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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween Sunday!!!  Hope you're having a beautiful and happy day!!!

The hubby and I had a great time at the parties!  I know I ate waaaay too many sweets, and I was so tired when we finally got home!!!  Everyone loved the Trick and Treat Haunted House Totes too!  I just wish we didn't have to attend another party today!  I hate thinking I'm going to miss seeing any of the little "trick or treaters" in their cute little costumes -- hope they all come fairly early!!!

Update on my friend, she's still not back in her home and there isn't yet an expectant date as to when she will be!  They're still trying to locate a place for her with the comforts that she's accustomed to but, so far, everything they've had available was so small and would be much too cramped with what was left of her clothing, furnishings, etc.   Hopefully, they'll find something very nice and large for her soon!  I'm praying they will!  In the meantime, she's doing so much better and calming down considerably.

In the meantime, I have a Christmas card I made to share with you.  I put this card together this morning with one of the resin embellies I posted a couple of weeks ago:

If I hadn't explained, when I posted this embellie (and I don't think I did)  I used a biscuit tin lid for the embellie.  I glued a sticker to the inside bottom of the tin, added some red Stickles to highlight the hollies and then around the edges, and I then filled the lid with resin.  Just before the resin had dried completely I stuck in the little metal reindeer (if you can't see him, try clicking on the photo to enlarge and see if that helps).  Once the entire piece was dry, I outlined the outer edge with gold Stickles!  Since I already had this embellie completed, it was a cinch to just put this card together.  If you like this, save those biscuit tin lids!!!  You can also pour melted UTEE over an image and get a similar effect.

Well, that's it for now.  Not sure I'll have time to get in another project between the little "Halloweeners" and the party later this afternoon, but...

I'll be back!!!  Have a happy Halloween day!!!   

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy, happy Saturday!!!  Hope everyone is well (as always) and getting into a crafty spirit!!!

As I've mentioned, the DH and I are preparing for several Halloween parties this weekend, so I thought I'd get a word in, and a project to share, just in case I don't get another post in this weekend.  Of course, I'm still going to try -- LOL!!!

I don't know whether I've ever told you or not, but it's coming into the season to start my toiletry making.  These are the only items I sell!  I make toiletry baskets, containers, and products that personal customers buy for gift-giving, and I have several shops,boutiques, a couple of spa salons and  2 hotels here in the Chicago area I cater too.  The "andsome" in Cuteandsome stands for "Some Romantic Evening".  My entire name is Ain't That Cute and Some Romantic Evening.  I do romance baskets for Christmas and New Year's Eve for specific "romance" suites for 2 hotels.  However, my biggest obstacle is how to package small items I put in the shops/stores, so this year I'm trying to plan ahead.  As I was tearing through some boxes, I ran across several of these plastic bells which I'd used to create candy centerpieces for a friends anniversary, and I had plenty of them leftover.  So I wondered if I could use them to hold small bottles of the parfum/colognes I make.  So I gathered some velvet ribbon, the plastic bells, some gold Peel-offs, some stickers and a few $1 store ornaments:

And here's what I came up with to package my small bottles of cologne/parfum:

Isn't this cute?!!! I think I'll use them for soap ball ornaments too!   Last year, my friend sold over 200 little bottles -- alone --of my parfums, and one of the salons, sold about 100, because they make nice little quick stocking stuffers for people to just grab and buy.  Last year I'd packaged them in cute boxes but wanted something a bit different to try to get back the cost of what I put into buying my supplies after sharing the profits.  I'm hoping this is worth the dollar extra I'll be charging.  It's all in the packaging, you know!!!  I really don't like selling anything but it does give me extra money to buy craft supplies and not have to dig so deep into the hubby's pocket so soon after the holiday seasons!!!

Let me know what you think!!!  I really do appreciate your feedback!

Now, I wish everyone of you a very happy Halloween weekend!!!  I'll be back!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy Friday evening, friends and family!

I did get a little detained with some minor matters, but I'm so glad to be here.  For one, I was re-doing the card my friend's grandson destroyed and, second, I had to make 2 more "Trick  and Treat" Haunted House Totes  to give to the hosts/hostess' of a couple of Halloween parties the DH and I are invited to this weekend.  There was one important issue and without going into any detail, my friend's house was subject to a fire the other day.  There was enough damage that she had to move out, so if you could just say a little prayer for her that her insurance company finds her a temporary "permanent" apartment soon, I'd appreciate it.

So, like I said, I did remake the card; but, unfortunately, the stamp on the front tag didn't come out very well this time and I'm going to have to take it off and re-do it.  I don't want to just throw anything at you  but after having to remake this card a second time, I just didn't feel like doing anything else all over again just yet.  So here's what the tag reads:  "Follow your dreams, for they hold endless possibilities".  I think I'll gold emboss the sentiment on the next one, I think that would look nice.  Here's the card:

Here's a peek at the bottom open page:

Well, I'm working on completing another project right now.  So, I'll be back...!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Can anyone let me know if they've had a problem posting comments when visiting other bloggers?

I've attempted to post comments complimenting projects to several blogs and although I sign-in properly in Google, it continuously rejects my password as incorrect.  This is not occurring at all blogspots but enough to make me wonder what the problem could be.

Does anyone know what's going on? Have had this problem?

I'd hate for anyone to think I'm not visiting and commenting on their projects, when I actually can't!


Hello, everyone!  And here we are at another "hump" day -- which I hope we'll all get over smoothly!

Unfortunately, I cannot present and share with you the project I intended.  Yesterday a friend came over with her 1-1/2 year old grandson and for that one split second that we got carried away on a high-topic conversation, and where our focus was not on the baby, was just enough time and opportunity for him to get  into my craftroom and destroy my project.  It was so funny to see the expression on his little face because he didn't know he'd done something he shouldn't have, his expression was one of pure bliss!!!  LOL!  He had so much fun dismantling my project -- thank God it was only paper!!!  His grandmother was soooo upset but I felt it was partially my fault too because we both thought he was playing with Buster until we  realized it was too quiet!  If you have children you know what that means!!!  I thought it was just too hysterical -- he was soooo cute standing there with that big beautiful grin and as if proudly saying "lookie, lookie what I did"!!!  LOL!  Although my friend left upset and embarrassed, it made my day!  He was such a delight!  It brought back some fond memories of similar things my son did when he was small. I understand how she feels but how many parents/grandparents haven't had these moments!  And they become so precious!  I didn't think about it at the time, but I wish now I'd grabbed my camera and taken his picture!

Anyway, I did want to share something with you today (I'll remake the damaged project later), so I put together this quick and easy notepad with a matching box.  It isn't much but I think it's pretty:

Once I decide who this will be going to, I'll tuck their initials in the bookplate.  The box closure is just  heavy-wieght cardstock that I hand cut, covered with Stickles, and tucked into the gem ribbon to close/secure.  This little project also gave me the opportunity to use that little resin Santa poker chip I shared with you earlier.  I'm still not quite certain it's complete because the more I look at it, the more it looks like it needs something else -- I just don't know what -- but at the moment I like it and I'm going to consider it done!

So, now that I've dropped in to let you all know I'm thinking of you, I'm off to other projects; including the one I have to replace!  LOL!  So, I'll be seeing you!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Happy early Monday morning, all my wonderful blogland friends!!!  Hope your weekend was fantastic!!!

Well, here's something wierd to share with you!  I've been playing around again -- with glue!!!  Plain ole white glue!!!  Here's the results of some of what I've done:

Doesn't look like much does it?  Oh, well, maybe you'll appreciate it more when you see the cards I made with it:

On this card, I drizzled and dried white glue, added gold and bronze embossing powder and heated it with the embossing gun.  Once cool, I could cut it, punch it or tear it into differernt shapes.  The key tag is made of metal; I stamped the key onto the metal using Black Versamark ink.  The key and lock on the right-bottom side of the card are also metal which I cut out from a template on my Big Shot.  I used a scrap piece of torn paper behind the metal key tag and smudged it with alcohol inks and edged it with Expresso color ink, added some Stickles (of course) and popped on a tassel.  I really like this card!!!

I didn't complete the inside of this card because I'm going to personalize it, just don't know yet who I'm giving it to -- lol!  However, I do know I'm calling this card "Keys" and the inside will read:  "Keys can open many doors, but let the door to your heart be the first to be opened".  I like that!  Don't you?

Here's the outside and inside of the other card made with the second sample of my glue concoction:

Kind of reminds me of snow.  And, yes, it's a Christmas card -- but isn't it great that it's different?!!!  Again, I didn't complete this card on the inside; I actually haven't even come up with a name and/or sentiment for it yet.  Any suggestions?

The glue mixture for this card was wet glue and DecoArt Glamour Dust.  Once dry, it too can be cut, punched, or torn.

I also have an idea using the glue with the gold and bronze embossing powder for jewelry... uummmm, there may be some possibilities here.

Anyway, some of you die-heart Carol Duvall fans, do you remember (before she had her own show) when she used to be the weekly guest crafter on the Rob Reiner Show (I think that was his name)?   Anyway, he's the same guy who produced her show.  GOD!  Am I that old?!!!  Well, at the time, on one of those shows she had a technique using glue -- can't remember what her technique was but that ran across my mind and so I decided it might be fun to play with some myself to see what I'd come up with; it was fun and these were my projects!  Tell me what you think!  I think, maybe, I'd make Carol a little bit proud.

Now, I think I'm going to go play with some hot glue!!!  LOL!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Told I'd be back with another project and here I am!!!  I have another card I'd like to share!

I made this card for a very dear and sweet lady who's like a mother to my hubby and me.  She lives in my DH's homestate and has known him from birth; his mother and her were BFF's from kids.  We see her every year when we travel to his home to visit, and although we will travel next month to visit with her, we miss her so in between visits:

She's like a kid with any little thing you thing you give to her, and I know she'll more than likely love this card  -- she can add to her growing collection from us, lol!!!

I hope you like it too!

Well, I guess I'll be seeing you, but right now Buster is demanding my attention!  I wish you could hear the ruckous he's putting up!!!  LOL!


Happy, happy Friday!  And what a wonderful Friday it is!  I'm feeling back to myself again -- no major issues, no painful swallowing, blah-blah-blah!  Thank you all for helping me pull through some lumps and bumps -- you did you know!

I have great news!  My Victorian-Style Christmas card came in 3rd place over at Winter Wonderland christmas challenge blog!!!  In case you don't remember, here's the winning card from several posts ago:

I am soooo excited about it!!!  As you all may have noticed, I seldom enter challenges and have only entered a few; well, this is the first time I've ever been placed in any challenge and what a great incentive to do more challenges!  I am feeling pretty darn good, and I don't even think I make great cards!  LOL!!!

I'd also like to share the cutest Halloween card  I received from my friend Dawn:

Dawn sent me this card in a matching envie which was just so adorable too; unfortunately, I had to tear it to open it, so it's wasn't presentable for a photo!  LOL!  Thank you so much Dawn, you are just too sweet, my friend!

Please visit my friend Dawn, she's amazing and one of the best people you can know!

Well, that's it for now.  I hope to be back a bit later with a project to share!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello, all you wonderful people!  I hope, although it's "hump" day, today is coming along fine for you and that you are all well!!!

I have a project today I made especially for several challenges:  the Week 21,  Black & White Anything Goes Challenge and the Top Tip Tuesday Challenge.

This project would be great for Father's Day, a male graduate, or just for a special guy you just look up and admire -- for me that's my hubby!  He inspires most of the gift ideas I have for men:

This set includes two (2) boxes:  the shoe and the hat; and a card.  I inserted a pair of socks into the shoes for this demonstration, but I can think of also a tie, a nice hanky, golf balls, etc.

Here is a close up of the outer card and the inside:

I found the shoe image on the internet and copied it.  The shoe on the front of the card I enlarged to size, cut it out, and added 2 coats of Glossy accents for dimension; then I  pop-dotted it to the card.  The smaller shoes I just inserted them on the front of the card in Microsoft Word.  The shoe on the inside, I used a photo editing program to remove/erase the color from inside the shoe so that I could insert the sentiment; I saved the image and then inserted it onto the inside of the card in Microsoft Word.

Well, I hope you all like this gentlemen's gift trio!!!

I'll be back, so I'll be seeing you!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Happy Tuesday, all!!!  Well, believe it or not, I'm back again!!!  How rare is this for me -- two projects in one day!!!  I certainly hope you all joined me and liked my Haunted House Trick and A Treat Tote project over at Pam's today.  I had so much fun doing that little haunted house tote!!!  And, if you did, thanks so much for stopping by!!!

This project that a bit of an oddity; but I know I'm not the only one whose mind runs this way, so I won't feel too silly telling you this.  I love fruity waters and it's mainly what I drink.  Earlier today I was sitting down today just staring at a bottle of one of my favorites:

Why?  Because I go through cases of this stuff a month!!!  And I was thinking and figured for as much as it costs me, I should be able to get something else out of it other than just a drink!!!  LOL!  I literally drink about 7-10 of these a day, if not more!!!  So, I'm looking at it trying to figure out what the heck I can do with it.  Suddenly something about the bottle cap struck my attention and bells go off!!!  I ran to my craftroom and grabbed a leftover piece of transparency off my work table; opened another bottle of water for the cap (and, of course, to drink) and came up with this:

It's a little container that reminds me of one of those test-tube type bottles you buy for candy; doesn't it?  I simply just added double-sided tape to one end of the bottle cap and rolled the transparency around it into a tube; used double-sided tape to seal up the back of  the tube and used the other cap as a top! 

Well, naturally, I had to dress it up and decided to add Christmas potpourri to mine instead of candy (didn't have any anyway, lol!):

Again, like with my window card, it was hard trying to snap a good picture because of the transparency, but I think you get it.  Anyway, it just didn't seem complete, so I added a matching gift card:

And to think, bottle caps and transparency!!!  You can't see it but I decoupaged a Santa that matches the card to the top of the lid bottle cap.  I think it came out okay!  How about you?

While I was visiting my friend Dawn, she mentioned an "anything goes" challenge, so I'll be entering this project over at Top Tip Tuesday's challenge.

Oh well, I'm off again!  Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be seeing you!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

This is the project I'm presenting over at Pam's today and I will also be entering it into the Top Tip Tuesday Challenge.  Unfortunately, I found out when I was posting that several of my tutorial pictures corrupted, I don't know how, so I am going to do this tutorial as best I can with what I have.  However, if any steps seem to be missing and/or something isn't clear, please comment your questions to me and I'll be happy to answer them.

I waited until the last minute because I really wanted to do a Halloween project in keeping with the Halloween theme eventhough I don't have the "Happy Haunting" cart.  I pondered ideas but only came up with this just last evening when I ran across a witch  on the "A Child's Year"  cart.  This gave me something to work with and so I began constructing my project.

This is a Haunted House Tote.  The complementary characters represent the trick, but inside there's candy and gum -- the treats!  I'm calling it a tote because I've added a handle to it so that you can pick it up and carry it.  Here are pictures of the finished tote opened and closed:

Doesn't the skull through the window look scary peering out?!!!  LOL!

These are a couple of close-ups of the inside of the tote:

Now, I'll show you how this tote came together.  I first cut out all the parts from the cut.file I created, and next I scored, folded and glued the tote and the boxes to complete them:

After I'd constructed the tote and the boxes, I starting adding all the elements: the candy and gum to the boxes, a skeletal frame to the coffin box and a few more embellies and accessories I purchased at a local Dollar Store:

To keep my tote closed after it was completed, I simply added these small magnets which snap together on the front end flap and back end panel; but velcro will work as well:

Now that m done, I'm thinking what a great centerpiece this would make at a Halloween party, and the DH and I have been invited to quite a few, soooooo...  all I have to do is just grab it by the handle and go:

How fun is that?!!!

If you're interested in the cut.file to do your own, I've provided a cut.file download below.  The carts used for this project are:  George (tote and boxes); A Child's Year (witch); and, Plantin Schoolbook (word "Beware").

Well, again, I hope you like my project!  And, as always, thanks so much for stopping by!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Good evening, friends!  I hope everyone had the happy and crafty weekend I wished for you!

I have a card I made to share with you, however, because the card has layers of transparency which reflects/attracts light, it was extremely difficult to get a decent picture without a glare; so I hope you can, at least, get the gist of this card.  It is a 3-D, 3-layered window card of a vintage Santa with an angel behind him, they are set against a victorian-style home Christmas scene:

This is a close-up which may give you a little better visual of the layers on this card:

I got all the images for this card from the internet by googling Christmas pictures.  For the wintry scene, I added ivory color Flower Soft to enhance the appearance of the snow, and I added Stickles to highlight the light in the windows and to bring out the shadows.  This card really came out beautiful.

And, believe it or not, I will be entering this card into several challenges:  http://www.christmasblogchallenge.blogspot.com/ and http://www.christmasstampin.blogspot.com/.  As you know I don't enter many challenges so I'm pretty excited about it.

Well, I'm the team designer for Pam tomorrow, so I'm off to work on the project I'll be sharing for that.  I hope you will all join me either here or at Pam's, and I do hope I see you.

In the meantime, I hope you like my card!

I'll be seeing you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good evening, everyone!  Hope everyone is having a fun and crafty weekend!

Today I was revisiting and thinking of  things I used to do that I haven't done in a very long time. And the few things that came to mind you guys  probably already know about;  but if you don't or just in case you'd forgotten, I'd like to share them with you.  One is that I actually used to make my own rub-ons from transparencies.  Now, they're not the best transfers as are the store bought ones, but if you're in a pinch it will get the job done for you.  Here's a quick example of a tranparency rub-on I did to show you:

This isn't anything new by a long shot and transparency transfers have  more rustic look -- this one even more so because it's large.  But, for some things I really like this look, depending on the project.  And, it is something to keep in mind if you need a quick but simple rub-on in a jiffy. Just print it out and rub it on!!!  Oh, and words need be be printed in reverse for this.

Another craft I used to do was lots of molded plaster items and t-shirt transfers using this stuff:

God!  Do you guys remember Faster Plaster?!!!  I was in love with this stuff!!!  Because I have so much of  both it and fabric transfers just laying around, I decided I wanted to see if the fabric transfer would work on plaster, so I molded an ornament with the plaster and transferred a picture -- and it works!!!  Now my sample here isn't very good because I got overzealous and didn't allow the ornament to completely cool before removing the transfer, so if you try this please let your project cool completely before removing the transfer:

I think I'll do more of these, personalized for Christmas present tags, and cover them with varnish for a nice gloss!  Add a bow and it'll be a gift on a gift!  And, I'm going to try it other materials too to see what kind of results I'll get.

And lastly, I'd purchased some multi-colored glitter glue.  I normally don't buy glitter glues unless it's Stickles but the colors were so striking I thought I'd try them: 

Hated them!!!  I've gotten so spoiled to Stickles whereas other glitter glues dry so flat and loses a lot of the glimmer and sheen.  Well, not wanting to throw them away, I decided I'd see if I could use them to make embellies which can be used on cards or something -- you scrapbookers can even probably use them in your scrapbooks; create your own design!.  What I did was spread the glue and made some swirls on a sheet of waxed paper.  The glue I spread out, once dry, I realized could be cut, punched, reshaped -- now my mind is really reeling!!!  Here are some of my samples I did in a hurry just to test:

Isn't that teddy bear cute?!!!  Now that I know I can do this, I'll be a bit neater the next time I try it and more creative.

Now I'll leave you with a little tip you may or may not know; you can add a few drops of vinegar to white glue, mix it well and paint it along the sealing edge your handmade envies to create a lickable glue seal! 

 Just thought I'd share; that's all for now!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone!!! I truly hope you're all doing great!!!   I have to say this is such a beautiful Friday for me; I woke with no ear throbbing!  Still some tenderness when I swallow but not painful as it was, isn't that fantastic?!!!  The only downside is if I belch I can taste the antibiotics -- oops, did I tell you I belched?!!!  LOL!!!

Before I get started sharing all my playing with you, I'd like to thank my friend Dawn for sending me this wonderful belated birthday card:

Thank you, Dawn!!!

If you want to meet a beautifully spiritual and inspiring woman, please visit my friend.  Her name above is a direct link to her blog, just click on it.  You'll find the most amazing layouts and miscellaneous crafts.  Someone else I've fallen in love with!!!

Okay, are you ready for fun?  Well, pull up a chair because this post is going to be a bit longer than usual.  Let's begin with the few small enamel ideas that turned out well enough -- not great -- but good enough to share.  I'll also share with you what I found out and my further opinions on this stuff:

The top example is on an acrylic tile and I was trying to imitate stained glass; it didn't come out too bad but there was still quite a bit of puddling during the outlining.  The one with the tassel is an old jewelry finding (yes, I made the tassel). On this one I let the white enamel completely dry before adding the black dots to keep it from puddling; popped it with a clear gem.  This seems to work and the enamel did not run, and couldn't mix with the hardened white enamel.  The last one was my playing with those poker chips again (remember my earlier poker chip projects?).  On this one I "barely" kissed the tip of the black enamel nip to some unhardened white enamel and attempted to swirl it.  Eventhough the black and white pretty much stayed separate, the black did run more than I would have liked.  Overall, came out better than most  of my other attempts, so I popped this one on a a round ribbon.  Not as grand as I would like them to be, but fairly decent, and I can't wait to use my stained glass replica on a card or something.  In the meantime, I'll keep playing and continue to let you know my results.

Now let's move on to these other little things I "tinkered" with:

Here I used an assortment of items:  a button, another poker chip, bottle caps, and assorted old jewelry pieces to make these embellies.  Most of them I covered and/or filled in with either Glossy Accents or UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder).  The ones I left unfilled I haven't decided yet what I want to do with yet -- everything doesn't have to be Christmas stuff, you know.

Now, here're some ribbon bows and a flower I made:

All right, now watch me have some fun with the embellies, the ribbon bows and the flower:

I haven't even began  to imagine all the combinations and other ideas I have zooming in my head!!!  And not only for cards, but box and bag toppers, ornaments, pins, albums, etc.  And, not only for Christmas as most of these are but for weddings, graduations, birthdays -- ENDLESS!!!  Use your imagination and creativity!!!  I have so many other combinations I want to get to playing with!

OH NO, my playing did not stop here.  Have you ever bought these acrylic stickers?:

Well, I won't be buying them anymore because now I'll be making my own; like these:

I put pieces of colored paper behind the the top 2 stickers so you can see they don't have to be clear.  It really took a while trying to figure out a way to do this because the ink will run as soon as you apply anything liguid to the transparency.  I tried using a sealer; I even tried reversing the print and applying the dimensional medium to the reverse side of the transparency but that didn't work because the gloss medium still seeped beneath the transparency and made the ink run.  But, being persistent and really enjoying myself, I did figure out a way!  Here's one I made for you guys:

I hope you like it!!!  Now are you ready to know how to make your own?  Okay, first get some transparencies designed for ink jet printers (other transparencies will not hold inkjet print, the ink will rub right off); I got mine from Staples.  Next type whatever you like onto your transparencies and print it out;  cut out your stickers and carefully apply clear packing or sealing tape across the print; , apply Glossy Accents for dimension or any dimensional clear medium you chose; let it dry, trim the edges with a pair of scissors, and add some double-sided tape to the back!!!  Easy-peezy!!!  You're done!  If you do some I wanna see!!!

I hope you enjoyed having fun with me and, hopefully, you were inspired with a few ideas.

Now, it's time for me to visit with you all before I get back to having more fun...!!!

I'll be seeing you!