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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello, everyone!  I'm sharing my DT project designed for and featured on Sheila's blog today!

Several weeks ago, I went on an out-of -state visit with a friend and we stopped at a hotel along the way for some much needed rest.  While there, in the bathroom of our room, I was inspired for this project when I paid attention to how the towels were fan folded and then focused on the fancy combination holder for the coffee/tea; I guess inspiration can come from anywhere...lol!  Anyway, I combined the idea of the folded towels and the beverage holder, and here's what I came up with:

It's a toiletry holder (but it can also be substituted for a stationary holder and the back can hold pens/pencils)!!!  For mine here, I've added a bar of soap, a towel, and -- in the back -- a small bottle of bubble bath.  Here's a picture of the back:

Supplies needed to make this project::
  • 1 - 6" x 12" sheet of  your preferred cardstock
  • 1 - 8" x 6" sheet of same or coordinating cardstock
  • 1 - 6" x 5" piece of chipboard (with enough coordinating paper to cover the roll)
  • 1 - toilet tissue roll cut down to 3"
  • 1 - 6" x 4.50" piece of heavy chipboard (with enough matching paper to cover your chipboard)
  • Strong adhesive of your choice (I used Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate")
Starting with making the soap holder:  With the 6"x12" sheet of paper, 12" side across the top of scoreboard, score at::  .75", 1.50", 2.25", 3", 3.75", 4.50", 5.25", 6",  and  6.75" (this is every 3/4th inches); the final score will be at 8":

With the first fold being a valley fold, start mountain and valley folding up to and including the 6.75" scoreline (do not fold the 8" scoreline yet).  Once all the folds are done, run glue along the bottom of the first bottom valley  fold:

With a finger in the middle of the folds only, fold and bring the inside ends together (see picture below);  then glue to create a seamed fan-fold:

When the ends have been glued together, the seamed fold will protrude on the inside so, in order for your soap to fit easily into it's holder, cut away as much access paper as possible:

Now, add glue to bottom of the 6" scoreline area and glue this down to base of the cardstock aligned with the 6.75" scoreline:

Next fold the fan-fold up into an upright position and fold the 8" score line towards you (valley fold) to form the soap holder.  It should look like this:

Put the soap holder aside for a moment and move on to the towel holder.
For the towel holder the 8"x6" cardstock is scored only once at 5", with the 8" side across the top of the scoreboard.  Fold at the 5" scoreline  and set this aside for now also.

Now, before the 2 holders are put together the back wall of the soap holder first needs to be secured so that it will stand in place on it's own (otherwise the back wall will be floppy because the cardstock isn't heavy enough to support itself).  To do this, take the 6"x8" chipboard and with the 6" side across the top of the scoreboard, score at 2" and fold.  Next, grab the soap holder;  take the chipboard and align it with the middle back wall of the soap holder; slide the  2" end of the chipboard beneath the back wall of the soap holder then glue the bottoms together.  The remaining end of the chipboard is then glued to the back wall of the holder (see picture below for chipboard placement).  Once the chipboard is glued in place, take the towel holder and glue the 3" scored end to the bottom of the soap holder.  Your holder will look like this:

Finally, cover the remaining 6" x 4.50" piece of chipboard (this will be the base for the entire holder) and the tissue roll with coordinating cardstock.  Glue the covered chipboard to the bottom of the holders aligning the front ends.  The remaining inches will extend from the back of the holder (see picture below).  This base will provide additional stability and security to your holder.  Now take your tissue roll and glue this to the back wall of your towel holder and to the bottom of the covered chipboard base:

Now the holder is done, all that's left is to decorate and embellish any way you'd like.

For my holder, I added a fan-fold to the top of the tissue-roll  holder holding the small bottle of bubble bath to complement the fan-fold on the front of the holder; added some Stickles around the edges; inserted my toiletries, added a metal leaf to the front and flat-backed marbles for feet.  The holder is all done!!!

Remember the useful idea I mentioned earlier that this holder can double as a stationary holder; swap out the soap for envelopes, stationary for the towel, and drop pencils/pens in the tissue-roll holder on the back!!!  Or maybe you can think of something else -- let me know!!!  Have fun with it!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you like my little project!


Monique Barr said...

That is so AWESOME TFS

Staying Crafty said...

This is wonderful! How nice to display in the bathroom for a houseguest, or give as a holiday gift.

Love That Bug said...

WOW! Isn't it funny where some of our inspiration comes from.
This project is stunning
I love it

lovemypaper said...

Very pretty love it! tfs

Dawnll said...

Love how your mind works- that is such a wonderful design idea.
Wouldn't this be wonderful for guests when visiting or even as a gift for someone in the hospital
Thanks for sharing

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow you really do get your inspiration anywhere! Fantastic, fantastic job!


Treva said...

Another great project, seeing your project also reminded me that I have that same MS paper pack. TFS!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Audrey, you are just amazing... I don't know if it's right for one person to have so much talent... this is just beyond adorable.. what a super cute idea.. Have a wonderful day Audrey... hugs from Ukiah

Brenda said...

This is awesome. What a cute gift this would make. TFS

Barb's Boys said...

Very pretty Audrey...you always come up with such cute ideas!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey this is such a wonderful design I just love this great tutorial also. Thanks for sharing with us at Shes A Sassy Lady.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

AWESOME & AMAZING Audrey. You have a clever mind girl. This is my all time favortie of all of your wonderful projects. :) :)

Jean said...

This is so pretty!!

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

wow.... what a great project! Thanks for sharing, love it!

CraftyGirl said...

Audrey... you are seriously the most creative person I know! I am always amazed at your ability to think up new projects and ideas!! Very clever!

barb :)

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [08 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Mary said...

Of course I love your project. You come up with the greatest ideas! Does that brain ever rest, lol. Hugs, Mary

~BridgetL~ said...

very cool project. a wonderful gift to give to family and friends. I love how you always give such great directions. Thank you! Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. I have Prom stuff going on this weekend, so won't check back here until maybe Monday. :)

Rhonda Emery said...

glad mind is working overtime, ha so glad your back to yourself. love to see what you are going to come up with next this is absoulety beautiful.

Charlotte said...


Wow! This is just amazing. I cannot believe how creative you are. You are so talented. This is just beautiful. You are so gracious to share a tutorial with us. I certainly intend on making this.
Have a good weekend.

Rose said...

awesome!!! i say you go to hotels more often ;)

- - Sheryl - - said...

Love the silver leaf in the front - what an awesome organizer!!! Fab!

Terry Oulboub said...

This is really awesome Audrey - I love the colors and the fan. Great tutorial! It's so versatile in it's use and that's cool! You're a wonderful crafter, always so inventive and creative!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Hey Audrey, I hope you are doing well!!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello :-)

Sandi Cl~ said...

Who would think this up but you? You have the most creative mind I know! Gorgeous project!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You haven't been posting... I hope everything is ok... hugs

Debbie said...

Yet another clever and beautiful project Audrey!!!

Jean said...

Hey Audrey, I have a new award for you on my blog. Hope everything is okay, haven't seen you on in a few days.

Kate said...

This is amazing!! It's so elegant and just stunning to look at. You are so clever to recreate it... And how funny that you were inspired by something in a hotel bathroom!! Good for you!!

JustYolie said...

Wow Audrey this is wonderful...love the origin of your inspiration. :)

Nadia said...

OMGosh what a great project! Love it!