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Monday, December 24, 2012


Hello, everyone!!!  OMG, I would have just been too disappointed with myself if I had not gotten here before Christmas to wish  a happy holiday!!! With really no time to spare, I just made it!!!

I was headed here the other day when I had a moment but the mood I was in I would have only vented.  Of course that never does any good and I didn't want to do anything to interfere with making you feel bad or sad for me during such a joyous time -- that would have been selfish of me and not fair to you.  Now I'm really glad I didn't  because it was just a fleeting moment where I was feeling sorry for myself -- didn't take me long to get myself up, dust off, and go about doing what I had to do.  (Although I hope there isn't a next time I feel that way but if there is you may not be so lucky... lol!!!)

Same ole story -- I'm still quite busy with family matters and so very tired, however, Leonard is doing much better.  We're hoping his therapy will be coming to an end soon -- which will free up a bit more time for me.  I hate being away like this and I truly miss my  crafting but I know my prayers will be answered soon.

Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and cards.  I never got the opportunity this Christmas  to make any cards and I'm still trying to find time to do a few family/friend gifts as I haven't had time to do any shopping either.  Of course, I'm more than grateful for all the love I feel and that's enough for me.  I hope everyone feels my love too as I'm definitely reaching out.  Unfortunately, it's the only gift I have right now to give.

Until...  I hope you have a very merry, happy, and magic holiday!!!  Love you all!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello, everyone!  I told you I'd be back with my little project I was working on the other night and, ironically, Sheila allowed me to use this in lieu of my tutorial project today (which I'd totally lost track of).  I'm so glad I finished it in time to be able to share with everyone as a "Show and Tell" over at She's A Sassy Lady as well as with you!

Unfortunately, I'm still pressed for time and so I've got to speed away again when I've finished.

Being that my circumstances hadn't allowed me to craft for the last 2 months I hurriedly delved into doing this simple little project as soon as I found I had some spare time.  I had soooo much fun with this.  This project began with some Christmas ornaments  I'd purchased several years ago and never did anything with.  Knowing I'd need a few quick and easy Christmas presents, and not knowing when I'd have extra time for sure, I came up with an idea -- I'll tell you what the idea is after the presentation as it won't be just to exactly hang on a tree... lol!

Now I'll "SHOW" you what the ornament I began with looks like:

Just an ordinary glass ornaments (the flat-round ones you get from Michaels -- cheap!).  Now here's what I did with them (click on the pictures for a larger and more detailed view):

Here's a side view:

Aren't they pretty?!!!  Of course they are!!!  Okay, let me "TELL" you how I embellished them.  I glued pretty trim around each of the ornaments and then glued a row of bling mesh to the trim, next I glued on some paper flowers and leaves that I highlighted with Stickles, and lastly I just attached some assorted complementary ribbon bows to the ring on the cap of the ornament along with another paper flower to cover the knots in the bows.  That's it!!!
Soooo, what's my idea for them?  Well, I'm going to fill them with bath salts!!!  Yep..., then I'm going to tuck them into organdy bags with matching tags -- which I haven't made yet... lol!!!   I think the quick and easy bath salt ornaments are going to be fabulous Christmas gifts!!!
Well, I certainly hope to be back on schedule soon and not be away from you as I've been!!!  Keep the prayers coming!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you all always!!!
I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well in blogland.

I've still got my hands full but, at least, hubby's coming along.  Although I still have some burdens to bear within my family, everything else that's now no longer of immediate importance is coming under some control but I'm still busy, very worried, and doing a lot praying.

Amyway I've promised you long enough to get pictures of my kitchen-remodel posted, so I'm taking a few minutes to get it done.  My kitchen is small so I've tried to scan around the entire kitchen (because of the lighting the cabinets may look brown but they're actually black).  It may be better if you zoom in to see clearer:
All the cabinets are handmade, so they're one unit and there's another cabinet unit above the refrigerator on the other side of the room.  The picture below is a pantry they built for me that not only has shelves inside but one side also has room to store my mop, broom,  bucket, etc., so now I have plenty of cabinet space:

I LOVE this back door!  I selected it over some which were probably prettier to some, but I picked this one especially because the blind is between 2 panes of glass built into the door panel, so I'll never have to take down the blind to wash it (I absolutely hate cleaning window blinds):
I've added a few touches of red in the kitchen to compliment the red on the knobs of the stove:
Still haven't had time to really enjoy or finish embellishing my kitchen yet; I've only had time to cook a few meals  but I definitely enjoyed the dishwasher... lol!!!  Anyway, all the work is done and all that's left is for me to add my finishing touches when I get a chance.  Soon it'll looked "lived in".
Haven't done any crafting in 2 months now but did start a small project before sitting down to to this post and now I'm to finish it.  I even plan on taking some time tomorrow for more crafting and getting in some time to do some visiting.. YEEEAAA!!!  I can hardly wait!!!  I'll post my project as soon as it's done!
Love you, miss you, and...
I'll be seeing you!