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Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello eveyone, and I know we're all headed for the most wonderful weekend!!!

Wow, I've got new followers!!!  Welcome!!!  And I'm so very happy to see you!!!  I hope you've already made yourselves at home because you are.  I'll be dropping by, wen/if I find you, to say hello personally as soon as I can get to you.  Thank you so much for joining my family!!!

I received a few emails regarding where to purchase the 12x24 paper for the Cricut.  If you're having a difficult time locating the paper and Cricut.com does not have it available, I have had great luck at:


I have ordered the paper from both these places on a few occassions (when our Michaels was out of it) and had no problem at these on-line stores.  If you still have a difficult time, please let me know and maybe we can work out some arrangement of getting it for you; okay?

Well, now I'll share a little something I put together with you.  It's another recycled ice cream container.   For some reason, I think I'm beginning to fixate on every box I see ... lol!!!  I was even looking at an empty butter box until I caught myself and said  to myself... "Audrey, it's just a plain ordinary shaped box you can easily do".  Am I terrible or what?!!!   My hubby said I almost blew his head off when I caught him getting ready to throw the box away and screamed not to do it; well, don't you agree he should always check with me before throwing anything away?!  LOL!!   Anyway the name, Such a "Newsy" Little Thing, comes from my using newspaper in the background; the leather paper I've had for a long time and the company that makes it is no longer in business so I use the paper I have left very sparingly.  Here's the box:

I hand-strung the beads onto 12 guage wire for the handle and I used Vintage Photo color Distress Ink to age the box and the crumbled newspaper; the closure embellishment is an old earring I found and attached a bead to.  Two of my little cousins alreadys wants it to use as a small purse.  Of course, to prevent an argument, I'll have to make another one because I won't even try to decide which of them to give it to!!!  So, they'll both wait until hubby buys himself another pint of his favorite icecream, then they'll both have one.

Well, I'm still working my way around to visiting while I'm crafting, so I'll be back again soon.  In the meantime, don't forget about the "Pay It Forward" previous post!

Hope you like my box!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Beebeebabs said...

All I can say is wow wow absolutely gorgeous!!

girlia said...

very nice.

A Creative Operation said...

What a cool project, I love it!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Awesome! WOW!!! I was LOL as I read your post...my husband was like, what is so funny...I can just see you and your husband as this was all taking place. He should def ask you before he throws ANYTHING away...hahaha!!!!

Great project!!! You are so creative!


Jean said...

This is so cute!! It would make a great little purse.

silvia haynes said...

I ADORE this box!! LOVE the distressing....Love EVERTHING about it. I can see why your cousins want it.

Marlene said...

What a super cute project, I love the little purse.

lovemypaper said...

Very cute love the color.

Love That Bug said...

I never would of know this was an ice cream box, it is truly stunning. I love the colors and the handle.
And yes, hubby always needs to check before he throughs anything away

Staying Crafty said...

Oh how fun! I've been thinking about embellishing more containers and have started saving a few. I need to get busy :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness this is adorable as can be! Love the pearl handle!
You always amaze me girl with your unbelievable talent.
blessings to you, Dawn ll

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey this purse is GORGEOUS! Love the pearls and thanks for the heads up on purchasing the paper for Staples as I didn't know they carried it there.
Thanks for sharing.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh it's so like you to make another one not to have hurt feelings... you are just the sweetest my friend...(I went to the circle crop in Rocklin, Everett let me spend the night so I wouldn't have to make the whole trip in one day, well I did the first day... but I am paying for it today, my head is about to explode... I shouldn't have gone) I just wanted to pop in to see you for a minute... hugs

Terry Oulboub said...

Audrey, you're so cute. You are extremely talented and you see in discarded boxes what I would find difficult to craft from. But yes, your lovely husband has to check with the artist first - hahaha - loved that story! I love your boxes - the one below and this little purse. AMAZING - woman, you are simply AMAZING! :-D

Rhonda Emery said...

love this so pretty.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

My eyes are popping with excitement. What a SUPER GORGEOUS project. Sooooo amazing. I think this is my all time fave. :)

Besthobbyeva said...

Audrey, you are too funny with the boxes!! I love, love the vintage feel of this. Absolutely gorgeous!! Only you!!


- - Sheryl - - said...

beautiful - as soon as I saw it - I thought purse as well!
I hear you ... everything recyclable is not safe in my house either!

Kate said...

I can't believe that's an ice cream container!! WOW!! It's incredible, Audrey!!
(I got a good chuckle reading the story of you shouting out to your husband!!)

Brenda said...

OMGOSH this is soooo awesome!!!! Now you have me going to go look in my freezer!!!