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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hi, everyone.  What a wonderful Thursday!  I'm right here and over presenting my monthly DT project/tutorial at  Sheila's today!!!  I hope you you're all joining me either here or there!!!  I really enjoy the project I have to share with you!!!

Before I begin, I'd like to thank all of you who visited for McVic's 36th Birthday Blog Hop yesterday!!!  Soooo much fun!!!  And, wow, I have so many new wonderful family followers -- Welcome to you all, and I welcome you with loving and open arms!!!  I'm really working to extend a personal "hello" and thanks for finding your way home to all of you I can find and/or email!

I'm very excited about today's project because it was a total shock to me and something I happened to stumble on by sheer accident!  I was actually making a pop-up card and my mind just ventured elsewhere to come up with something totally different.  This is why I love to play; sometimes the results are just too amazing!!!

I'd still like to call my project a card (just not really a pop-up as initially intended), and although there are places to hold small photos, pockets with tucked away tags, room for some journaling, to me it's still just a fun card!  You can call it a mini if you want but as my creatiion, I'm referring to it as a card... LOL!!!

You may as well get comfortable because as I want to show you as many "nooks and crannies" of my "card"as possible, and because there's no cutfile, this is going to be a pretty picture heavy and lengthy post.  I preferred not to do a cut-file at this time because this is really a quick, simple to do and cut card.  Besides so many of you do not own the George cart which is what I use on the majority of my cutfiles anyway, so ... let's get busy with your scoreboards and paper cutters!!!  I'll start off with a tour and several views of this card project from the cover through all pages.  At any time, please feel free to to click on any picture to enlarge it:

Okay, now I'll show you how to make your own!  You'll need  4 and 1/2 sheets of 8.50" x 11 cardstock: 2 for the base card, 1 decorative sheet cardstock for the base card inside panels; 1/2 complementary color card stock sheet for front and back cover;  and, (optional step) 1- 8.50" x 11" sheet for the inside pop-out panels.  To begin:

Base card:  Cut each of the 2 sheets of cardstock in half (you will end up having 4 -11" x 5:50" panels); score 2 of the 1/2 cardstock sheets down the center with the 11" side across the top of the scoreboard at 5.50"; score the remaining 2 halves, with the 11" side also across the scoreboard at 2.75", 5.50", and 8.25". 

Base card inside panels:  score 8.50" x 11" cardstock, with 11" side across the top of scoreboard at 2.75", 5.50", and 8.25"; turn paper with 8.50" side across top of scoreboard, and score at 4.25".  Cut along each score line to end up with 8 panel sections.

You should now have this:

Fold each of the 4 base cards along the score lines to have this:

Take one 1/2 fold base card and one of the base cards folded into 4 sections; turn the panel scored into 4 sections over (mountain side folds up), add glue to first left-side section making certain to get good glue coverage along the edges:

Adhere this section along the "left-hand" side of the base card up to and along the score line, making certain the top/bottom edges are evenly aligned:

This next step has already been down on the above picture sample but you'll add glue to the right outer section, and align and adhere to the center score line on the "right-hand" side of the base card.  In other words to simplify, you'll add the first right section of the 4 section panel to the right side of the base card along the center scoreline, and the left outer 4 section panel to the left side of the center scoreline of the base card -- right to right, left to left -- got it?!!!  LOL!

At this point, close up your card and smooth it down with a roller or bone-folder to make certain it closes smoothly.

Next complete these same steps above to complete the second base card to have this:

Now, taking the backside of one base card align and evenly adhere it to the front of the other base card.  You'll now have this:
Okay, now get ready to glue on your 8 inside panels but first you'll need to trim just a sliver from one side and the bottom of each panel to expose a bit of your base card).  Once you glue your panels on, you're card will then look like this:
Now if you look on the inside of the pop-out pages you'll see I have lined the inside with panels of a coordinating color, these are the optional inside pop-out page panels I referred to above.  You can include them if you like or not.  If you do, you would score, cut and trim an 8.50 x 11" sheet of cardstock to fit just as you did for the inside page panels.  Mine came out perfect when I cut each one down to 2.50" x 4".

Phew!  We're almost done!  If you want to add a ribbon or some other closure that needs to be hidden beneath the cover panels, now is the time to do that:

Last step, we'll add the front/back cover panels by cutting  the remaining 1/2 sheet of cardstock into 2 - 4" x 5.25" sections.  Adhere one section to the front and the other to the back of your card:

All that's left to do now is for you to decorate and embellish it any way you like, for any occassion you'd like it for!!!

I truly hope you enjoyed my "accident" card... lol!!!  And if you should have any questions at all, please just leave me a comment.  I promise to get back to you!!!

Before I leave, I'll begin a new blog candy /RAK giveaway for everyone, and announce my winner for McVic's Blog Hop at that same time on this Sunday, September 4-- so stick around!!!   Just more fun to come!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by; I always appreciate and enjoy your company!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Rhonda Emery said...

I call it amazing and beautiful I love it.

Audrey said...

Hi Audrey
Very clever well done.

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

Oh my, I'm definitely going to have to give this a try! Thanks for the step by step...

Angi @ CokiePop said...

WOWZA...I saw this over on Sheila's blog and it's gorgeous. I love all of the detail and the pretty paper that you used. Fab job on this. :)

Pam said...

Great instructions Audrey and the card looks lovely! Love interactive cards. TFS

Pocono Pam said...

This is soooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!! DO you have a YouTube Channel?

Angiebug said...

Hi Audrey, just dropped by for the McVic Birthday blog & noticed this card as well. Looks like a lot of work. Beautiful for sharing memories. Tfs all the detailed instructions, will have to give it a try.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love it.. you are so amazing my friend. I always know i am in for a delightful surprise when I pop in to see what you are up to... Simply beautiful. hugs

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey this is such a wonderful design. Love your card/mini and would be thrilled to receive one all filled up from a friend or relative! The recipient of this will be thrilled! Such a wonderful tutorial too. Thanks for sharing with us today on She's A Sassy Lady!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Awesome!!! and love your tutorial too! Thanks for sharing! : )

Bunnyfreak said...

I sent you an email about a gift because you leave such love on my blog. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Jean said...

Audrey, I love this!! It is so pretty and detailed!!

lisa808 said...

Amazing & gorgeous! Wish I had 'accidents' like that :)

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Only you could call this a card! Girl this is a great paper craft...yes I would call it a project, scrapbook.
You always do such a great job with directions and sharing these fun ideas.
It is really beautiful

Monique Barr said...

God has just touch your mind. I call this AWESOME. I just love your work. That is it I am going on to be on TEAM AUDREY. GOOOO TEAM!!!! LOL.

As for the mirror on my blog I brought it from a flea market in Lake Park Ga. a long time ago. I will try to get back over there and see if they have anymore. I am just glad it turned out cute.

Have a bless day and weekend my sister

Susan said...

OMG Audrey! You can call it a card, some may call it a mini album, but I call it a work of art! That. is. AMAZING! Wow! You rocked this accident! lol!

Hope all is good!


Besthobbyeva said...

Audrey - this is absolutely gorgeous! You have out done yourself!! Just so elegant!!

I miss everyone!!!


callyannc said...

Card, album, who cares! It is amazing! Thanks for the tutorial too! I hope someday I can make one too! CallyAnn(new follower)
come on over:)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [02 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Terry Oulboub said...

Audrey, you are uber talented girl - I just love this mini book - it is fabulous! I love the design and the pretty front! You're awesome woman and I just have to try this! ;-)

Lisa said...

WOW, Audrey, this is AMAZING!! What a stunning project! Thank you so much for taking the time to write out the instructions...I will definitely have to try one of these beautiful cards! I love the gorgeous papers and embellishments! :)


Eva said...

wow, this is soo gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog again, darn follower not working again...I wanted to share a little trick I just learned from someone else. If you scroll all the way to the top of the blog & look up on the left hand side you will see the word follow, click on that and it should work just fine. looking forward to seeing more of your awesome projects.
Eva :0)

Brenda said...

My, my, my. You have outdone yourself on this one. I LOVE it. Thanks for adding the tutorial. I am so gonna try this

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Ummmm...that looks so complicated!!!! How do you come up with these projects? Simply amazing! The front alone is beautiful and then open it up to find all of that WOWness, you ROCK!


Sandi Cl~ said...

Oopppsss .. I think this one went right over my sleepy little head! Will have to come back and re-read this! It is really awesome, you crafty girl!

Lori Apgar said...

Oh My Wow!!!! I love how your brain works!! I call this a scrapbook album!!!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

WOW!! WOW!! Audrey beautiful and LOVE it:) TFS

Cricut Couple said...

And you say that my cards are complicated. Hee! Hee! I call it STUNNING!!! Thanks so much for always going above and beyond with your designs! They are all so amazing!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

WoW! This is really amazing! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

callyannc said...

You're too cute! Thanks for the sweet comments! CallyAnn

Pam said...

Wow!!! What a work of art, you have created:)) I really want to try this one, I love new and different folds. Thank you for the step by step instructions. Really a beautiful job. Hugs, Pam at http://craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

Jani said...

I call it a great creative idea. I just love it. Thanks for sharing the project and the tutorial.


flowerdisco said...

audrey, i just love your creativity. it never cease to amaze me. great great card!

Mary said...

Holy Moly what will you think of next? This is totally awesome and you can call this whatever you want my dear. To me it looks like a fun Maze, lol. TFS, Mary

Leirad a.k.a cuttlebug_fan said...

WOW, Audrey, your card is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing


Christine said...

Hi Audrey!
Sorry I haven't been by in awhile, but I wanted to take some time to visit. That's quite a card you've made, someone will be very lucky to receive it. And it's lovely as your work always is. You always have such pretty papers.

I'll try to be back again soon. HUGS!!

The Archiving Angel said...

Wow Audrey! Spectacular!
As always you hit it out of the park.
Big hugs sweet lady!
Best wishes,

lovemypaper said...

So very cute.

Nadia said...

Audrey, I was just hopping around and found this project on the SassyLady blog and was wowwed!!! I had to come over here to visit! Beautiful project and I love all of the neat little hidden surprises!


A Creative Operation said...

Just gorgeous!!