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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello, and good Wednesday, my friends!

Wow! I hate to complain about the weather because it's been so rainy and cool here, but the last several days have been so hot and muggy!!! This humidity and heat has literally left me feeling drained, even under the coolness of my air-conditioner (going through the change doesn't help much either -- LOL!). Even poor little Buster is feeling the effects. I had a small cut.file I'd hoped to have completed but I just couldn't push myself to getting it done, so you have something to look forward to in the next day or so.

Among other things, I am dropping in to say hello! And, to welcome some new followers. It's always a pleasure and thrills my heart to see new faces. I get so excited when I inspire someone so that they want to follow me, and I appreciate it more than you can even imagine.

I'm aware I'm getting a bit slower in trying to get around to everyone as my following grows and additional things are taking place, but I am getting to all of you as soon as I can. I am having some difficulty finding some of my new followers to visit because some of their member sign-ons do not show blog links/addresses for them. It is possible that these in particular may not have blogs; in which case, I want them to know I appreciate them being here and they're always welcome, and to make themselves at home and comfortable to anything thing I have available and/or any events on-going.

Before I forget, getting to you all may get slower still as I plan to put more time and effort in getting some svg files and some videos together for you. I know you thought I'd forgotten, but I haven't. I've just been trying to get through other things. I did, however, get frustrated with the "video" thing at one point, but I'm now more mentally prepared to tackle it again -- I've had a few pointers from a pro!!! So, just bear with me and I'll have a few more goodies for you.

As an aside, I hope I've encouraged enough of you to submit a project to the Showcase #8. The Team Fairies and I are so looking forward to seeing your layouts and/or card entries, so I hope that you're working on something for us. As much as we love admiring your talents, we are really doing this for you -- so that as many others as possible through another media can also admire and be inspired by your talent and crafting skills.

Lastly, I want to announce that I will have blog candy once I reach 200 followers, and I will post a picture of what will be available in the rak in a couple of days. I am so thankful to all of you including the visitors for just giving me some numbers. I never thought I'd become popular or famous when I started blogging and I don't think that'll ever happen, but you all have made me feel secure and comfortable. I feel as though you all wrapped your arms around me and gave me just the comfort and support I needed to get through those first several weeks and keep going. This is so important to me because I was such a nervous wreck - a real basket case -- hoping and praying that there would be just a few people here I'd be able to reach and please with my crafting. I wasn't looking to compete, just display in my own work, as best I could, the talent that inspired and encouraged me to love doing this. Now I look at 178 beautiful faces and all the numbers on my blog counter, and I feel so very Blessed! I never dreamed I'd be here either!!!

Thank you and I love you all!

I'll be seeing you!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Sending you a BIG HUG Audrey, you are the sweetest, and I am not surprised at all that you have so many followers. I so love coming to check on what you are up to. AND you certainly made me feel so very special by taking the time to read all of my project 365, and leave comments, you are the best. I am hoping to be able to enter again if I can ever get my house cleaned. I never seem to stay home long enough. lol. I just do a little cleaning here and there and off I go... I have been raising kids and grandkids for so many years and now that they are all grown, I don't know what to do. lol. I am kind of lost. lol I am sorry I wrote so much.

Brenda Benoit said...

hey...thank you for your comments on my blog...i am a new follower and love your work..
the card is very soft and pretty with the flowers and butterfly...

Audrey Frelx said...

Sandy, please don't be sorry -- I don't think you can say too much that I wouldn't be interested to hear!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Brenda!!! Of course, I know who you are!!! I follow and visit you too, sweetie!!!

Thank you for your kind comment on my card.

flowerdisco said...


Lori Apgar said...

Audrey I always appreciate seeing your lovely face on my blog with your wonderful comments!! I am not always as good as returning the comments, but I always love your projects!!

With my job, my son's baseball schedule and the S...L...O....W cricut MB, I can only do so much!!!

So glad we "met" through the blog world!

Jean said...

Audrey you are so nice! I was reading your post and I can relate to you on the weather. I am in Alabama and it is hot and muggy here and about killing me. I took my niece to the park for about an hour and a half yesterday and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke out there. Of course, it didn't seem to phase her one bit, lol.

Treva said...


Hugs and continued bountiful blessings to you.
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your talent with us!

just2ducky said...

Your such a doll. I love it when you drop for a visit! You are amazing at even attempting to get to everyone. Yikes! Your effort is appreciated by all though. We all need our "Audrey Fix!" :)