Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have you visit with me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I absolutely love company, sharing, and making new friends so I hope you find something here that inspires, motivates, or just pleases you in some way.

Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

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I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy Tuesday, family-friends!!!  I hope everyone is well and happily crafting!

Seems I just can't quite get back on track to a normal schedule these days; between my sister-cousin being home from the hospital and my aunt -- all the errands and running around is keeping me pretty busy.  Fortunately, I'm still getting in some crafting... YEA... it's just getting a project posted in a timely manner once it's complete!  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  So with that said...

Today, I want to share an altered tin can project and some happy mail from a dear, sweet blogging friend.

Let's start with my altered project first though.  I found this old tin candy can and decided to alter it as opposed to throwing it away.  I painted the can then added lace and flowers, bling trim, and painted wooden balls for the feet.  The clock on the front of the box is a bottle cap which I inserted a clock face into then enclosed with resin and the word "Time" on the top are stick-on letters.  I love how it turned out and I hope you do too!  Here it is:

Front view
Top and side view
Open for inside view 
Most of you probably have at least one of these candy tins around, so why not make it pretty.  Here's another one I found which I'll be doing soon:

Now, for my happy mail -- and what a wonderful gift and surprise!  This came from a sweetheart, Barbara, over at Beebeebabs:

The adorable personalized canvas bag I used the very same day I received it... lol; the badge-button (also personalized) at the bottom of the picture came in the velvet bag and has a mirror on the reverse side instead of a pin or button (isn't this clever?!), and the card is a keeper!!!  Thank you so very much, Barbara, I love it all!!!

Well, I'm off again but, of course, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Love you all, and I'll be seeing you...

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello, everyone!  Hoping this has been an eventful, happy, and crafty weekend for you all!!! 
Unfortunately it wasn't a "crafty" weekend for me with chores, errands, and spending time at the hospital with my sister-cousin; however, outside of not being crafty, I did manage to enjoy most of the weekend.

Last night I was tired but wanted to do some much need crafting and to do something fun, and relaxing.  Soooo, off I went into my craft room searching for an idea for a quick and easy project.  Digging through my supplies, I ran across a few mini lint rollers that I use to clean up glitter and such off my craft table.  Well, if you know me, as soon as I picked them up and looked at them, the thought "alter" came to mind... lol!!!  So off I went... and this was fun-fun-fun!!!  Here's what I came up with (just click to enlarge):

For this project I made a cover for the lint roller; used a glitter nail polish (playing around) for the handle and on the paper cover to embellish it.  I used the nail polish only because it was sitting there... heeee-heeee; but I like how it looks, gives it a nice shiny finish.  To complete the roller I popped on ribbon, beads, a flower, leaves, and a charm on the handle to embellish it.  Here's the lint brush beneath the cover:

Once I get my craft table cleaned off, I think this is going to look great and be fun to grab when I need to use it.  Of course it will also make a great gift item for all us ladies to keep on our work desks and even in the glove compartments of our cars --  purses too -- we always have a need for a lint brush, of course!!!  BUT, best of all, once I use all the sheets I can use the handle/roller and empty tube to make a pull-out mini!!!  Just cut some paper to the correct length and width, glue it to the roller tube and add some small photos or embellishments!  Wouldn't want to toss my fun project just because I used up all the lint sheets... lol!!!   See, the whole thing just pops apart like this:

Don't you think this is just tooooo fun?!!!  My local dollar store sells a 2-pack of these rollers for $1.

I certainly hope you like this fun and easy project, and I hope I've inspired another little project and/or gift item you can add to your list!!!

Love and hugs to you all, and as always...

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello, everyone!  I certainly hope you all had a happy, healthy, crafty weekend, and a beautiful start to your week yesterday.

I know I haven't yet gotten around to visiting each and every one of you but I'm trying -- doing the best I can -- and I should be down to just a few left to go!!!  It's loads of fun for me although it's slow going and I don't want you to think I'm not going to try to reach out to all of you I can.

I didn't get an opportunity to craft and/or blog as much as I wanted the last several days because my "sister-cousin" had to be re-admitted to the hospital and, of course, I've been back and forth there for her while trying to keep my 92 year-old aunt calm.  Fortunately, Amelia is  doing better, and hopefully will be home -- again -- soon.

Last night I relaxed myself by going into my craft room and making these little pockets that hold a note pad. After I made them I thought how cute (and different) they'd be as refrigerator magnets so I popped a magnet on the backs of the pockets.   I think they came out soooo adorable, and doing them really did the trick of helping me to unwind and allowed me to feel better after all my errands, and before retiring -- God, was I tired!!!  Here they are, and please feel free to click to enlarge them... lol!:

Here's a picture of one of the notepads outside the pocket:

Here's the back of the pockets where the magnets are applied:

Now all I have to do is coordinate a pencil or pen to pop inside the pockets!!! 

I found the notepads at Tuesday Morning and found coordinating paper in a K&Company paper stack I have; it's just says "Designer Paper" so I don't know if this is the name or not.  To make certain the pad and paper looked like a set, I used the K&Company paper to make toppers for the pads and finished the projects by embellishing them.  Doesn't the pads and paper just complement each other perfectly?!!! 

I hope you like my little project share!  They've got me thinking "... great Christmas gifts.

Well, I'm off again but I'll be back as soon as I can, so...

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!!!

P.S.  Hey, wow, I'm getting close to 500 followers so you know what that means... lol!!!  Close to a RAK time!!!!  LOL!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello, family!!!    I hope all's well in blogland!  Bet no one expected to see me back so soon with a project, huh?  Two projects in 2 days!!!  Well, I told you I was on a mission... lol!!!

As I said yesterday I was finishing up a project and so I did, and it's my project share for today.  I've been wanting to alter a composition book I've had for a while as a gift for someone special but I've just recently gotten the time.  Now that it's done my problem is that I'm so excited about it I'm not sure I'll be able to hold it until Christmas -- sometimes I think I get more excited about giving a special gift than the person who's to receive it and I want to give it immediately, lol!  Anyway, here it is:

(Click on pictures for a closer look)

At the last minute I decided to do a little something to the inside page and decided a pocket would be nice:

I didn't realize how dried my ink pad was until I stamped the "Remember the Moments" but that's okay because to me it gives it a kind of weathered, antique look.

I followed through with the lace on the back of the book to give it too a finished look (at least, that's my opinion... lol!):

You probably can't see all the detail but, along with the painting and crackling, I put a lot of love into this book and I'm happy with how it came out.

My last few months have been so hectic that "wow", surprisingly nothing time-robbing has come up yet which means I have more available time so...  YEP!  I'm off to craft and visit!!!  Heeee-heeee, can you tell I'm in my element right now?!!!

I'll be seeing you...


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello, everyone!  What a pleasure it is to be back with a project share!  I won't say again how much I've missed being here, I'll just get right to it!

Being that  I've spent so much time over the last several months with family, I didn't think we'd miss each other's company so much I couldn't sneak away and spend time with as many of you as I could get around to yesterday -- hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day holiday!  Of course, I couldn't get around to everyone -- I'm so blessed to have so many family-friends -- but I'll definitely be trying to reach out to touch you all.

Although things are better with each passing day, things are still a bit "shaky" so I can't promise I'm back on a normal basis but I'll be here as long as time permits (hopefully a while) and I'll be getting in as much crafting and blogging as I possibly can;  I'm on a mission... lol!!!

So, not to waste a precious minute of time, my project share are these toilet paper roll gift boxes:

Of course I had to gussy up the backs of the boxes too:

I'd never seen these tp roll boxes before until I was a happy mail package several weeks ago from my sweet family-friend Terry.  She'd made and included one for me in the package, and it was filled with chocolates (that I ate immediately).  After I saw the box I immediately googled it and saw they're quite popular -- guess I'm really out of the loop, huh?!!!  LOL!  Here's the happy mail I received from Terry:

And, I absolutely love the bag Terry packaged this all in so I'll definitely be keeping it:
Thank you, Terry, you certainly accomplished making me feel special.  You'll be seeing projects using some of these hopefully soon.  BTW everyone, Terry is a wonderful artist and if you haven't visited her yet, I suggest you really-really want to. Her name highlighted in one of the paragraphs above in blue is a direct link to her blog.

Well, I hope you like my boxes.  I'm off to do more crafting and visiting; like I said, I don't know how much time I've got so I'm off to make certain I enjoy the time I have for as long as I can.  I'm almost done with another project and I think you'll really like it, so stay tuned!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello, everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying a fabulous day!

It's been a while but things are looking up and I plan to be here very shortly sharing with you -- all my beautiful family friends -- so be on the look out!!!  Lol!

I've missed you all terribly and look forward to spending some time with you!

As always...

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello everyone!  I so hope I'm finding you all healthy and happy!

I apologize for being so long in coming by but although I did have good intentions of dropping in sooner things didn't go as well as I'd planned.  Fortunately with the Blogloven daily email updates I've been able to check in occasionally to see some of what you've been up to and I've enjoyed those moments tremendously.  I haven't had time to do any crafting lately, so I have nothing to share with you today but I hope to get back to blogging soon now.

I won't dwell on what I've been through the last several weeks as I don't have much that's pleasant to discuss but although I've had some "rough" days I will say overall I'm doing well and really-really looking forward to getting back to the neighborhood and all that I love.

To those of you that have kept me in your thoughts and prayers, messaged me and/or emailed me, thank you so very much; you've all been in my heart as well and because I've read a few of you have also had life interferences, I sent up many knee-mails that you're comforted and/or on the road to recovery.

I will be around to visit as soon as I possibly can; I've missed you all, always keep you on my mind, and hope to be with you soon... you're my family and I love you all.

I'll be seeing you!