Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have you visit with me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I absolutely love company, sharing, and making new friends so I hope you find something here that inspires, motivates, or just pleases you in some way.

Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

Before you go, I would love it if you'd please leave me a comment letting me know you dropped in! Actually, I'd just love to hear from you -- comments, opinions, or questions you'd like me to answer.

In the meantime, relax and make yourselves at home... you're family here!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, December 31, 2010



Hello, everyone!!!  And a very happy New Year's eve to you all!!!

I thought when I'd completed my project I'd have more time for posting, however, with so many relatives in Chicago for the holiday season, I've found myself doing more running back  and forth than I'd even imagined.  AND because I drive, more transporting relatives back and forth!!!  Although it's all so wearing, I'm really enjoying myself and all the families -- but I've been really missing you!

I  apologize for not getting to and giving the resin pendant drawings as much attention as I'd hoped to too and this is the last drawing!  After our big family New Year's celebration tonight, our families will all be either gone and/or leaving for their homes on Monday;  I promise to be back on a more regular basis by then.

In the meantime, I have the winning generated numbers for the drawing:

Congratulations, numbers 10 and 27, which are the comment orders of mforquor of "Melissa Made"  Blogspot and Helen of "A Taste of DC" Blogspot.  Congratulations ladies!!!  And congratulationas to all the ladies that have won!!!  Please email me your pendant photo or word(s) to audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net.com

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for participating!  To those of you who have not yet submitted your pendant information, I will need it no later than Friday, January 7, 2011.  I will begin completing the pendants next weekend to have out in the mail the following week!!!

Well, I'm getting ready for our New Year's celebration, so I'll off,  but before I go I wish you all a very wonderful New Year's filled with all the blessings, hopes, wishes and dreams you deserve!!!  May you bring in the New Year with joy, love and laughter!!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello, everyone!  I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying the holiday season still!!!

I am well, and still enjoying family that are here visiting for the holiday!  I have relatives here from Philadelphia, Washington, and Louisianna.  My hubby has relatives here from California and Mississippi.  Everyone is spread out staying with different families, so we've been back and forth visiting, and trying to organize one big New Year's eve celebration where we can all come together -- so far, it's been a joyous week!!!  I hope you and your families are taking the time to "live, laugh, and love".  For us, we don't get together often, so the holidays become particularly important.

It's been wonderful being able to drop in and visit with some of you, and seeing some of your amazing creations!!!  I still have a lot of getting around to do but I'm enjoying taking the time in between family visits admiring all your work!

Still haven't been able to just jump into crafting yet or playing with my new Imagine but after all the family festivities I'll have all the time I need to do that too -- still looking forward to some pointers from any of you on this Imagine!

Anyhow, I wanted to drop in to just let you know, as always, I'm thinking of you.

Before I leave I want you to know, my aunt actuallty asked me to tell all my blogging buddies hello and happy holidays from her!  I guess she's finally paying attention to how much blogging and all of you mean to me.  Guess she's put her envy to a side for the holidays -- LOL!!!  For all of you that have asked about her, she's doing well, just got another perfect bill of health!!!

Please don't forget to sign up for the resin pendants too.  Next week is the last week and, as a note, I'm trying to come up with something exciting for you to help me bring in my blogging one-year anniversary, which is January 3, 2011!!!

Hugs, and ... I'll be seeing you!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello, all my wonderful blogging family-friends!

I am so glad to be back to you all!!!  I've prayed you all had a beautiful Christmas!

I am so very happy to be back to blogging again, and I'm enjoying trying to get around to visit all of you!  These last few weeks have been more than hectic for me and before I jump into any projects, I just want to relax a bit and see what you've been up too -- I've missed so very much and got so very behind!

I did have a wonderful Christmas!  My hubby did all the cooking (including the trimmings) and he did such a wonderful job!  After having to rush to get in last-minute Christmas shopping and getting my house back in order, all I had to do Christmas day was relax and enjoy wonderful family and friends.  Hubby and son made sure I had nothing work-related to do!  They waited and served all our guests, cleaned the dinner dishes and all else left to be done at the end of the day.  Wasn't that wonderful?  And, I needed really needed that!  I was truly exhausted!!!

So, what did I get for Christmas?!!!  Well, I got many wonderful gifts; however, the crafy candies I received were a Michael's gift certificate from my son to purchase carts for my brand new Cricut Imagine which was one of the gifts from my hubby.  Now, I know it's a wonderful gift, but I've not yet become the Imagine enthusiast so many of you are; therefore, I think I'll need a lot of help from you all that have and enjoy it, to get me to at least  a point of " some" more excitement over it.  Playing with it so far, it will only cut from the Gypsy -- I can use my Expression still to do that; I can't use Design Studio with it, and I can only use the old carts with it to add color and patterns -- I can use patterned and color paper on my Expression to achieve this!  It doesn't weld, you can only size in 1/2 increments, and there are only a few carts other than pattern carts; and the ones available haven't excited me too much -- so can anybody add anything to help boost my interest?!!!  I'm hoping over time the machine is upgraded to a point where I can finally use Design Studio with it -- hopefully.  However, I do appreciate the gift and I'm sure to figure out some interesting things to do with it.  I'm planning on taking some time to play and explore it more this week between the on-going family holiday festivities and blogging.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

As a note, I've updated the post for the resin pendants.  I apologize that I haven't had the time to give the attention to and promoting this give-away as I planned, but I didn't expect my recent project to be as demanding as it turned out.  I do hope those of you that haven't already commented to win a pendant will do so!  It's open to all my followers -- old and new!

Anyway, as I said I'm thrilled to be back; look forward to seeing all your wonderful projects and visiting with you.

I am so happy and blessed to know you all, and I am so happy to know you had a wonderful Christmas.  I look forward to sharing the blessed New Year!

I'll be seeing you...

Friday, December 24, 2010


A very warm, safe, happy and blessed holiday to all of you -- my wonderful and dear friends!!!



Hello, everyone!!!  And, happy holiday season to you all!!!  I've missed you so very muuch!

I've finally got through all my orders.  Actually, I was done on Sunday, but I spent this week getting my house back in order and preparing for the holiday with my family.  Of course, I had to get out here this week and sort through "last minute" items to find decent gifts but I managed to get everyone taken care of.  My only regret is that I didn't get the opportunity to get cards completed and out like I'd wanted to.

This was a very hectic month for me, I took on more than I could actually handle, and ran into all sorts of difficulties -- I'm so glad this is over, and I don't think I'll do it again next year.  My hubby commented that for all the soap taken out of this house, not one bar would have my name on it.  He's right!  I make it, he cuts it, we plastic wrap it, and then it all goes out to get packaged with someone else's name on it.  But,...  as my nephew says "dems the breaks"!!!  LOL!

I am so happy to be able to get back to blogging and look so forward to visiting and seeing what you've all been up to!!!

In the meantime, I have the winning draws for the resin pendants:

In the order of comments, these numbers correspond to:  Barb of Barbs Boys and
Terry Oulboub.  Congratulations, ladies!

Please email me the information for your resin pendants at:  audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net

I am still waiting for emails from:  Wendy of Kingston Kreations, Amber of Staying Crafty, and BridgetL.  I need your photo or desired wording by December 30.  Please make certain to get it to me.

Well I'm off to do some "little" last minute things before tomorrow but I'll be to visit for a while!  I'll be back next week to do all my catching up on all I've missed.

I'd like to say thank you to those of you who sent me cards and who so faithfully commented, visited, and kept up with me these past few weeks.  I so very much appreciated it!  Of all I was doing, I did not feel forgotten and neglected, eventhough I couldn't get back to you; that means so very much to me!

Now before I get out of here, please remember to comment for your resin pendants for the drawing on Friday, December 31; good luck!!!

Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and you'll all be with me in my thought, prayers, and throughout my holiday.

Love ya!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello, everyone!  As usual, I hope all's well.

Today, for my design team presentation over at Pam's, I'm sharing this cute and super easy little candle holder:

What you'll need to make this is:

1-  8.50" x 8.50" sheet of vellum ( I was fortunate to find some with the snowflakes already printed on it)
1-  8.50" x 6" sheet of black cardstock
1- battery operated votive candle (you can purchase from any Dollar Store)

Start with vellum and very gently, so as not to tear the vellum, score along the top at 8.50" sides at 2", 4", 6" and 8"; turn paper once to the right and score at 2" all the way down.  What you will essentially have is a 2-4-6-8 box pattern as shown below:

Next, cut along the score marks of each bottom section up to the 2" score line forming your tabs; cut out the 1/2" tab entirely:

Fold along the score marks, glue or use double-sided tape to put your box together: 

Great, now let's make the base.  Do the same scoring with the black sheet of cardstock at 2", 4", 6" and 8" along the 8.50" top, cutting out the tabs and the 1/2" tab:

STOP!!!  Instead of folding it into a box, at this point, we're going to cut out a half circle between the first long panel (I used the bottom of my glue container):

Here's a close up of what your half circle should look like:

Now fold all four (4) of the panels together with the tracing on top but leaving the 1/2" extended, like this:

Okay, now cutting through all 4 sections, cut out the half circle  When you open the paper your pattern will look like this:

Now you can fold and put your box together.  When that's done you'll have this:

Now we're going to glue the bottom of the vellum candle holder to the top of the black cardstock base to get this:

All that's left is to decorate it and drop in your battery operated candle!   It's so east!!!

I used gold tape to cover my seams where the holder and base meet, and for fun I pop-dotted my initial to it.  You can decorate yours any way you like!!!  I preferred mine tall because I'm going to do them in pairs and I thought that would look nice, however, you can adjust yours to be shorter if you'd like.

Soooo, are we ready to see what it looks like all lit up?!!!  Okay...

I hope you like it!!!  As you know, I'm really very busy, so I gotta run!  But...,

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Good morning, my wonderful friends.  Hope all's well!

I promised I'd be back with the drawing results and here I am.  The two (2) numbers generated by Random.org. were:

The numbers 18 and 9 are the placement order postings for Kingston Kreations and Love that Bug -- WENDY AND STACY you have won a resin pendant.  Please email me at audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net.  Congratulations!!!

I also need to make a correction to the December 10 drawing.  I incorrectly announced Amber of Staying Crafty as a winner for the generated number "11".  The person in that placement order for number 11 was Happily Scrappin and she should have been correctly announced.  I apologize to both you ladies --Amber for mistakenly announcing you, and you probably realized that as you didn't respond;  Happily, for not announcing you at all as the correct winner.  Therefore, as this error was on my part, I will be honoring Amber with a pendant as announced but, in case Happily hasn't already recognize my error, I'll be contacting her to let her know she was the actual winner for the December 10 drawing.  So, again, congratulations to AMBER and HAPPILY!!!  Of course, Amber you're number will no longer be eligible as you will be receiving a pendant.

I hate mistakes and I guess they're going to happen from time to time, so when I make them I'll always do my best to be fair, and honest, and clean them up as much as I possibly can.

So, now I guess you're all wishing I make a mistake on your numbers too, huh?  LOL!!!  Well, who knows, another mistake can always happen!

Okay, as you probably know, gotta run!  LOTS of work to do yet!  But LADIES please do email me with your photos/words for your pendants!!!

In the meantime, I'll be updating the sign-up post for the next pendant drawing for next week!  Good Luck!!!

As an aside, I do have a small project I'll be presenting as my design team assighment on Pam's blog tomorrow, Saturday, December 18.  So, I hope you'll all join me over at http://www.thebugbytes.com/ (and here, hee-heee)

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello all my wonderful family-friends!  I hope all's well!

I am so sorry I have been unable to come and visit but I've been having a rough time these last few weeks, and more busy than imaginable.  To give you a brief summary of what I've went through, I was late getting my first batch of soap to the customer and worked feverishly through the night to have it ready for him the next day.  Ironically, the second batch came out too strong, so it wasn't usable -- I think I was just too tired to have even attempted starting making in the first place.  Next, I had one box filled with 27 glass bottles of parfum and the hubby accidently dropped the box -- you know the rest!  I had to redo those bottles!  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to take any pictures, I've been moving so fast with none of the time available at the rate I'm going.  I'm tired but trying to get through this.  I don't think I'll be doing this again next year, it's getting to be way too enormous.

Anyway, I wanted to remind you that I will "pop" in tomorrow for the pendant drawing.  I don't know if there are any new participants but I'll be doing the drawing for those of you who have posted.  If you haven't, you have until 12 p.m. (CT) tonite!

Again, I apologize for having to run, but I still have a considerable amount left to do and I have to have all my orders completed by Saturday.

I'll be dropping back by tomorrow with the drawing results!

I miss you all so very much, and I hope holiday preparations are going great!!!  I should be back next week!  And for those of you who have contacted me and send me some love, thank you so very much!!!


P.S.  I'm still waiting on photos/words for resin pendants from a couple of the winners -- don't forget to email them to me.  My email address is:  audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello, everyone.  I hope all is well!

Sorry I'm a bit late posting the drawing for today but I'm really pushed right now.  Hopefully this will all be over by the end of next week -- if I can survive it!!!!  I guess that says how I feel right about now!

Well, since I'm sorry to have to jump in and right back out, I guess I'll get to the matter of this post.  First, let me apologize for having to be so abrupt but I'm really backed up right now, and I'm not having an easy time.

Okay, the winning numbers selected by Random Generator for today's (Friday, December 10) drawing are:

The numbers 4 and 11 correspond to the placement orders for:
Congratulations, ladies!!!


Please email me at audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net to follow-up on the specifics (photo and/or words desired on your pendant) by Friday, December 17.

I've noted I've received several questions from some of you, and I'm not ignoring you.  I will respond to your questions soon.

Again, I am so very sorry I have to run but I will get back to you all as soon as I possibly can.

Miss you!  I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  Good news!!!  A bright side this last days was when my aunt's doctor they examined the cancer and she will not have to have the chemotherapy!!!  YEAAAAA!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi, everyone!  I hope you're all doing well!!!

Although I really don't have the time to spare, I just had to drop in to say hello and to let you know I really miss you.  Sorry I've been unable to post and/or visit these several days, but I'm soooo behind in getting everything done.  I really pushing myself trying to make my quotas and deadlines, and having to work alone this year and with being concerned too with my aunt, I'm having a very difficult time.  I'm tired but I do have a few moments where I really enjoy the challenge of getting through all this.

I've got all my soap poured and it's setting right now in a cool place in the basement.  Once it's set, I can cut and shrink wrap it.  I will snap some pictures once it's ready so that you can see.  In the meantime, while waiting to do that, I've been busy on the other toiletries I have to do.

I started out trying to take pictures for you as I go, but as the time gets nearer to getting everything ready, I'm not finding much time to stop and take pictures right now.  I would like, while I'm taking this moment, to share with you some of the pictures I have managed to "squeeze" in:

Here are just 2 of the bags filled with the bottles, jars, etc. I have to fill with toiletries:

This picture is where I started pulling out and organizing some of the ingredients I use in my toiletries:  essential and fragrance oils, unrefined/refined shea, mango, and cocoa butters, vitamin E, Glycerin, sweet almond oil, etc.  These is just some of what I pulled off my shelves to get started.

I make everything in separate batches according to the different essential/fragrance oils being used.  The perfumes and body oils are colored according to their different scents.  Here is a batch of lotion I'm whipping up:

To assure everything stays clean and sanitary, before capping all the bottles and jars, I first make certain it's sealed.

After the containers are filled and secure, I get the labels ready to label them.  Here're some items ready to be labeled:

Here's an order that's labeled.  This is part of an order for linen sprays.  This person is giving each of his favorite customers s a personalized bottle -- 31 bottles!!!  Whty am I not somebody's favorite customer?!!!  LOL!

This order is for a friend who has an auto supply / repair shop.  He's requested 6 personalized car refreshers and 50 just to put in his shop to sell and/or giveaway:


Oh, and I've just got to show you this!!!  This is the second year I've made this and this year I've gotten over 100 requested orders for 2 different spa's.  Last year when I made this, I wasn't sure how well it would be received but it was a hit!!!  This is a whipped cream soap and it is absolutely luscious!!!  I put loads of good stuff in it, and made it to lather really-really well!  I put the spoon in it just to show you how thick and creamy it is:

I'm going to keep this unopened one for myself!!!

Well, I've got to get back; I've got so much to do in so little time!!!  Sorry I don't have the time to visit with you all right now but, as much as possible, I'll try to keep you posted.  And, I'll have pictures of my soap for you as soon as they're ready!

Don't forget, those of you who haven't already done so, I'll be back for the drawing this Friday for the resin pendants;  be sure to sign up!!!

I miss you all terribly!  But..., I'll be seeing you!

Sorry, I've got to go!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Happy, happy Friday!!!  Another wonderful weekend!!!  I hope everyone is alive and kicking high!!!

I am so pleased today to announce the first of 5 sets of two (2) winners for my "thank you" resin pendants.  The numbers selected by random.org are:

In the commentor(s) entry order, placement numbers 14 and 3 belong/attach to:  Flamenco92627 and BridgetL!!!

Congratulations, ladies!!!  I hope you'll love your pendants!!!  You will have until next Friday, November 10, to respond.

Good luck to the rest of you on the next post for drawing #2.

Please note:  Please read, the entry post as I've made an announcement that you need not re-enter comments for any of the following weeks once you've commented.  You will maintain your order placement throughout the drawings until you either win and/or until the drawings have concluded. 

All new entries (those who have yet to enter) will place in the order of their comments following those already entered, and your comments/placement numbers will also remain until you either win and/or the drawings conclude.

This is for your convenience, however, you can comment again to enhance your chances to win, if you'd like to!

Well, I'm back to the grinding board; I'll check back with you when I can!!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Good afternoon, bet you thought I wasn't going to make it back today, huh?  LOL!!!  If it were left to my aunt, I probably wouldn't be here -- she's jealous of you all!!!  LOL!!!  Can you believe that?!!!

Thank you for dropping by and for your comments on my DT project for She's A Sassy Lady today.  I always appreciate your feedback on my projects, and I'm so delighted you enjoyed this one.

Anyway, I needed to drop by here to remind you tomorrow is the drawing for the resin pendants.  Two (2) recipients will be randomly drawn, so if you haven't gotten your name on the post for them, please hurry and get your entry in before midnight (CT)!!!  I will announce the winners between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. tomorrow.

I also mentioned I had to pass on a blog award, and now I have to also acknowledge 2 others I just received; again, the "Stylish Blogger" award from my friends Samantha, aka Wife2TJ and Debbie.  These are very talented friends I admire and love to visit, and I hope you will also drop in on them when you can.

Ladies, thank you so very much!!!  I will add your names for this award to my sidebar under the award.

This award I'll be passing on right now is one I received earlier from Sheila  and Wende, and one I hadn't previously received; therefore, as I promised, I'd love  to show some love to these deserving blogs by passing it on to them::

  1. Passionately Artistic
Please visit all these crafty and talented ladies!  And, again, thank you very much!!!

Well, I've so much to do that I need to get to, so that's it for now.  I don't have much time right now to do much crafting for posting, but I will continue to try to visit with you as much and as often as I can;  but it will be slow going!  If I can squeeze in a few minutes to craft, I promise I'll use it to share with you!!!

See you tomorrow when I announce the pendant winners!!!



Hello, everyone!!!  I hope all you lovely people are happy and well!

Well, have you all visited Sheila's yet to see this cute little project I'm presenting as my DT project for this month.  I think it's so cute and, of course, I have a cut.file for you too!  It's a one piece hexagon box (the lid is attached):

I've filled mine with Christmas candy but it can be used to hold any other small gift:

Let's get started making it by first cutting out both pages of the cut.file:  you will need a 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock for the first page which is the box and lid trim, and an 8.50" x 11 (or smaller) for the second page which is the lid topper and box bottom trim:

Once you have you're pieces cut out, starting with the box cut.file you will fold in all the tabs and sections as shown:

Now  fold up each box bottom section and glue the tabs in place to the opposite inside sections, as shown below:

Okay, now we're going to add the edge trim to the top lid to cover those tabs and secure the lid:

Wooo-hooo, we're almost there!!!  Let's take the lid topper and bottom trim cuts from the second page cut.file and glue those in place:

Finally, I used Stickles to outline and cover up the raw edges around the topper and trim, but you may want to use something else:

All right!!!!  Now decorate your box any way you like and fill it up because it's done!!!  Easy-easy-peesy!!!  Here's another little look at my finished project:

I hope you like my project, and will enjoy making it for yourself!!!  And, I hope you let me see what you did ifyou do!!!  But, please, do let me know what you think -- I'd just love to hear your comments!!!

Now grab a copy of the cut.file which is at the bottom of this post.  The carts used for this cut.file are Accent Essentials and George.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always...

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I hope it's going to be a wonderful Wednesday for everyone!!!  ( I hate the term "hump" day -- LOL!!!)

I wanted to sneak in here -- at 4:40 a.m. -- to remind you of several things:
  • don't forget to join me at Sheila's  tomorrow (Thursday, December 2)  for my DT project presentation;
  • this Friday, December 3, will be the first drawing to select two (2) lucky people for my personalized photo resin pendant giveaway, so get your comments in; be sure to not miss that, and
  • after my presentation on Sheila's blog, at some point during the day tomorrow, as promised I'll be posting the five (5) bloggers I'll be passing a recent award on to, so you may want to check that out too.
Other than to tell you I'll be trying my best to get around to seeing what you're up to when I can later today, I think that's it for now!  If I think of anything else, I'll get back to you.  Gotta be at my auntie's early today because her nurse will be there and then back home to my toiletry making, so now I'm going to bed to try to get a few hours much needed sleep!!!  LOL!

I'll be seeing you!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi, everyone!  Hope all's well and that you're all happy crafters!

I wanted to drop in, say hello, and tell you what I'm up to -- making toiletries!!!  My orders have started to come in and I have a good idea of how much I need in supplies, so I'm getting everything together to get started.  My hubby is even off picking up denatured alcohol for me for my parfums, body sprays, and linen sprays -- that's his contribution to helping me out!  LOL!!!  Fortunately, this time of year is perfect for making soap because I make it outside I don't become overwhelmed by the lye fumes and, because it's nippy out, I don't become overheated.  That's why I'd never make soap in warmer weather.  Today, I finished up most the car deodorizers, now all I have to do is label those.  I think the the guys would really like theirs in tucked into those little "mens shoe" boxes I posted a few weeks ago -- remember?  Anyway, as everything comes together I'll take pictures to post for you to see!

As this is always a pretty busy time of year for me, and with still  having my aunt to tend to, my time here will be "hit and miss" over the next several weeks (at least up until Christmas when all my orders are out); however, I do promise to be around as often as I can.  I'll also be keeping up with the resin pendant gift giveaways, so please don't hesitate to keep coming to check on that.  I will be here for my design team projects and would appreciate your encouragement and support as always.  Which brings me to my DT project over at Sheila's this Thursday, December 2, I have another little project I'll be presenting that I think you'll all like, so I do hope you'll all join me.

I believe I mentioned that toiletries are the only item(s) I make to sell and only at this time of year, so if I don't get to post and/or drop in for a couple of days at a time, you know why.

In the meantime, I may not get an opportunity to post tomorrow, but I will try to get to visit more of you later today -- time permitting. 

Until, don't forget to join me on Thursday, stay happy and keep crafting!!!

Love ya!  I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  I still have to pass on my most recent award to five (5) people -- I haven't forgotten, so I'll do that after I present my project on Thursday!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Happy, happy Monday!!!  It's really is a happy Monday for me, although an extremely busy one.  I have so much to do and so little time!  LOL!

I'm really finding it difficult to get to everything and everyone, although I'm raring to go!!!  With running back and forth between home responsibilities and tending to my aunt, I'm not making a lot of progress.  And to boot, I think my aunt is jealous of my crafting!!!  It seems she goes out of her way to find things to keep me occupied!  Especially if I say "crafting"!  What's a girl to do?!!!  Anyway, it's going to take me longer than expected to get to you at the rate I'm going right now, so please have just a bit more patience with me.  I'm really trying to be here for you all!

Several things to comment on:

Welcome to a new follower!!!  I love family!  And, I am so happy to have you become a part of mine!  Hope to see you often and please make yourself right at home.  I'll be around to visit with you as soon as I can, but be forewarned I am a bit backed up right now, so please allow me some time to get to you.

With respect to the "Thank You" resin pendants, you will notice a posting which will remain at the top of my blog page for your comments for the Friday, December 3, drawing.  If your comments are not posted by the end of the day (12 PM CT) on Thursday, you will not be eligible for Friday's drawing.  This posting will be updated for each week's drawing.  For your convenience, you can actually post at any time on any day, as long as your comments are posted by the deadline.

Also, I have blog awards that have been pending my posting and which I'd love to acknowledge at this time:

Thank you Liz, and Sheryl

Ladies, thank you so very much and I so much appreciate your passing this award on to me.  As I've recieved this award, I will add your names to my sidebar where this award is displayed. 

And, thank you to Sheila and Wende for this award:

As this is the first time I've received this award I will be passing it on to five (5) other bloggers.  However, I must first consider who they will be (such a diffiicult decsion)!  So, once I get this all figured out, I'll be back to those who will be receiving this award and the three (3) things which gives my blog attitude.

Again, thank you to all you wonderful ladies, and I hope everyone who visits with me will click on your names to visit and admire your gorgeous creations!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Hello!!!  I've really missed all you wonderful people over the weekend and I hope your holiday was as beautiful as mine!!!  Of course I ate tooo much and rested too little, so my body decided it would make me take the "R&R" it demanded.  I feel so much better now!

Now that I think (and hope) my system is back on track, I'm ready to go!!!  And to start off, today is the day I invited you here with a hope that what I have will be a pleasant surprise for you!!!  But before I go there, let me share with you a few things.

Over the last several weeks, in between my blog projects, I've been playing around again with resins and utee (Ultra Thick Embossing Powders).  I gave out several as gifts to see how well they'd be received and everyone loved and was overwhelmed with them all.  I've even been requested to make some for purchases but I won't -- these are strictly for gift giving and for fun!!!   Here's just some of what I've did with resin:

I took this cameo and the crystal:

and made these molds from them:

Once the resin set, I popped out my replicas and here's what I created:

I plan on using these as box and card embellishments!  I've always admired cameos and have always wanted to do the decoupaged crystals but they are so expensive to buy; this way I now won't have to use all the few of these items I do have.  But, I didn't stop there!  I made these photo pieces which will be used for assorted jewelry, and I've quite a few more to do for a family photo cube (similar to Rubic's cube)!  Cool, huh?

Of course, I completed a several photo/personalized jewelry pieces too.  Here are some:  pendants, purse charm, bracelet, and initialed cuff links for my son:

These resin pieces are soooo much fun to make!  And I have plenty of beads, wire and jewelry makings; so I've already prepared molds ready for earrings, rings, Christmas card charms, embellies, magnets, pins and more!!!

Now I'd like to show you two (2) freehand pieces I made just playing around with utee.  I don't know how I'll use these yet but I can also see (and have many other ideas) jewelry and embellishments with these:

You might not have realized it, but this has all been an introduction to what I have in store for you -- (DRUM ROLL!) -- because I will be giving away 10 resin photo pendants!!! Beginning this Friday and every Friday in the month of December (the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st),  I will select two (2) blog followers by random generator to receive one of my handmade photo pendants. 

Here are the rules:
  1. You MUST BE A FOLLOWER OR BECOME A FOLLOWER.  If you're aren't a follower and would like to participate, you must sign-up to follow me before the Friday of each random selection.  You will be eligible if you are a follower the week of - but before -the Friday before the drawing in that week.
  2. You must be WILLING TO EMAIL ME A PHOTO that you'd like in your pendant, or you can request I design your pendant for you.  (I will provide the selected persons my email address each Friday after the drawing.)
  3. You MUST PROVIDE ME AN ADDRESS where I can send your pendant.
  4. You MUST LEAVE ME AT LEAST ONE COMMENT ON THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE FRIDAY OF EACH DRAWING!  (IMPORTANT:  Your comment on each consecutive Thursday before that Friday's drawing in that week  is what will be used as your assigned number for random generator in order to be selected.  If there is no comment on the Thursday prior to each Friday's drawing, you will not be counted as eligible to win.
There will only be one gift to each winner; therefore, if you win once and then again for any additional weeks), another winner will be selected.

NOTE:  I will make all the pendants at the same time, after the last drawing on December 31 when all 10 candidates are selected; all pendants will be mailed out to the winners in the first week of  January 2011.

So, now that you have the rules, I look forward to making and presenting you with your gifts!!!

Again, this is my way of saying how grateful and fortunate I am to have you all in my life, and to thank you for following me, giving me love, support, and inspiration!!!  Good luck in the drawings!!!

In closing, I have several blog awards I must acknowledge -- I haven't forgotten!!!  I'll get to them as soon as I get back!  And, of course, I'm waaaay behind in visiting you... again!!!  So that's on my agenda too!

I'll be seeing you!!!