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Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  I hope you're all well!  I'm back at  Pam's today with another fun DT project.

Today my box project is not from a cut file -- I just didn't feel like doing all the figuring out how to design a project and wanted something different anyway, so I did something different!!!  LOL!!!  I made a box from scratch with a turkey image I found on the internet.  Ready to see it?!!!  Well, here it is:

Here's a top view of the treat box where the treats are tucked away:

This box may look a bit complicated, but it was soooo easy!  It's simply taking a picture of one of the turkeys, flipping another of the pictures, and gluing them back-to-back so there's a turkey on both sides; I did two sets.  Next I measure a box sized to fit and glue between the sets of turkeys, and I had a treat box!!!  Here, let me show you.

First, from the image I found on the internet,  I printed out 4 turkeys in WordPerfect onto cardstock (2 turkeys per page) and flipped 1 on each page for my 2 sets of turkeys:

I cut out all four (4) turkeys, took  2 of the flipped opposites as shown on the picture below, and glued it back to back; I did the same with the other set of 2 -- BUT wait, I didn't do the second set just yet!!!  You'll see why in a minute. 

Using one of the turkeys from the second set,  I measured what size treat box I'd need to fit between my turkeys by outlining the size of the box on the back of the turkey (I didn't worry about drawing on the turkey because I'd be gluing the other one to the backside.  This is why I waited).  I determined the width of my box would be 1.50" and the length  3.50".  Look about right, huh? :

Now, so just how did I figure out how to do my box scaled to this size?  Well, it was easy and my method can be used to fit any size image; let me explain.  I know I want my box now to be 1.50" inches across and 3.50" down to fit between my turkey, so I had to figure what size paper I'd need for the box allowing for the sides and the tabs.  Using the method illustrated on the picture below, 5.50" x 4.50 would be the paper size I'd need for the treat box:

I'd already figured I wanted my box to be 1" deep as that would be enough to hold several small candies and not so deep as to make my turkey look like 2 turkeys!!!  You'll see what I mean!!!   Because a visual always helps me with where my scoring will be, I draw out the box according to the width, length, sides, and tabs on the 5.50" x 4.50" sheet of paper.   Doing this shows me I would score at 1", 2.50", 3.50" , and 5" across the 5.50" side of the paper, and at 1" across the 4.50" side of paper.  As a rule, I always allow the same number of inches for my bottom tabs as I do for the sides of my box, and only 1/2" for the side closure tab: 

Once I cut out my paper size and scored it, I folded along the score lines; cut the bottom tabs up to the bottom 1" score line, and cut out the bottom tab beneath the side closure tab -- as shown below:

I then adhered the treat box together by gluing the side tab to the opposite end side, and gluing the bottom tabs in place -- you know how to glue a box!!!  Lol!!!  Here's what the glued box looked liked when measured to my box illustration -- Perfect Fit... always!!!:


Now, I glued the back side of the second set of turkeys together!  Having my 2 sets of turkeys and my box, and being I'd covered up the drawn illustration, I glued my box in place approximately where I figured I'd measured it to go:

I then glued the other turkey set to the top side of the treat box to get this:

By manipulating the feet and the bottom wings, I got my turkey to stand on his own -- I'm sure the 2 sheets of cardstocks used to glue the 2 turkeys images together helped with it being sturdy enough.

Pretty cool, huh?!!!  Well, of course I'm not done yet, I have to decorate it!!!  Before highlighting the turkey with black, orange and yellow stickles, adding the ribbon and candies, I used a hot glue -- for instant gratification -- to glue together the two turkey heads and along the breast to give the appearance of it being one turkey -- this is why I didn't want the treat box to be too deep.  Well, it's all done!!!  Wanna see it again? 

I really hope you like this little project, it was so much fun to do!!!  And, hopefully, you'll try it -- you can always follow my means of measurement to get that perfect fit for your internet image treat box... lol!!!

Should you have any questions, you can leave me a comment; I'll get back to you!

Thanks so much for joining me today, I appreciate your stopping by!  Hugs, love, and as always...

I'll be seeing you!


Pam said...

This box is so so cute! Love it Audrey. TFS

mforquer said...

Audrey this is really a gorgeous and fun idea! I love the turkey and how cute would this be at Thanksgiving dinner!?

Beebeebabs said...

Love love love it your soooo creative tfs!!!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Fabulous Turkey Fun!!! You are soooo super talented Audrey! Love this. Hope you and your family have a Happy Turkey Day! Hugs! :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey this is just too cute. I could see a box like this in my foyer on the table as you enter my home! Soooo festive for the holiday. I just love it. Amazes me how you come up with all these fresh ideas.

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow, wow and wow! What a unique and clever idea, I love it. I would have never thought of anything like this!! Great, great job my friend!!


Patti J said...

You are a wonderwoman for sure! Girl, I'm amazed by how easily you create a pattern for something this intricate. Wowza! Beautifully done - Thank you for sharing!!!

- - Sheryl - - said...

great centerpiece !

Maria said...

I love the project. thanks for sharing

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love your turkey box... Audrey you are so amazing.. creativity just flows from you. Have a wonderful day my friend.. (and if you think of me, pray i survive this week end in the woods).. hugs

Ladybug said...

Audrey, that is just tooooo sweet! Did you use your Cricut to cut out those li'l turkeys? Or a Cuttlebug die? Or the ol' red Sizzix???

Just funnin' w/ ya! I know you used the old fashioned cutter:- scissors!! LOL LOL

TFS yet another wonderful creation of yours!

Hugs, my friend!

GabyCreates.com said...

You are so clever and creative!!! and most definitely the box Queen!!

Peggy T. said...

Audrey, you are so smart. I loved the little turkey box. I also wanted to tell you that you are an enabler.LOL I got on the internet and found 2 collections of Graphic 45 paper on sale for $10 each. I could not believe my good fortune. I hope it gets her before Thanksgiving so Donna and I can play.

MsJay said...

Love that turkey box. TFS

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great turkey box!

Jean said...

How cute!!

Cher~ said...

Very creative and such a beautiful turkey.

Mary said...

Wow, this is so cool Audrey! I love how you figured out the box size. TFS as usual, lol. Hugs, Mary

Marlene said...

Dear Audrey you are so talented. This is a super cute project. Great idea!

Charlotte said...

Audrey, This is soooooo cute. When I saw the drawings of the plans for the box, I thought to myself, "This is a good lesson in learning math in school"!! Can you tell I am a teacher from that comment? I love the turkey you used. It is so pretty and makes a beautiful box. So creative as always!!!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Wow, another amazing project! I wish I could make boxes on the fly like you. That is awesome! The turkey is beautiful and your tutorial was great! Thanks for sharing.


Bunnyfreak said...

Wow. Love the turkey treat box. Thanks for sharing all the photo details of how to make the box. I want to try this.

Jani said...

Great idea. I am definitely going to copy this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

You are so creative and clever! This is so awesome, Audrey!! I am going to have to try this...thanks to your instructions! :)


lisa808 said...

I love treat boxes--this is so cute for little gifts and placesettings.

Cricut Couple said...

OMG! I am so behind! This is just WONDERFUL! That cutting like that is so much work, but boy... is it worth it when you see the end result! Love it! You know... every once in a while, we have to get out the old craft knife and detail scissors to truly appreciate all of our machines. Hee! Hee!

The Archiving Angel said...

My goodness! This is just darn right awesome! Your tutorial is so helpful too. Just love what you did. So many uses!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to make me a turkey box for saleou? I am an avid turkey collector but am not good at crafts. I LOVE this box. If you are willing please email me at prehnlund@aolcom.
Thank you Audrey.