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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hi, all!!!  I think I've already convinced you how happy I am to be back and that I missed you!  I loved spending time with the  families and my nieces, had a really great time, but I really couldn't wait to get back to my crafting.  Family times can be a bit stressful, and now I can do what I love and relaxes me.

I have already visited some of you but I have so many more of you to get to, so please bear with me; I've missed out on quite a bit and I really want to catch up on what you all have been up too.

I was so surprised to come back and find my wonderful friend Jean had left me a cute new blog award:

Jean, thank you so much, my dear friend!
As well as being a special friend, Jean was also a regular winning participant in the recent CuteandSome Showcases.  She does fabulous work, so those of you who haven't visited her, please click on her name above (highlighted and underlined) and check out her amazing talent.
I have to now list 7 things I love: 

  1. I love crafting

  2. I love visiting my blogging friends and being visited

  3. I love sharing my creations and seeing them re-created

  4. I love quiet times with my wonderful hubby

  5. I love my little Buster and snuggling with him

  6. I love craft shopping

  7. I love being retired to enjoy life, happiness, crafting, family and friends, my God, and having the time to live the life I love
I wasn't sure how many people I had to pass this award on to, so since Jean sent it to me and she only passed it on to three (3) people then I'm going to pass it on to two (2) and every one of you gets the 3rd one:
  1. Elizabeth

  2. All my blogging friends
 You're all wonderful and wonderful crafters, but if you know me by now, I like to spread out some of the awards I receive to different crafters I may not have shared one with before -- that is, those I can remember, LOL!!!  I love to spread the love.  Please visit these talented ladies!!!

Well, got lots of visiting and catching up to do, so I can get to crafting!

Love you all, and...

I'll be seeing you!


- - Sheryl - - said...

I saw your name on Jean's blog! Congrats and so glad you are back from relative hosting! Look forward to your awesome projects!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

No one deserves an award more than you my friend.. I so missed you, glad you are back. I was quite worried about you till you sneaked on and told us you had family visiting... BIG HUGS

MsJay said...

Congrats on the new award! And glad to see you are back in actions. Looking forward to your crafting projects.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey, silly I sent you that award on July 4th, didn't you get it? So glad you are back.

Kingston's Kreations said...

Audrey you have made my day!!! You are too sweet! I can't thank you enough for passing this award off to me. I will post it on my blog with pride tomorrow. I am glad that you are back and I look forward to more posts.