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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello everyone!!!  As you know by now I've been busy with family issues, but I needed to take some time for my blogging family too.  I want to thank you all for your kind words, you're always here for me and that's why I try so hard to keep in touch and keep you informed.  I've visited with some of  you  but there just hasn't been enough time to get to all of you; I know those of you I haven't dropped in on yet will understand if it takes me a while longer to get to you.  I am hoping to get past what's going on very soon and get back to some kind of normalcy.

I received a phone call today from a dear friend's husband; most of you probably know her, Beatriz aka Amazing Grace.  She was rushed to the hospital today but I understand she's doing okay and was admitted only to have some tests performed.  However, I would appreciate everyone sending up a little prayer that she fully recuperates very soon from whatever ailed her.

Moving on, I have received the BFF Blog Award from a couple of sweet friends and I need to acknowledge them before I forget.  My thanks to Jean and Deborah for this award.  I am always honored when I receive "anything" -- I guess I must be doing something right, lol!!!

Ladies, I want you to know I think just as  much of you too.  I hope everyone who hasn't visited my very talented friends drop in on them.  You will not be disappointed!

As I've already received this award, I will pass it on to all my family that would like to have it.  Please grab it and post it on your blogs from me.  However, Jean and Deborah, I will add your names to this award on my sidebar.  If I have forgotten any awards, I am so very sorry, but please let me know.  I've been moving so fast the last few weeks, I've had a hard time just trying to keep up -- period! 

I'd also promised to post pictures of my hubby's new BMW he got for his birthday (if you remember).  Here is the ole man and his new "baby":

He and my son tell me this car does everything!  Now I don't know what everything means because I'm not into cars, but I am amazed you don't need a key to start or drive it, and that it has a built-in telephone.  It has what I understand is a good sound system (?) and you can even watch movies on the panel -- anything else I'm in the dark and I'll probably stay that way because I have no desire to take a class to learn about this car!  The hubby will enjoy it though, I'm sure, when he goes.  He hasn't really driven it much yet.

Here're a couple pictures of the panel on the inside of the car, one shows the audio and the other is tuned to the video of  what's behind the rear outside of the car (it has surround video):

I also understand this car lets you know if another car or something is too close.  Sorry, I can't be more descriptive but I'm just not into cars -- I hate driving so that explains my interest in cars.  Besides I'm feeling a bit rejected because we have a 2-1/2-car garage and I have to leave my car parked on the street.  My hubby had his really-really ugly old '64 Cadillac (his classic) moved so that his new car could occupy that space in the garage next to what he refers to now as his "everyday" car.  Just so you know, his "everyday" car is a Lexus -- that was his baby until this car was delivered!  I have a Toyota Yaris, so it doesn't rate garage priviledges!  It's just left out in all the elements!!!  Excuse me but, yes, I'm ranting!  LOL!

Anyway, I promised to post pics and this is the best I can describe it!  (Maybe I'll let my hubby post about his car... NAH!  LOL!)

Well, again, I'll be back as soon as I can.  I'll miss you until then...


Flamenco92627 said...

Thanks for the catch up. Congrats on the award! Doesn't DH know that a happy wife = a happy life? He needs to move something out of the garage LOL.

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Audrey! my thoughts and prayers for Beatriz:) Congrats on your BFF award very well deserved you are such a good friend to all of us!! Ola la love the hubby's new BMW and tell him CONGRARTS !!!

girlia said...


Besthobbyeva said...

Audrey gret pictures, fancy car and fancy husband!!! Your friend is our prayers.

Congrats on your awards, well deserved. Thanks for coming into blogland and visiting us! We know how busy you are!

Take good care of YOURself!!


Angi @ CokiePop said...

Looovvvee the new BMW. Fab car for the hubby! I will definately be praying for Beatriz. Hope you are having a wonderful week. :)

Treva said...

Audrey, you are too funny! I don't know much about cars either but it looks like DH got a real nice b-day present. You can just enjoy being in the passenger seat. TFS!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

OH MY.. what a beautiful car.. you definitely have him spoiled.. a Lexus for his everyday car. AND I would be ranting too if I had to leave my car on the street.. ROFL poor little Yaris left out in all the elements..

I pray that things are getting better for you my friend.. I am so glad you are able to sneak in every now and then and keep us updated.. BUT family is important and we all understand, I just hate that you are having to go through whatever you are dealing with... hugs

Jean said...

Congrats on the award and your husband's car looks great. I know he is enjoying it.

just2ducky said...

Congrats on the awards and the new car! It looks sweet! Lucky hubby!!!

Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness girl- you are the best!
Your honey is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky!

I am sure he has worked hard and really deserves all those great "toys".
Hope your taking care of yourself sweetie

shari said...

Audrey, I'm so sorry to hear about Beatriz, I'll be praying for her, I love her blog.
Tell the hubby his new car is Beautiful!!! Boys and their toys. HA!
Take care of yourself, I hope your back to crafting soon. Shari (cricutrookie)

Brenda said...

Oh Audrey, you are so cute. I don't know much aboout cars...but wow!!!
I hope things slow down in your family for you soon and hope to see some craftyness soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily

Nicole said...

Love the car! You have an award on my blog also!! Just posted it yesterday.

Mary said...

Whoa what a car! Don't feel bad, we have a 2 car garage and mine is outside in the elements!!! What gives with guys and their cars? TFS, Mary M

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Ohhhhh you soooo deserve a spot in the garage!!!! :-)

So happy he got his new ride! He looks so happy! Handsome young man he is! His ride is nice looking also!

Congrats on our award. I hope things are getting better for your family. You guys hang in there!!! Still praying!

hugs!!!! ♥ Eva

scrappin sista said...

LOL!!!! Audrey, you are too funy!!! That car that your hubby has is nice!!! I'm not into cars much anymore but i do know thats a nice ride! lol! Hope all is well with you, thanks for the laugh! I'll be seeing you later,

lovemypaper said...

WOW I like!

Terry Oulboub said...

Hello dear sweet Audrey, so glad you stopped by and said hello. I've been busy revamping my challenge blog so sorry I've not been by. Congrats on receiving your award - your blog is a delight you know! Wow, that is a cool car! King Mufasa loves BMW's and if he saw this...oh dear, we'd be getting it for him and there goes my shopping for crafts! LOL! Take care.

Love That Bug said...

Tell your handsome hubby he has a great car and a great wife. I wish him the very best travels

Patsy B. said...

Hi sweet Audrey!
I gotta say, your husband is one handsome fellow! He looks right at home with that BMW!
Love n hugs,

~BridgetL~ said...

Hi Audrey, I bet your hubby is just loving his new ride. It sure does look pretty sweet. Sorry I havent been by, my mom is in the hospital, so I have been a little preoccupied! I will stop by soon. Love the bunny and bottle projects, but when have i not liked anything you have done :)