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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Good day, friends and family!

Minus some throbbing in my ear, and still some slight iritation when I swallow, I am beginning to feel much better.  Being the case, I enjoyed taking the time today to get in some playtime and I've worked on several little projects that I'll share with you once they're dry; hopefully today but they probably won't be ready until tomorrow.

Well, as I've finally started playing with the black and white Accent Enamel, and as many of you asked for feedback, to update you I probably won't be running out buying any more of it unless I can get better results.  First of all it is pretty thin, not as thick like clear Glossy Accents, and it doesn't seem to hold up well -- it's kind of runny.  Also, if you mix the 2 colors, the black almost completely overpowers the white.  I have experimented with it several times already and found I had to just barely touch the tip of the black enamel nozzle onto a fair amount of white to maintain both colors.  When you start out using this product for the first time you won't realize the black consumes the white until the enamel begins to dry (and by the time it is dry there is no white), so if you decide to try it don'tfigure on equally mixing the two and expect a finished two-tone project; it will take practice.   Because the consistency is so much thinner than you'd think, I can't imagine it would be easy to use as an outliner although if you have a very steady hand you could probably do it; however, it does seem it would make a good filler when contained within a groove or mold.  I think I've  managed to complete a very-very small project with it today; I'll know once it's dry, in which case I will share it with you.

So, overall, that's it for what I've found out so far.  I will be back to share my projects with you as soon as they're ready; hopefully you'll find them fun!

Before I leave, I want to recognize a new friend, Jen.  She has just awarded me, again, with the Sweet Blogger award which I have accepted as graciously as I know how.  Jen, thank you so much for this award and I'll be adding your name to this award on my sidebar.  As I'd just posted acceptance for another of this award yesterday, I do not think it is necessary to publish the award pic again, and I hope Jen won't take offense to this.  It is such an honor and a compliment when someone new joins my family and thinks enough of me to pass on an award so soon.

Please visit Jen's blog by clicking on her name captioned above, which is a direct link.  You will certainly enjoy what she has prepared for you!!!  Thanks again, my friend, I am so very honored!!!

Well, I'll be back -- if not today than tomorrow!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am glad you are feeling a little better. Sorry you are having such a time with the black and white Accent Enamel - but I am sure your project will be amazing. I can't wait to see it. hugs

Carol's Sweet Creations! said...

Like I said before, you are the sweetest blogger out there! so, please don't be surprise if you keep getting the sweet blogger award...lol. We all admire your beautiful creations! Congratulations!!!

Sweet hugs,
Carol L.

QueenPam said...

Glad you are on the mend! Pam

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with Accent enamel. I have not bought them yet. I am so glad you are feeling better today. Take care and have a fabulous weekend!

~BridgetL~ said...

So glad to hear that the antibiotics are kicking in and you are starting to feel better. Thanks for the review. I have never heard of accent enamel. I just use glossy accents :)

Wende said...

So happy life is better and you are on the mend. I just saw a review for these the other day. Love glossy accents and would really like to give the b/w enamel a try. Thanks for being such a sweet and kind blogger!

Ladybug said...

Glad to hear that you're feelin' better! Hang in there! Soon you'll be back to normal! :-)

DonnaMundinger said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, girlfriend and won't be digging out the enamel accents too soon. LOL xxD