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Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello, all my wonderful blogging family-friends!

I am so glad to be back to you all!!!  I've prayed you all had a beautiful Christmas!

I am so very happy to be back to blogging again, and I'm enjoying trying to get around to visit all of you!  These last few weeks have been more than hectic for me and before I jump into any projects, I just want to relax a bit and see what you've been up too -- I've missed so very much and got so very behind!

I did have a wonderful Christmas!  My hubby did all the cooking (including the trimmings) and he did such a wonderful job!  After having to rush to get in last-minute Christmas shopping and getting my house back in order, all I had to do Christmas day was relax and enjoy wonderful family and friends.  Hubby and son made sure I had nothing work-related to do!  They waited and served all our guests, cleaned the dinner dishes and all else left to be done at the end of the day.  Wasn't that wonderful?  And, I needed really needed that!  I was truly exhausted!!!

So, what did I get for Christmas?!!!  Well, I got many wonderful gifts; however, the crafy candies I received were a Michael's gift certificate from my son to purchase carts for my brand new Cricut Imagine which was one of the gifts from my hubby.  Now, I know it's a wonderful gift, but I've not yet become the Imagine enthusiast so many of you are; therefore, I think I'll need a lot of help from you all that have and enjoy it, to get me to at least  a point of " some" more excitement over it.  Playing with it so far, it will only cut from the Gypsy -- I can use my Expression still to do that; I can't use Design Studio with it, and I can only use the old carts with it to add color and patterns -- I can use patterned and color paper on my Expression to achieve this!  It doesn't weld, you can only size in 1/2 increments, and there are only a few carts other than pattern carts; and the ones available haven't excited me too much -- so can anybody add anything to help boost my interest?!!!  I'm hoping over time the machine is upgraded to a point where I can finally use Design Studio with it -- hopefully.  However, I do appreciate the gift and I'm sure to figure out some interesting things to do with it.  I'm planning on taking some time to play and explore it more this week between the on-going family holiday festivities and blogging.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

As a note, I've updated the post for the resin pendants.  I apologize that I haven't had the time to give the attention to and promoting this give-away as I planned, but I didn't expect my recent project to be as demanding as it turned out.  I do hope those of you that haven't already commented to win a pendant will do so!  It's open to all my followers -- old and new!

Anyway, as I said I'm thrilled to be back; look forward to seeing all your wonderful projects and visiting with you.

I am so happy and blessed to know you all, and I am so happy to know you had a wonderful Christmas.  I look forward to sharing the blessed New Year!

I'll be seeing you...


Lori Apgar said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!!! I am still kind of new at the Imagine...still prefer the Gypsy and E but I am slowly getting brave!!!

Dawn said...

I am so glad you had such a restful Christmas- you so needed to be pampered. Your honey is a real treasure!
So glad you are taking time for yourself to relax and enjoy yourself also- must say I don't know I thing about the new Imagine, just not in my budget!
I am glad to be home and had such a great Christmas.
I went to a really small country church for Christmas and had a midnight mass- it was so beautiful and peaceful. I thought of you during that time and said an extra prayer for all my special friends.
I am home with the crud and trying to get caught up and relax a little.
Blessings sweetie!

The Cropping Canuck said...

Hi Audrey! Thanks for popping in on Christmas day! I'm so happy you had a wonderful day.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

So glad to see you back my friend. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see what you create with your Cricut Imagine. What a sweet gift to receive.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!

Jean said...

So glad you had a good Christmas. I am with you on the Imagine, I am just not sold on it yet, but I have seen some cute things people have made with it, so I am can't wait to see what you create with it.

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Glad you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and your back :-) Glad you got to relax some, sounds like you needed that :-) Don't have any advice about the imagine as I don't have one, but can't wait to see what you create with it. -Sam :-)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I am so glad that they pampered you Audrey.. you definitely needed a little pampering after all you have been through... I am so excited that you got an imagine and can't wait to see what you create with it... I have one, but haven't really had much time to play with it too much.. hoping you can inspire me. lol... I have so enjoyed reading the posts that you leave on my blog, I am going to miss them next year, I am not going to do the Project 365 next year, I will be spending 2011 to scrapbook this year. I am so happy you had such an awesome Christmas.. hugs

~BridgetL~ said...

Hi Audrey,
Sounds like you had the most fabulous Christmas. A hubby and son who cooks would be all the presents I need. And a Imagine to top it off. I personally not interested in that machine, but I know there are plenty of ladies out there who love it. And who would turn down a gift like that. I hope you get lots of time to play with it. I like my DS too much to not be able to use it.
Wishing you and your family the most Blessed New Year. Hugs my friend,

Love That Bug said...

I am so happy that you had such a relaxing Christmas, and what a great hubby you have. I am sure you needed the much needed you rest.
And wow, and Imagine? You are going to have a blast with it and I am sure you will create many great things with it. I can't help you with any of it though, as I don't have one. (maybe next year)
Hope ya enjoy it,
many hugs