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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy Tuesday, family-friends!!!  I hope everyone is well and happily crafting!

Seems I just can't quite get back on track to a normal schedule these days; between my sister-cousin being home from the hospital and my aunt -- all the errands and running around is keeping me pretty busy.  Fortunately, I'm still getting in some crafting... YEA... it's just getting a project posted in a timely manner once it's complete!  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  So with that said...

Today, I want to share an altered tin can project and some happy mail from a dear, sweet blogging friend.

Let's start with my altered project first though.  I found this old tin candy can and decided to alter it as opposed to throwing it away.  I painted the can then added lace and flowers, bling trim, and painted wooden balls for the feet.  The clock on the front of the box is a bottle cap which I inserted a clock face into then enclosed with resin and the word "Time" on the top are stick-on letters.  I love how it turned out and I hope you do too!  Here it is:

Front view
Top and side view
Open for inside view 
Most of you probably have at least one of these candy tins around, so why not make it pretty.  Here's another one I found which I'll be doing soon:

Now, for my happy mail -- and what a wonderful gift and surprise!  This came from a sweetheart, Barbara, over at Beebeebabs:

The adorable personalized canvas bag I used the very same day I received it... lol; the badge-button (also personalized) at the bottom of the picture came in the velvet bag and has a mirror on the reverse side instead of a pin or button (isn't this clever?!), and the card is a keeper!!!  Thank you so very much, Barbara, I love it all!!!

Well, I'm off again but, of course, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Love you all, and I'll be seeing you...