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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello, family!  I hope all's well in blogland!  OMG, do I have a bit to say so I'm going to try to make it as short as possible!

Being busy with my kitchen remodel, I have squeezed in some blogland visiting and have been so impressed with your projects!  I apologize for not reaching all of you yet but I'm trying to get to as many as fast as I can with everything going on -- thanks so much for your patience and support!

I've got new followers!!!  Every now and then I glance over at all the beautiful faces of my followers, and I noticed I have several more!  Thank you ladies for becoming members of my family circle and welcome!  I know we all love having you!  Google Friends hasn't noted where I can find you so please comment letting me know where I can visit or email you.

I also noticed I'm only 32 away from 500 followers -- WOW!  My time here has flown, doesn't seem I've been around for a couple of years now!  Anyway, to kind of scoot things along to getting to the 500 followers mark, I'm preparing a giveaway as incentive  to reaching that goal!  I'll  have all the info ready to post by the time things begin to settle down with the family and work going on around here in another week or so. Be on the lookout for that ! I'll have something I think you'll be very pleased with!  In the meantime, thank you so much for being here for me, I appreciate it, love you all, and I've enjoyed every minute!!!  I don't plan on going anywhere, so the more family-friends, the merrier!!!

As far as the remodel, all I want to say is  I promise I'll never-ever take on another task like this again in my life -- nor can I remember ever shedding so many tears!!!  I'm not a cry-baby but this has all been more than I bargained for taking on.  Had I known this would be such a stress involved project, I would have lived with my ugly-old kitchen!!!  I'll have pictures soon for you to see.

Finally, my share project!  A couple of years ago when I visited the CHA craftshow portion of the JFA here in Chicago, I found and purchased several dichronic and other assorted pendant pieces to use for making jewelry.  Later I found some beads at Walmart which matched these pendants perfectly to do matching earrings.  So, while just sitting here watching/monitoring the workmen, I worked on some jewelry sets for Christmas presents.   I wanted the jewelry to be incorporated into Christmas cards as I thought it would be a nice way of presenting them -- as present and card in one neat package.  Here're the unfinished gatefold card covers for my jewelry sets:

Here are the pendants and earrings on the inside of the cards:

Don't the earring beads match those pendants just perfectly?!!!  Because I don't yet know who will be getting these sets of jewelry, I haven't yet completed the card fronts, and I'll later add a Christmas saying to one of the inside panels of the cards.  So, if the cards look a bit plain this is the reason for that.  I plan on doing several sets of jewelry for family and friends, and here are some other beads I had around I'll be using for jewelry sets -- all purchased at Walmart:

Aren't these pretty?!   Soon I'll have more sets to share with you.  My sets came together really quick.  I started and completed both sets yesterday in a couple of hours.  It was such fun and just the break I needed!!!

Well, I've got to go for now.  Got some dusting and vacuuming to do so this stuff doesn't overwhelm me with the continuous work going on; it goes and settles everywhere, and just makes me sick having to breathe it all in.  I'll be back though as soon as I can, and keep those wonderful projects going!  Whether I've visited you or not, I have seen everyone's projects on my Reading List!  Thank god for that...lol!!!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!


lisa808 said...


The jewelry sets are beautiful! Such a great idea to present them in gatefold Christmas cards.

Thanks so much for voting for me! Fingers crossed for the next round.

Here's to a stress-free kitchen remodel :)

Hugs, Lisa

Beebeebabs said...

Wow Audrey - absolutely beautiful love it tfs!!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

SO nice! Love this great design and love the jewelry! Carri~abusybee

Myrna said...

Remodeling can be such a pain and a real test of our patience. It will be worth it when it is all done.!!!
Lovely gifts and the cards to go with them are really pretty.
You do elegant work.

shari said...

Audrey, your jewelry sets are just beautiful, whoever gets them is very lucky. Hang in there with the remodel, believe it or not it will be worth in in the end. Shari (cricutrookie)

Scrappin Sista said...

Audrey your sets are just beautiful, they would make awesome Christmas or Birthday gifts! Nice work!

Patti J said...

You are one very talented lady! What beautiful projects :) I'm not at all surprised at your followers, Audrey. You are such a wonderful person, and share such beautiful projects! So sorry to hear that your remodel job has been a tear-jerker. Hopefully, you are on the downhill now! Can't wait to see photos of before and after! Thanks for sharing, today! Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Stunning!! Your so amazing, everything you make is just drop dead gorgeous.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and the beautiful comments you leave.

Hugs, Lori m

Karons Krafty Korner said...

These are so stunning Audrey and what a beautiful way to gift them. TFS

Nana Donna said...

OMG they are gorgeous, I love the sets you are so talented.

cricaholic said...

Remodeling is like childbirth....you have to go thru the pain to enjoy the BLESSING!!LOL hang in there...

The Archiving Angel said...

Hello dear friend!
Thanks for being so thoughtful.
I am glad to stop in and support you.
Life has a way of keeping us busy and I understand how overwhelming a big project like a remodel can be.
Hang in there...we will be here for you.
As for your creations....WOW! Absolutely stunning pieces. You are simply incredible.
Congrats on getting close to the 500 mark. I knew it would happen. It is easy to see why.
You are a talented, charming & kind creative soul.
Big hugs!

My Crafting Channel said...

I know what you mean on remodeling. We have been remodeling for 10 years. We work a while get tired and stop come back to it later. I feel like I have lived out of boxes and in a mess forever. We hope to finish this winter.

Tour jewelery is gorgeous. I love the gate fold cards they are pretty enough to be their own present.

Hugs Nana
♥ My Crafting Channel ♥
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Kirsty Vittetoe said...

They are gorgeous!

Sending love from Iowa.

Norma said...

WOW!! such a beautiful way to showcase and give those beautiful jewelry pieces!!! Good luck with you kitchen remodel my friend!! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my friend!!!

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Beautiful cards Audrey and the jewelry is so lovely.

Let me say I'm sorry you're having a tough time with the remodeling, but keep the end in mind and let me just say...it has not affected your creative mo-jo one bit! Always, always beautiful creations shared here.


Ana Márquez said...

Wow! How wonderful is everything! Thanks for sharing, dear, I like every piece a lot. Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog, you always made my day :-) Kisses, dear.

Rhonda Emery said...

amazing and beautiful. hugs

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey your sets are just gorgeous! I love everything about them. And what a lovely way to present them. Very nice. TFS

Monique Barr said...

Lady, they still look good. Have a bless weekend and try and have a lot of fun also. TFPing and showing the love on my blog.

Trena in Naperville said...

What beautiful gift ideas Audrey!! Hang in there with your kitchen Sister!! We had ours done in January and it seemed to take forever. I never thought I'd get tired of eating out, but I did. After washing our coffee cups in the bathroom sink for two months, I was ready for the construction to be over! I got over it as soon as I started organizing everything in my new space. :o) I kept walking into the kitchen and saying "wow!"

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Audrey, you are so talented my friend.. What wonderful gifts these will make.
I so pray things are going better with the remodeling..you will be so so happy when it's all done, I can't wait to see it.. Know that I am praying for you.. Hugs

Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Kiddo! Gosh I've missed coming here. I have so appreciated you visiting me while I was missing. Your cards/jewelry holders are magnificent! You are so very talented. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back and just posted some pics! Hugs, Curt

Vicki L. said...

I was Blog hopping, came from The Sassy Lady.
I had to stop and see all your wonderful projects...from your jewelry to the cookie apron. What an Awesome Gift you have!!! You definately have the eye for Detail! Great Job!!
Thanks for Sharing,

Oh, and your precious little Buster is cute-I want him!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to wish you a fun, and relaxing weekend.

I had to take another look at the pretty jewel sets you created, just beautiful.

Enjoy, hugs, Lori m

lovemypaper said...

So very very cute love them all!

Marita said...

Stunning work♥. I love it:)

Hugs, Marita

Snowmanlover said...

HI Audrey, it is Barb stopping by to say hello to you! What gorgeous jewelry and a great way to present it!
hugs! Barb

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Audrey you do know how to jazz things up and believe me "you" dont need to have a giveaway to gain followers...people will follow your blog just by looking at your gorgeous projects...I do so love browsing through your old projects every time I visit and have even pinned a couple of them!

Jani Lewis said...

Congrats on all the followers! (we know a good thing when we see it :) Lovely jewelry and what a beautiful way to display it.

Helen said...

Hey Audrey! Stopping by to leave you some love. I see you've been busy creating!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say hello, hope your remodeling is going well and that you're able to relax a bit more?

Enjoy, hugs, Lori m

Pam said...

Wow Audrey! Love the card u made to house the beautiful jewellery

Lisa said...

Wow, the jewelry is so gorgeous!! How awesome that you found beads to match!! And I love how you put them in the cards...what an fabulous gift idea!!

A Mermaid's Crafts

DIANA L. said...

These are beautiful Your friends and family will be thrilled I know I would be.
Love the gate-fold card to