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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, here am I again, friends and family!!!  Wow!  It's been an amazing day!!!

First, I'd like to take a moment to welcome my new following friends.  Welcome to Cute and Some!!!  I am so happy to have you and I hope you just get comfortable and prepare to hang out for a long while!  I love company!!!  And, if I haven't visited you already to say thanks, it's because I couldn't find you; so, if you have blogs let me know so I can drop in on you too from time to time.

Now, respecting my blog award.  My dear-sweet friend Sandy has presented me this wonderful new award for my blog!!!  Sandy is such a sweet-heart and you need to visit and get to know her (if you haven't already) to know that what I'm saying is so, so true. 

Thank you so much, Sandy!  Again, you just made my day a better and brighter one!

Isn't this just the coolest blog award?  Please visit Sandy, if you haven't.  You won't be disappointed!
Now I must pass this award on to ten (10) other bloggers I admire -- which I will do.  However, because I admire and am inspired by all of you, those that would like to have it too, just grab it!  I also must say where I'd like to be ten (10) years from now.  I wonder is this a "trick" question -- lol!!!
I am passing this award on to: 
Also to the  Contributors Showcase team fairies who have assisted and supported me admirably, and I am so appreciative for all they do -- that they aren't even aware of: 
And, last but not least, my dear friend who had to resign her position as team fairy due to family/personal obligations, Helen.  Thank you my friend!  I and the fairies will surely miss you being on board!
To visit any of my friends, clicking on their names will get you a direct link to their blogspots.
Now, where do I want to be ten (10) years from now?  Well, if I'm still alive and kicking, I hope to be right here with all of you!!!  LOL!
Thanks to all of you!!!
As an aside, don't forget to join the fairies and me tomorrow for the awarding to all the contributors for their amazing creations, and for an all new Contributors Showcases presentation.
I'll be seeing you.


xosparklesxo said...

Such a fun award, thanks :) I haven't put awards on my blog lately because I haven't made a good home for them, but I do VERY much appreciate being included :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I am thrilled you got this award from Sandy, she is a sweetie and so are you!

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you, Sheila.

xosparklexo, it was my pleasure to pass it on to you!

- - Sheryl - - said...

Hi Audrey - thank you for my award.... it cheered me up as I am feeling a little blue right now.

Thanks - your CSTF

Lori Apgar said...

Audrey ~ thanks for the award!!! You beat me to the punch as I was going to send this same award your way!!

Great minds think alike!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey.. thank you for the kind words.. you are too sweet. AND you definitely deserve this award. hugs

Stacey Gibbon said...

thank you for the blog award! Sorry I havent picked it up yet! I'm trying to find some time and actually sit down and breathe. Hopefully I'll pick it up this week :) thank you again!

Cin said...

OH!!!! I have been doubly blessed, Thanks Audrey for this Award, It will be Gracing my blog too. Love It. Very KULE!!!!! Gotta get busy for the next showcase too......


paperscissors said...

congrats to you on this award so appropriately named and the other fairies for continuing on with the showcases and receiving this award and it is appreciated that you have included me. sorry for the delay in picking it up, that busy life i mentioned just gets busier!!! must craft today!

Brigit said...

OMG I missed this one, thank you Audrey and you so deserve all the awards you get, you are truly a wonderful person!!