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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Good afternoon, everyone!  Hope all's well!

Wow, I had such a wonderful day yesterday; hope you did too!!!  The weather here yesterday was mid-70's -- not too cool, not too hot, just a lovely day -- and the hubby suggested he, myself, and Buster get out and enjoy it!!!  The 3 of us had a great-great day!  Buster, I think, was in "fur-baby" heaven having both of us to himself!!!  Because today is another great day and the weather forecast is for a not-so-great weekend, we decided to do it all again today!  Probably not many more really good days, so we're going to try enjoying what's left of them.

In the meantime, I wanted to make certain I posted templates for the sleigh candy box for you.  You will find them at the bottom of this post.  One of the templates is a JPEG picture file and the other is a PDF document file; you decide which works best for you.  For future use, I will also have these posted on my sidebar before the end of the day tomorrow; I'll let you know exactly how to locate them once they are posted there.  If/when you use this template, I'd really appreciate your linking your project to my blog so that I can appreciate what you've done with it too!  Enjoy!

Something else I 'd like to share with you today - I recently participated in a cardswap hosted by Agnes, aka Flowerdisco, and in the mail yesterday, I received the following cards in return for the ones I did for the swap:

I don't know that the pictures do them they justice they deserve and, if not, I'm telling you they are ALL just so beautiful!!!  I just have to say I was absolutely amazed by the extraordinary talent of these cardmakers, and the time and effort they put into making these cards; they are amazing!  And, being that I'm not very much of a cardmaker myself (mine weren't nearly as nice as these), I am so inspired by these creations that I am prompted to immediately work at creating better cards myself.  All the ladies did a wonderful job and I so much appreciate getting them, and being a part of the swap!  Thank you, ladies!  Agnes, you did a fantastic job!!!

Well, I'll be back!!!  I'll try to get around to your blogs to say hello when I get back later this afternoon/evening.  And if the weather is great in your part of the world, do yourself a favor -- enjoy it!!!  I hope it is and I hope you do!!!

In the meantime...  I'll be seeing you!

Click on your choice of image for template download:




Sandy from Ukiah said...

What beautiful cards. So glad you, hubby and Buster had such a wonderful day. AND thank you for the file, you are so sweet to share. Hugs.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow look at all those beautiful cards.... I knew I shold have joined that swap! TFS

Jean said...

Those cards are so nice!! Thanks for sharing the file, I definitely need to try one of these.

Love That Bug said...

So happy to hear the 3 of you had a great day together. I spent all day in my sewing room working on some projects, but I did manage to take Buster for a lil walk

flowerdisco said...

Great you had a beautiful day. we have rain up to you know what ;)

I am also happy to liked the swapped cards. They were all beautiful INCLUDING yours. I know you keep saying they were not but they were.

Thank you for participating :)

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

wow.... these cards are beautiful, love them all.
I am off for the weekend to see my kids and will be back on Monday, can't wait! have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

- - Sheryl - - said...

oh what a fabulous swap! i have not been in one since the C MB... which I rarely go on anymore.

- - Sheryl - - said...

Thanks Audrey - I saved the pdf of the sleigh I'll try it this weekend thank you!!!