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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello, all!  And welcome to some wonderful new followers!!!  Thank you so much for joining me and my blog family!!!  I'm so glad to see you and look forward to a wonderful relationship!!!  I'll be around to see you as soon as I can... if I can.
Those of you who may have looked for my DT project today over at Sheila's... I've been so busy, I absolutely forgot!!!  I did explain to Sheila, and soon I'll have another little something to share with you over at her place...  I'll let you know the details soon!!!

I do apologize for being away and having to just as quickly rush back out.  As most of you know, I am "attend" to and assist in the care of my aunt and although she's a sweetheart she's also very demanding.   With assisting her and having other immediate home responsibilities, I've been extremely busy the last several days and I'm trying to get through what needs to be done without taxing myself.  I am fine but just not finding crafting/visiting time right now; normally after busy days, I stay up late nights to visit; however, the last few nights I've just been too exhausted to keep my eyes open long enough to probably even get my blog open!  I hope you don't ever think you're forgotten or ignored, believe me I'd much rather be here having a great time with you than what I have to do/am doing!!!

I did return to the dentist yesterday, and with the swelling down, they were finally able to complete a full x-ray, so I wanted to update you and let you know it appears there was no damage from the fall!!!  Didn't I tell you it would all be okay?!!!

A big surprise though was my dentist told me I had freckles... lol!!!  She said I'd probably had them since birth!!!  I never knew I had freckles... and I still don't being I can't see them!!!  I've had everyone who came within a close mile of me -- lol -- examining my face for the freckles and only one relative thought they might have seen them!!!  Go figure, huh?  (She also told me I had a few moles on my cheeks-- thank GOD I can't see those... lol!!!)

Anyway, I have a winner for the DTC Birthday Blog Hop for Brenda and Amy's birthdays.  The number selected by Random.Org is #28.  The 28th commentor is Susan of CricutandGrasshopper.Blogspot.com!!!  Congratulations, Susan!!!  You are the winner of the pad of Pop-Up Cards!!!!

Susan, please contact me at audreyfrel@sbcglobal.net with info on where I can send your RAK.

As I still have something I must get back to this evening, and most-of-the-day errands to run tomorrow, I can't promise I'll have a project for the next day or so to post; however, I will be back as soon as I can.  Hopefully, although I probably won't have a project before Saturday, I will try to get around to doing some visiting (or "lurking") when I can squeeze some moments in in-between.  But I should definitely be done with errands and chores by Saturday!

Love you all, miss you much, and I'll be back with you as soon as I can -- I promise!!!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!


OmaGloria said...

Congrats Susan!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

LOL.. you are so funny Audrey... freckles.. well if you have them I have always heard that's where the angel kissed you.. AND don't be over doing yourself my friend, we will all be here when you get time to pop over to visit.. So glad to hear you were ok after the fall... I am trusting Leonard to keep you from over doing.. hugs

Patti J said...

Glad to hear that you've just been busy, and are okay! I was worried about repercussions from your fall :) Take care, and get some rest, sweetie!

Mary said...

Rest my dear. You have such a big heart you do have to take care and not worry about us. We're adults, we can handle it!Hugs my friend~Mary

Jean said...

Congrats to the winner! Miss you Audrey, but I know how hectic life can get.

lovemypaper said...

Congrats Susan!

Becky Dunham said...

You are so sweet Audrey. I am sorry you are being run so ragged. Congrats to Susan :)

girlia said...

Congratulations on your win.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

So happy you are ok.
Congratulations to the winner!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

So glad to hear there is no damage from the fall, that is great news. Now you can have an awesome weekend.

Hope your aunt didn't run you too much today!

Congrats to Susan!

Have a great weekend Audrey!

Susan said...

OMG Audrey! I won?!?!! YAY! Here I've been out of commision the last few days and I did my post and started catching up with your blog and here I see this! Thank you so much Audrey! I'll get the email over to you right now! Thank you, that just made my day! :)


Rhonda Emery said...

congrats to winner, and I am so glad you are feeling better and was able to hop on my birthday. love ya take care.

Lisa said...

Congratulations, Susan! And Audrey, I am soooo happy there was no damage from the fall! And I hope you are able to get some rest!!

Hugs, Lisa :)