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Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello, everyone and happy Friday!  I hope those of you who haven't been feeling well are on the road to good health!!!  I am feeling better, but not by much.  I did, as I said I would and made an appointment to see my doctor.  The good news is she'll take me as her first patient tomorrow; the bad news, she's not in one of her Chicago offices on Saturdays so I'll have to drive to Orland (a suburb).  It's a pretty long drive and I'm not looking forward to go it -- but I'm going!

This project is a result of my hubby.  Unfortunately, and so sad, he's attended 3 wakes and funerals this week.  So many of his friends have either been gravely ill and/or passing away.  I normally keep a few get-well and sympathy cards on hand to have for these occasions, but with his last friend's passing, he had to buy a card.  Therefore, I've decided one of my New Year resolutions is going to be being  prepared with cards to suit every occasion -- including Christmas!!!  Cristmas really did sneak up on me without enough cards to send, and I felt awful about this, so get prepared to see lots of cards -- including Christmas cards.  I resolve to be ready for all occasions!  LOL!

As a start, I completed a sympathy card today, and I'd like to share it with you all:

Here's a picture of it closer up:

I seldom use my Cuttlebug (or my Spellbinders Wizard), so today I decided to pull out my "bug".  Oh-oh, another New Year resolution -- to use more of my crafts toys and cartridges that I don't get around to using.

As a note, I hope those of you who won the resin pendants, and Beebeebaps who won my blogaversary candy, saw my post that said I'll have everything in the mail to you as soon as I can.  If I can get out of my doctor's office after my appointment in time tomorrow to make it to the Post Office before it closes, they'll be in the mail tomorrow.  I'll let you know!

Well, I think that's it for the moment.  I'll be back!


Corliss McBride said...

This card is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Beebeebabs said...

Wow Audrey you are banging out new projects everyday I wish I had the mojo to do that. Your card is beautiful love everything about it. Audrey don't worry yourself just take care of yourself and I know we all will be happy when we receive it. Now take care of yourself.

GabyCreates.com said...

What a gorgeous elegant card Audrey!
So sorry I haven't stopped by lately...busy with family from out of town etc. Gaby

Lori Apgar said...

What a pretty card. So sorry to hear about all the wakes and funerals lately...

I am proud of you for going to the doctor tomorrow! You need to take care of yourself ~ I remember your infected hand last year. We can't have you out of commission again!!!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am so glad to hear you made an appointment to see your doctor.. you have been sick to long my friend. I am so with you about making more cards for every occasion this year ( I so totally blew Christmas too, I don't know where the year went.) It's so hard to make a sympathy card and you have done such a beautiful job on this... hugs

Love That Bug said...

What a pretty card. So sorry for the occasion. Good luck at the doctors tomorrow.
Be better soon
Many hugs

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

This card is beautiful and I now they will love it and appreciate your work. I love the scripture in the front. I promise I will come visit you or meet you somewhere for lunch next time I go to Chicago. Have a nice weekend!

CraftyGirl said...

Hopefully the doctor can finally get you healthy! Your card is stunning! I'm sure the family receiving it will treasure the fact you took the time to make it yourself!
barb :)

Jean said...

This card is really nice.

Dawn said...

I am glad you are going to the doctor! You probably have pneumonia and don't know it.
Can you tell I am a mother?
How sad your honey had so many funerals to attend.
My honey and I are saying this a lot that we are at the age where people are passing away more .
I like you need to get on the stick with more sympathy cards. I never have enough.
Take care and good Luck with the doctors.
Far away hugs to you.

Marlene said...

Gorgeous card Audrey, love the white and gold.
Hope all is well the Dr. God bless.

*BJ* said...

Beautiful card Audrey. Hoping and praying that your Dr. appt is successful in that you will be on the mend real soon.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

You are creating some beautiful stuff Audrey. Love this gorgeous card. :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful card. and I am so happy to learn you are finally going to the doctor. That is quite a little ride you are making though, I sure hope hubby is driving you. Fell better.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Lovely card! I love the embossing :-) I need to do what you are doing...I just can't seem to get motivated. Hoping this snow goes away soon...

Rose said...

this is gorgeous!!!

- - Sheryl - - said...

sorry for your losses - we too have seen a few folks pass away suddenly. Your card is very beautiful.

Jen said...

Absolutely gorgeous... you sure do make wonderful cards. Thanks for stopping by.. Hope your feeling better..

Becky said...

This is absolutely elegant. Thank you for playing with Speedy's Friends.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Very elegant card! Thanks for playing with Speedy's Friends!

Harriet Skelly said...

What an elegant sympathy card! Thanks for playing with Speedy's Friends!

Virgo5 said...

Beautiful, love the touch of gold!
Thanks for playing with Speedy's Friends!