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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hello, everyone!  Hope all's well in blogland.

I've still got my hands full but, at least, hubby's coming along.  Although I still have some burdens to bear within my family, everything else that's now no longer of immediate importance is coming under some control but I'm still busy, very worried, and doing a lot praying.

Amyway I've promised you long enough to get pictures of my kitchen-remodel posted, so I'm taking a few minutes to get it done.  My kitchen is small so I've tried to scan around the entire kitchen (because of the lighting the cabinets may look brown but they're actually black).  It may be better if you zoom in to see clearer:
All the cabinets are handmade, so they're one unit and there's another cabinet unit above the refrigerator on the other side of the room.  The picture below is a pantry they built for me that not only has shelves inside but one side also has room to store my mop, broom,  bucket, etc., so now I have plenty of cabinet space:

I LOVE this back door!  I selected it over some which were probably prettier to some, but I picked this one especially because the blind is between 2 panes of glass built into the door panel, so I'll never have to take down the blind to wash it (I absolutely hate cleaning window blinds):
I've added a few touches of red in the kitchen to compliment the red on the knobs of the stove:
Still haven't had time to really enjoy or finish embellishing my kitchen yet; I've only had time to cook a few meals  but I definitely enjoyed the dishwasher... lol!!!  Anyway, all the work is done and all that's left is for me to add my finishing touches when I get a chance.  Soon it'll looked "lived in".
Haven't done any crafting in 2 months now but did start a small project before sitting down to to this post and now I'm to finish it.  I even plan on taking some time tomorrow for more crafting and getting in some time to do some visiting.. YEEEAAA!!!  I can hardly wait!!!  I'll post my project as soon as it's done!
Love you, miss you, and...
I'll be seeing you!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Hello Friend! Your kitchen is amazing!! Love the touches of red and the backsplash is awesome! Carri~Abusybee

Myrna said...

Gorgeous kitchen and I am so glad it is done and you can enjoy it.
Keeping you in prayer with the rest of the things that are happening in your life.
Take care and look after yourself as well.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Everything looks so beautiful...I keep telling Everett I want to re-model our kitchen (I have been saying it for over 20 years...) but I want new living room furniture. And now I need a new sewing machine..I think we need to win the lottery. Lol
It is so good to see you posting..and I am so excited tat you are taking a few minutes to scrsp a litte, sometimes we need to make a litte time just for us..
So happy o hear Leonard is doing better, I will continue to keep you both in my prayers..

Dr Sonia S V said...

Audrey glad you are back and enjoying a new kitchen...black and red such a killer combination!! Love the "kiss the cook"!!So naughty it is

Dr Sonia

Karon said...

Your kitchen remodel is stunning Audrey. Hope you hubby is doing OK, and sending you lots of hugs. Karon

Lisa said...

Oh wow, it's gorgeous, Audrey!! It looks like a kitchen you would see on one of the HGTV shows!! I love the colors and all of the touches, like the tile backsplash!! Absolutely stunning!! Still praying for you!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

The Cropping Canuck said...

Love your new kitchen!!!! It's beautiful!

Treva said...

You have a beautiful kitchen, tfs! Take your time and take care of yourself too as you take care of others.

jessica said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! LOVE the black!!!!
Have fun cooking in this gorgeous space :)

lovemypaper said...

Love love love your kitchen!

Edie said...

Hi Audrey, I am completely jealous. Your kitchen is gorgeous. That black cabinet and the backsplash tiles are the BOMB! Get in there and cook up a storm.
I really enjoyed seeing your photos. Time to get back to your crafting. Love to see some of your projects.


Lisa said...

Well, well well, I must say your kitchen came out gorgeous. Love the touches of red since I am partial to red. I agree about the mini blinds, that is such a chore and I DON'T LIKE cleaning them. I've seen those doors and windows that the blinds are encased and I think oh, how easy would that be to just have to clean the windows :) A friend told me to just throw them out after a few months and get new ones but who can afford to keep doing that, why just because they get dirty? LOL Glad to hear things are coming along.

Besthobbyeva said...

OMG, I would never leave THIS kitchen. I love it and all the details, fantastic!!! Looks amazing!!!


Curt in Indy said...

The kitchen is beautiful! Love the custom cabinets and I'm so jealous of your beautiful stove! I'm so glad things are going better for you, and it was so nice to see that not only had you posted, but that you came for a visit. It's so nice to have you back! Hugs, Curt

Cricut Couple said...

Wow Audrey! It's absolutely stunning!!! Wish we lived close... I could totally sit in there and enjoy a good visit with a cup of coffee! I know it's been a labor of love... I bet you are glad it's finally done!

DIANA L. said...

Awesome now your cookin' LOve it.

A Creative Operation said...