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Saturday, May 15, 2010



Hello, everyone!!!  Sorry I'm later posting than I'd intended but had some errands to run that took longer than expected.

Unfortunately, today we'll be saying goodbye to our Team Fairy, Lori who's been with us throughout the week as our theme fairy designer and host.  But wasn't she just fantastic?  And wasn't her card sample project just too cute?!!!  Well, don't despair!!!  Lori will be back as Team Fairy Designer again next month, so be on the look-out.  In the meantime, give her a visit and let her know what a wonderful job she did for Showcase #6!!!  She was fabulous!!!

Our next registration in the all new series for Contributors Showcase #7 begins Monday, May 17 to Friday, May 21.  And to introduce the theme project for showcase#7 is our own (and another fabulous teamster) Team Fairy Designer, Sheryl.  Please let's all welcome her!!!



Hi, everyone!!!   I'm Sheryl and I'll be here to lead you through and keep you reminded of the theme for this showcase during the week of May 17.  I hope everyone comes on over to join me here!!!

The theme for Showcase #7 is to use a a CD for your project; or, if you don't have a CD, cut a circle from a piece of chipboard from a cereal, cracker box, other cardboard, or whatever as long as it a circle.  You can design whatever you'd like, in any color, and embellished any way you like  -- as long as it's a circle.  I have designed the CD wall plaque below as a theme sample for you to use as an idea:

I can't wait to see what you do and I'm looking forward to seeing all kinds of wonderful and imaginative creations!!!   So, go on and get to crafting!!!


Thanks, Sheryl!  Isn't Sheryl's CD project absolutely adorable?

Sheryl's sample project will be featured beginning today through the end of registration for Showcasee #7 on Friday, May 21.  Should you need a reminder or just want to take a peek, just look for it at the top of the page above the Post section here on my blog.  If you haven't already visited Sheryl, please click on her name at the top, it's a direct link to her blog.  You'll want to visit because she does the most amazing cards and the cutest projects!

Sheryl will be back on Monday, May 17, after the Showcase #6 Awardee Showcase to welcome you and guide you through the registration for Showcase #7, where you'll be signing up your theme projects into Mr. Linky.   Don't forget, there is a direct link on my sidebar to get to details and register with Mr. Linky under the "New Contributors Showcases" label.

We also hope to see you at the Awardee Showcase on Monday, to congratulate the selected showcase contributors.

Now, as Sheryl said earlier, go on and get to crafting!!!

We'll be seeing you!


flowerdisco said...

Hello Sheryl...I like your idea a lot. I might make some for me, God knows I have a lot of those somewhere in the attic when we used to receive the AOL ones, remember? :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I remember the AOL ones... lol. great idea


What a fun thing you are doing Audrey!!

Sparksgal said...

Looks like a fun theme this week with a ton of possibilities. :)

Jean said...

Very neat theme for the week.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

On the sidebar of my blog, I have a list of all the blogs I visit and yours shoes a BIG SHOE, but I don't see it when I open your blog. Hummm

Audrey Frelx said...

Sandy, I saw that and it was very strange, considering I hadn't published that post at the time. It was a post I was working on though so go figure -- LOL! Maybe it's Donna and her voodoo doll -- LOL!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

You're too funny, Audrey! That happened to me when I accidentally published a post I was working on and then had to reschedule it so it would post when I wanted it to. It took it off my blog, but it was on everybody's sidebar with a broken link. Blah!!!

A big congrats and welcome to Sheryl! Great project girly! xxD