but...all of sudden there it was!!!  My project was staring me right in the face!!!  So, do I have your attention as to what I saw?!!!  LOL!  Well, first let me show you my project:

Aren't these just the cutest little ballet shoe treat boxes?  Here they are without the footies:

And here's what I saw that was my inspiration for these adorable "ballet shoe" treat boxes:

That's right!  Right there on my own feet!!!  I have about 4 pair of ballet shoes in different colors because they're comfortable and I practically live in them for leisure wear during the summer!  I won't pull them all out but, see, here's another pair:

Excited over the idea, off I ran to put together these little sweeties that I'm sharing with you today and, of course, showing you how I made them.  For each shoe, I used a 12"x12" sheet of cardstock.  First, I figured out a pattern and drew a really quick cut.file:

I cut out my 2 pattern pieces; the upper shoe and the sole.  The pattern pieces looked like this:

The widest round end of the shoe's sole is the "TOE" of the shoe; the narrowest round end is the "HEEL" of the shoe:

Aren't those the funniest looking tabs on the sole of the shoe pattern that you've ever seen?!  LOL!  I made them round for fun... but mainly because it was fast; however funny, you have to admit they did turn out the cutest little box!!! 

Anyway, I began by first turning up all the little round tabs on the sole, then after locating the middle tab at the "TOE" of the sole I grabbed the upper shoe, found the middle on the top shoe side of it  (the closed end), and glued the 2 middle pieces together:

Then it then looked like this:

Next, starting on one side and, very carefully aligning the edge of the sole to the edge of the upper shoe, I counted out 7 tabs and glued the sole and upper shoe pieces together.  I DO NOT GLUE FURTHER THAN 7 TABS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE SHOE AT THIS TIMENext, I counted out 7 tabs on the other side and aligned, then glued the sole and upper shoe pieces together on that side.  This is what my shoe looked like after I'd glued both side pieces together:

Now, from either side (doesn't matter which),  I glued down the back end of the upper shoe to the remaining tabs on the sole but only up to the  middle back tab on the sole, and then I cut off the excess paper; like this:

I then glued the other side of the upper shoe to the last remaining tabs on the sole, then attached the remaining upper shoe end to the upper shoe end on the opposite side making certain to aligned them evenly down the middle (to assure the glued seam down the middle back of the shoe is even and straight); then I cut off the excess paper down the middle of the seam:

Lastly, to cover the unsightly tabs on the inside of the shoe, I cut off  a 9" strip of ribbon, (or you can use a strip of decorative paper); I doubled it, held it together by holding the open ends together between my thumb and forefinger then inserted the closed end of the ribbon into the back of the shoe.  Once in place I glued it to secure it in place: 

And here's the ballet shoe treat box!  

For a pair of shoes, just repeat the procedure to do another shoe!  It's really easy-peasy -- you're really just wrapping and gluing!!!  Now all that's left is decorating and embelling it!!!

A helpful suggestion is to use your glue gun for this project -- you'll get instant gratification! You won't have to hold the pieces together or clamp them until they dry enough to adhere before moving on!  Any hot glue "strings" can be easily removed by just pulling them away once the glue is dy and your shoe is together.

In my project picture at the beginning of this post, I added a pair of ladies footies; however, this little box can be used for soooo many things!!! Let your imagination soar!!!  Try pretty little packaged foot baths, tea bag samplers, babies booties, etc.  Here are examples using toiletries and candy:

I have made available the cut.file (made using the George cartridge) at the bottom of this post.

PLEASE NOTE: Because I did the cut.file on a rush basis to get my project/tutorial completed, this cut.file will only be available for several days.  I will be removing it to make an adjustment/correction to it.  Fortunately, the available file will make the shoe treat boxes; however, as you've seen in the tutorial, you will have to cut them to size in the back of the box, and I want to adjust/correct the file for a more perfect fit.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to figure that out in time to complete this project and tutorial -- I went with what I had.  As I may not do this immediately, I am making my file available to you now with the understanding that you will have to cut to adjust the back of the box as shown.  But, I will also let you know when the correction to the file has been made.  Normally I make my cut.files for my own use, and I'm not a professional, so even though I have no problem sharing them, they may not be very pretty to look at at any time!  LOL!!!

This file can be converted to a gypsy cut.file and, if you need assistance doing that, please post me a comment.
I hope everyone enjoyed my project today, and thank you so very much for stopping by!  I appreciate you taking the time to join me!

I'll be seeing you!

my ballet treat box shoes.cut


Good early Friday morning, family-friends!!!

Sorry I was absent today but I've been completing my DT project/tutorial for Pam's blog today, and I wanted to make certain I extended an invitation to you to join me here or by dropping over to Pam's at The Bug Bytes.  You can click out her name above highlighted and underscored for a direct link to her blog.  Even if you visit my project here, you still may want to drop by Pam's for a visit -- she has an amazing place if you never visited her before.

I have a project to share that I'm very excited about, and I think you'll see why once you see it!!!  For a while it didn't look like I was going to come up with anything at all, but I know you'll be as surprised as I was when you see what the inspiration for my project was!!!  And it came to me in just the nick of time!!!

If I weren't so very tired now, I'd come around to do some visiting because I've missed you all and because I didn't finish catching up on my visits as I'd liked to have the other evening; however,  between my eyesight being blurry and my body screaming R-E-S-T, I'm heading off to bed.  So, I'll be around to see you later today after I've gotten some much needed rest!!!

I also wanted to thank you for dropping in to see and comment on my altered book project yesterday -- that was DEFINITELY a challenge!  I amazed myself because I didn't expect to have it completed until today!!!  But knowing I was pressed for time with my DT project, I did hurry it along!!!  But, I was still very happy with it myself!!!

Anyway, now while I go off to catch up on some sleep, I hope you'll all join me later for DT project/tutorial post; I'll be looking forward to seeing you!!!  And I'm pretty sure you'll like what I have to share!

Thanks for stopping by and...,

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!  I hope you're all well and, as I say, happily crafting!!!

I've finally did as much to my altered book for the Lessology Blogspot challenge as I could with the time permitted.  When I originally started I began with an old book but didn't like how it was progressing, so I started over and designed this one from scratch.  I think it kind of reflects who I am in that I usually have no direction of where I'm going when I design/craft and the only schematic I follow is what's in my own mind...lol!!!  Therefore I had no idea of the design from one page to the next as each page was completed -- that's me!!!  LOL!   And, with Halloween being so close I wanted to "sneak" incorporate that into my book too, so I did the cover in colors to represent Halloween... but, which also blend into the "no theme, no holiday" pages.  This book being so typically me is why I'm calling it "Just me...,  Audrey".

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or a snack, or whatever, because I'm going to take you through of tour of my altered book which consists of eleven pictures.  Let's get started with my altered book:

Now we'll move on to the pages.

The right-side page is 8 sheets of paper glued together to form the recessed window; the die-cuts are from the Sophie cart cut on my cricut expression, and both pages include pearls from a Pearl Pen.  I used  "Peel-Offs" for the frame and top/bottom edges on the left-hand page and for the rose flower on the right-hand page; I colored them with Crystal Colors Laquer and to highlighted, of course, I used Stickles :

On the following pages, there's a frame is on the left-hand page where a picture can be inserted and which was also cut from the Sophie cart; the tag on the right-hand page opens for journaling and/or another small picture, and is mounted on foam dots:

The Nefertitis at the bottom of the left-hand page is made from clay by using a handmade mold ( you might remember I used one before for a bracelet); the picture of the queen on the right-hand page was one I found on the internet which I embellished with lots of glass glitter.  For additional dimension, I added Glossy Accents to her face and hands.  The queen's page is 2 layers and lifting up the top layer opens to a pop-up exposing the queen's castle:

I wanted to make certain I incorporated a couple of different embellishing "upcycled" elements and techniques, so I just couldn't not do an embossed page, a page covered with lace, or actual altered torn book pages -- which I've actually stamped my face on one:

The word "Faith" on the above page was cut from vinyl.

The final pages are plain white sheets for some hand journaling, should I decide to ever use it... lol!!!

Well, that's it!!!  I hope it meets the requirements of the Lessology team, and that both they and you like it!

As I've still got to come up with something to make for my DT project for The Bug Bytes, after I submit thisto the challenge, I'm off again!  However, I will take a few minutes later (and in between project breaks -- whatever it ends up being) to come around to visit with as many of you as I can!!!

Hugs, love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  Hope all of you are doing well and having fun!!!

Sorry, I haven't been around; however, I have 2 projects which I'm committed to completing.  The project I'm currently working on is for the Altered Book Challenge for the Lessology blog, and the other will be my monthly DT project for The Bug Bytes blog.  Both projects must be completed by Thursday, ready to present on Friday.  Unfortunately, the altered book is a challenge for me already and I'm not progressing as quickly as I'd hoped.

As I'm here now to present the winner of the Colorbloc Paper Stack, let's get going!!!  Random.org has selected #12!!!

Congratulations to Maria!!!

Maria, please contact me via email with your snail maill address to audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net no later than Saturday, September 19.  If I have not heard from you by that time, you will forfeit your prize and it will be up again for drawing.  Thank you for participating and, again, congratulations!!!


Thank you to all of you for participating.  I wish I could award a prize to everyone but,of course, I can't afford that...lol!!!  However, I will continue to have blog candy as regularly as I can, giving as many of you as possible an opportunity to win!!!  So, there's still a next time.. just keep your eyes open for future RAK announcement.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  And...,

I'll be seeing you!

DT project for The Bug Bytes blog. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello!  I hope your Monday is as wonderful and beautiful as mine has began!  And..., I'm sure we all put aside a moment yesterday to reflect on the 10th anniversary of September 11, and that we are aware of just how blessed we really are!

Yesterday evening, I did a bit of playing around -- I LOVE to play!  My inspiration for this project came from some plaster the hubby had lying around in the basement in the storage room (yep, same plaster you can purchase from any hardward supply store), and a can of spray webbing adhesive... lol!!!  Now why was I digging around in our basement storage room?  Well, looking for a craft idea, of course... lol!!!  The spray webbing adhesive was some I'd purchased several years ago but had no idea why I'd want to have it; so until I decided, I tucked it away and forgot it -- until yesterday when I was searching through materials in the storage room.

Surprisingly the idea that came to my mind was not to use the webbing adhesive as a glue, as intended, but as dimension on my project.  I wasn't certain it was going to work or even how it would look but, like I said, I like to play! 

Here's the cherub frame I made:

That gold webbing on the frame is the webbing adhesive!  Doesn't it look great?!!!

Well, let me give you a brief tutorial on how I did this.  Already having the spray webbing adhesive and plaster, I grabbed a couple of molds and got busy:

I mixed plaster with water (enough to fill each mold) until I had a pancake consistency; I sprayed the molds with "good ole" Pam (praying the plaster wouldn't adhere to my molds still), poured the plaster into the molds and allowed it to set.  Here's what I got:

Unfortunately I dropped the frame and had to glue several of the pieces back together so I won't be giving this one away... lol!  Anyway, once the glued frame was dry, I spray painted the frame black and the cherub gold.  Next I sprayed the frame with the webbing adhesive and allowed that to dry.  My hope was that the adhesive wouldn't dry flat, wouldn't remain tacky, and would maintain it's dimension which -- yippeeeee -- everything came out as I'd hoped!!!  Once the webbing adhesive dried, I used my finger to rub over the raised areas with gold Rub and Buff.  All that was left to do after that was glue on the cherub with some E-6000 glue!

The next one I do I think I'll do in an off-white and gold because, although I thought the black would look nice with the gold, I wasn't particular afterward about the black at all.  Also, I have no idea what I'm actually going to fill this frame with; the insert I've used here is only temporary, something I put there just to keep it from being blank when I took the picture.  And, I can even see adding a bit more embellishing!  Yes, now that this has turned out and worked out well, I have even more decorative ideas for future projects like this one.

Well, I hope you like it!  Maybe you'll be inspired to try this!  Okay, off now to find something else I can get into... lol!!! 

I'll be seeing you!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Knee Mail Doesn't Fail...

So, here I am praying
for all who lost a loved one, who lost kin on 9-11.

For the mothers and fathers, who lost sons and daughters;
for the children now without mothers, without fathers;
for the wives without husbands; husbands without wives.

So many lives, so many tears cried
for those who had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...
all those who suffered, all those who died.

Such an enormous tragedy, such devastation
which set off chains of reaction;
a marked time we will never forget.

Gone are aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, many others
leaving holes in hearts, hearts torn apart.

Yet, although we have no control over fate,
God is good, God is great!
He made a special place place for them all to go;
He keeps them comforted and they are safe
where they are loved and held dear as they are here
but without enemy, without foe.

But left behind still so much grief  and for those who bear it, no relief...

Knee mail never fails, so here I am praying...

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Happy Saturday everyone!!!  Wow, you have all been having a crafting great time, and I've so enjoyed visiting your blogs seeing all you've been up to!!!  I'm still working at getting to some of you but I think I'm making good progress.

A little while ago, my friend Bobby of http://cricut.couple.blogspot.com/ made a frame card with an accordian-fold behind it that I loved, so I tried to make one.  I really should have followed Bobby's tutorial but, of course, that would have taken more time than I wanted to spare so I just took the plunge!!!    And besides I wanted my own spin on it!!!

I practiced using scraps from my scrap drawer and wow did I go through a lot of scraps, and I still wasn't getting it -- either the accordian behind the frame was too small or too large -- but it was always something that ended up just plain wrong!!!  So I sat down and constructed it in my head!  Well, needless to say, I didn't get anywhere near close to what Bobby did but I did get something!!!  LOL!!!  At least enough of something to think I'll be able now to go back and do a better one.  I think when I started this project I was making it much harder than it really is.   And, eventhough I want to do one that has my own twist,  I'll still probably go back to watch Bobby's video tutoriral.

Anyway, I made more of a rosette acccordion to go behind the window of this card (being a test sample, I just hand cut the window randomly as it was only my practice card).  I stamped the sentiment which ended up being crooked...uuugh... but I'm going to share this with you anyway because although it may not look great it took a lot of work just to get a COMPLETED card!!!  So, ugly or horrid, like it or not...

I'll be doing a version of this card again, until I'm satisfied with the outcome!!!  Soooo...., get ready, this may be a long and bumpy ride for you!!!  I do hope you'll have patience enough not to run away!!!  LOL!!!

Ha-haaa, have you noticed how I always try to cover up what I think is "unattractive" by using lots of Stickles and now Pearl Pens?!!!  LOL!

Well, thanks a lot Bobby!!!  What an inspiration and a headache you gave me all in one fell-swoop!!!  But I love every minute of it!!!  LOL!!!  I can definitely say this was a challenge!!!

Thanks for stopping by, love you all and big hugs to you...

I'll be seeing you!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone!!!  Hope WE are ALL going to have a wonderful crafty weekend!!!  LOL!

And, hello and welcome to a new following family-friend!!!  So happy to have you here!  Hope to see and hear from you often!

Last weekend, I had time to sit and browse the internet, and I ran into a blog called the Velvet Ink Cafe (which unfortunately is closed and only open now for viewing -- too bad, it looked like a wonderful blog).  While there I watched a video of someone making a mini book.  At the end of the video there were links to several other craft videos, so I clicked to watch several of them; one was of a double slider card -- I fell in love with this card!!!  Well, needless to say, the designer didn't give directions!  So, I did a Google search for double-slider cards and although I saw a few, I only found tutorials on the single slider cards.  (Actually I did come across a tutorial for a double-slider card but all the directions were in metric measurements which I'm totally no good at).  Because I normally shy away from You Tube for fear of viruses, and which is probably where I could have found a tutorial, I set out to make this card which didn't look difficult -- in fact it wasn't.  I started my draft using a 1/2 sheet of 8.50" x 11" leftover scrap cardstock and, carefully measuring my window opening, the tag, and fold lines for the window shutter, my first draft produced this card, so I began embellishing it.  Can you imagine how excited I was when I finished this card?!!!

Regardless what you guys say I'm really not a good card maker, I take my time and often get lucky... hee-heee!!!  Anyway, after taking all week off and on, I very carefully one step at a time completed this card.

I'm first showing you a picture of the front of the card and progress to the inside because I'm pretty proud of how it turned out -- first draft!!!  Here we go:

When you pull out the tag on the top of the card a window opens on the front of the card and stands up to reveal a message:

I also added a message on the tag which is revealed when pulled out:

My card front reads:  "Never stop dreaming...  In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own"

This is a side view of the card:

And last, here's a picture of the card opened where you can journal your own message:

You have probably seen this card before but I hadn't and I'm in love with it!!!  Didn't mine come out too cute?!!!  Of course now I'll be doing a cut file for it so I won't have to do the cutting, and I'll make it larger, more of a greeting card size -- maybe I'll do both sizes, I kind of like this note card size!  LOL!!!

Well, I'm off to walk Buster and do a bit of spot cleaning around here since I've been running all week; but I'll have plenty of time later to come by to do some visiting with you.  Can you believe I spent time catching up over the last weekend to only get behind in dropping in on you... AGAIN!!!  LOL!  I guess sometimes you really can't win for losing!  LOL!  Well, until I return...

Hugs, love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Hi, everyone!!!  Unfortunately I'm still on a roll and running, so I'm going to be in and out as quickly as I can -- sorry!!!

I promised I'd be back today with the Paperstack Pack that went unclaimed for McVic's 36th Birthday Blog Hop.  If you're interested in the chance to win this stack of paper by Colorbloc, please leave me a comment on this post only!  You will have until Tuesday, September 13, to post and a winner will be selected by Random.org.  To increase you chances to win, post as often and as many times as you'd like.  This RAK is open to everyone!!!  Good luck!!!

Hopefully, unless I'm absolutely just toooo tired when I get in later, I'll see you then; however, it will be rather late.  Otherwise, I will be back tomorrow with a project to share!!!  Thanks for stopping by and thanks so very much for your patience!!!  I've haven't forgotten about you!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  Happy Wednesday to you all!  And, hello to several more new blogging family-friends!!!  So happy to have you and, if I can find you, I'll be around to visit with you soon!

I got to spend much of the Sunday and the holiday visiting with most of you, and admiring all the beautiful projects you worked on.  I don't think I need to say I was impressed because I always am!!!  You never disappointment me!!!

Unfortunately, I've been tremendously busy yesterday and today, so I've no projects of my own to post! However, I do have a couple of things to share.  First, I received another Butterfly Award from my friend, Bunny Freak.  Thank you so much!!!  Because I've received and passed on this award several times, at this time I'd like to just show Bunny Freak my appreciation for this beautiful award by adding her name to it on my sidebar:
Second, and a total surprise as I'd forgotten this!  I received my "Pay It Forward" gift from Yolie:

Isn't the layout page and the cards she made just beautiful!!!  Thank you so much, Yolie!!!  I love it!!!

To all of you, please visit, these, my wonderful friends by just clicking on their names.  If you haven't visited with them before, you'll find their blogs full of inspiration and talent!

Okay, so the moment as come to announce the winner for my stickers RAK:

Random.org selected #12:  Mary of For The Love Of Art!!!  Congratulations, Mary!!!  Enjoy!!!  You will have until Monday, September 12, by 5 p.m. to claim your stickers!

Last I have to announce, unregrettably and I'm so sorry, KayB did not claim her Paper Stack offered as my blog candy for McVic's Birthday Blog Hop.  Therefore, tomorrow I will raffle it off again.  Please come by once I post to leave a comment to be eligible to win on the post announcing the Paper Stack RAK.  Again, this RAK is open to anyone who leaves a comment.

Thank you so very much for stopping by!!!  I hope to have a project to share with you tomorrow but, as I still have some things to take care of, I can't make a promise; however, I will be here to post the RAK before 5 p.m..  Unfortunately, I can't give a specific time as I'll be on the run so to speak.   I should be back posting and visiting by the early weekend!   So, I'm looking forward to having fun with you then!!!

Hugs, love, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello, all and a very happy Sunday!!!  I hope all's well and everyone was out of harm's way with all the weekend storms and Hurricane Leo.

I notice I have a few new family followers -- hello, welcome, and very happy you made it home!!!  Now make yourselves comfortable!!!

I apologize for not getting around to seeing many of you as I'd hoped in the last day or so; however, between my aunt and yesterdays's storm, I've not had much time.  I do not have a project to share today because, frankly, I just haven't had too much time to get much crafting done; hopefully, I'll be able to take time for that this week!  I do know for sure I'm reserving a couple of hours today to catch up with some of you before this day is over!!!
Well, today is the day also to announce our blog candy winner from McVic's 36th blog hop -- the winning number selected by Random.org:
Number 44  means the winner is KayB of http://scrappinplace.blogspot.com/!  Congratulations, Kay B!!!  You have won the Colorbloc "French Prep" Pattern Paper pack!!!  You have until Wednesday, September 7 to contact me at audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net with your mailing address.  If I haven't heard from you by 5 p.m. (CT) that day, another recipient will be selected.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  And thank you for hopping with us!!!

Wow...!!! Have you all seen the cost of stickers lately?  Well, because they are pretty costly, I thought that giving several sets of stickers would be a nice RAK giveaway today, so here's what one lucky friend can win:

Everyone is eligible for this giveaway by just leaving me one of those wonderful comments I always get from you!!!  And, again, please feel free to leave more than one comment to increase your chances of winning!!!  Of course, the winner will be selected by Random.org and I will announce the winner on Wednesday, September 7, no later than 5 p.m (central time).  Good Luck to you all!!!

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by; I really appreciate you all!!!

Hugs, and...

I'll be seeing you!