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Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello, my wonderful family-friends!  Hope you're all well after a great weekend!

It is with a saddened and questioning heart that I am saying good-bye to several followers.  Over the last couple of days, I've noticed several followers have withdrawn from following me.  I don't know why they decided to leave but if they are reading this post, if it was a result of something I inadvertently did or didn't do, I'm so sorry.  I work very hard at reaching out and extending myself to all, however, I know that no matter what I do I'll never always please everyone, and/or be able to touch/reach everyone as much as I'd at least try to.   If anyone doesn't know this, I'm saying it now that I appreciate you all so very much.  And, in my posts I do try to let you know this as best I can!

I wish I knew the circumstances for the withdrawals, however, it was your choice- your decision; I'll respect that.  But, I'd like you to know I'll miss you, and thank you for the time you did spend with me.  Maybe you will come back from time to time to visit with me -- I hope so!

Well, to the rest of my family-friends, I'm completing a little project I'll be back later to show you!  I did tell you I'd have something fun!!!  I think I do!!!

I'll be seeing you!


scrappin sista said...

You can't please all the people all the time, my advice to you is keep doing what your doing!!! I love it!! I was absent for awhile and i could'nt wait to get back so i could see your beautiful work!!!! I appreciate all that you do and i know i am not the only one!!
Happy Crafting,

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Don't feel bad Audrey, it is their loss.. there are a few people (probably a handful that I have met since I have started blogging) that I have come to know and feel so blessed by their friendship and you are definitely on the top of that list, you have such a sweet heart, I am always so pleased when I see you have left me a comment, because what you write is always from your heart and I am so blessed by knowing you. AND you are such an inspiration. I always love seeing what you have created.. sending you a BIG HUG

Leanne said...

I've had this happen to me also! I just try not to take it personally and hope that you won't either. It is disappointing and it can leave you wondering why but that we will never know! I'm sorry I don't comment like I should life just gets in the way alot hee hee but I'm here and not going anywhere!!

Jean said...

I have lost a few as well and didn't know why. I love your blog Audrey, so I will be here to see what you create!!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

I've had that happen a few times too. They are the ones missing out :-) Hope your doing well-Sam :-)

Toni said...

I'm sorry you lost followers , you are such a good blog host...... I will never leave you:) hope you had a great weekend <3

Melissa said...

That's funny that you should post about that today! I just signed into blogger and the first thing I noticed was that I lost a follower!!! :( I'm sure it's happened before and that I just didn't notice. The reason I noticed just now was that I was at 450 this morning and now I'm at 449. It really shouldn't bother me, but it does kinda make you think..."why didn't they like me???" lol I'm a people pleaser and I want everyone to love me! lol I'm not going anywhere so you don't need to worry about me! :)

- - Sheryl - - said...

I noticed I lost 3 and gained 2 new ones as well. I tried not to take it personally thinking it was while I was caring for my daughter.
Audrey perhaps they had too many blogs to read or they changed their crafting taste.

Look forward to your projects!

Rhonda Emery said...

you probably did nothing wrong. Dont know the reason of it but you will get new friends I am sure. cant wait to see your next project. I will be your friend till the end. ha

Marlene said...

Well Ms. Audrey as nice and sweet as you are, always leaving me those encouraging comments and you have a Shih Tzu. You are allllllll right. I can't wait to see your upcoming fun project.

lovemypaper said...

Sorry to hear that!I enjoy come and looking around!TSMFS!

Beebeebabs said...

Can't please every body Audrey - it make you wonder why but I wouldn't let it worry me - I am sure they are still lurking (how can you resist your creations).

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you, all! You're wonderful!!!

Shelley said...

Audrey honey, you said it best yourself! You can't please everyone. I come to your blog because I enjoy your crafting and because you took me under your wing when I was first starting out and you taught me many things. You visit my blog regularly and NEVER fail to leave a comment on every single post! I'm sorry some folks decided to move on but you can rest assured that I will be here for you!

Keep up the great work!

mforquer said...

Audrey - ME TOO!! LOL, not sure why this is happening but maybe some are not finding the time to look at blogs and are reducing a bit. I love your blog though and look forward to each and every post!!!
Big Hugs

Mary said...

It's their loss Audrey. I LOVE reading your blog. If you need some cheering up perhaps you'd like to hop over to my blog http://Mary-fortheloveofart.blogspot.com (OK stop laughing its supposed to be for the love of art!). I just posted an entry yesterday titled: (drum roll please) "Some People Suck" I hope it puts a smile on your face and please keep blogging, TFS, Mary M

Ohhh Snap said...

A lot of people have been saying they are feeling overwhelmed lately so it just could have been something completely outside of the blog. I would recommend you do what you love and know that is enough. Your projects are always awesome even if I get distracted and forget to post lol. Feel the love, and Thanks for Sharing :D

**Treefrog** said...

Oh Audrey don't take it personally, I think all of us have had that happen to us and it does make us all question "Was it something I said or did"? But I think that some are just either overwhelmed with all of this crazy blogging universe and maybe some have just taken a "vacation" from blogging or maybe it's just good Ole Blogger, lol! We've all had some sort of problems with them at one time or another so maybe it's not you at all, lol! In fact I know it's not you, your one of the sweetest nicest ladies I've "met" through the blog world. You ALWAYS stop by everyone's blog and leave the nicest comments (tell me girl, just how you do it, lol!) But don't take anything personally, just keep being you, your a Sweetheart!
((Hugs)) and Take Care, Theresa

Wende said...

Audrey, whatever the reason, don't take it personal. I have a girlfriend that has well over a thousand followers and it happens to her all the time. You are one talented lady. I enjoy your blog and all of the inspiration it brings. I have learned so much from you and eagerly await more! You have been so very kind when visiting me, I value you and your friendship!!! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Rose said...

Audrey you never know why some drop blogs. So don't think you did or didn't do something :)
I have had to "clean up" my blogger list in the past as it reached over 300 blogs I was following and that was just to much to keep up with. I couldn't give them enough of my time so decided quality was better than quantity. even with under 100 blogs I still don't keep up with them all as i would like. So you just keep doing what you are doing :)

Staying Crafty said...

I have heard a lot of people have had this happen recently. Maybe people are trying to follow fewer blogs in the new year so they can keep up or something. Creativity is so personal, and it's always changing. I love to experiment with new styles, techniques, and ideas. I realize that some people who start following me when they see a certain kind of card may later be disappointed if I am doing different things. I can't help that, and neither can you. Some people follow, but rarely visit. Heck on Youtube I get 200 views for most of my videos even though I have over 400 subscribers - so if I lost some of the subscribers that don't watch anyways, it really wouldn't mean much, would it? :) Chin up buttercup - your work is beautiful.

Jamie Lane said...

:) Why do people come and go? I see it happen a lot on my blog too! You still have me! :)

Barb's Boys said...

Yes, I really think it is a matter of reducing their inbox, not yours personally. I find I spend so much time blogging it sometimes cuts into my craft time even though I get a lot of inspiration from blogging! What do you do??? Keep blogging Audrey!

Dawn said...

I didn't want to miss a chance to comment.
It is so funny because my numbers go up and down each day. I know having giveaways end then people drop off.

I also have been cleaning up my subscriptions.I follow in Google Reader, I get newsletters, I have links on my blog. So I have tried to remove where I receive all of these for each blog.
It can be an overload of info sometimes.
I am getting better about organizing.
I am here because you are such a positive and refreshing blogger. You have a bonus of being a crafter!
I know I have grown to love you because you are such a special person- glad I can count you as a friend girl.
Keep doing what you do - numbers or not.

Treva said...

Don't worry, just keep doing what you do!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Audrey, please don't take them leaving personally. Who knows why they left...maybe they are not following anyone now. Maybe they felt they didn't have enough time to respond to your wonderful work, so out of respect for you they left. You never know what someone is thinking.

I have read on the Cricut MB about this happening to people. I lost 2 but now I have 2 new followers. :-)

You are the most thoughtful blogger I know. I am sure it wasn't something you did to anyone.


Kingston's Kreations said...

Audrey, Please don't worry about this. You are one of the kindest and sweetest bloggers I know so it is their loss. I love visiting your blog and I know that MANY others do as well. Hugs,

"Um Buggin" said...

Hello dear Audrey, You must not worry about loosing followers. I am sure it is nothing that you have done, because I find your blog so enlighting when I visit. I think people are trying to cut down on following so many blogs, because it is so hard to visit each one and leave comments. I have lost some, but I figure they know what is best for them. It use to really upset me when people didn't leave a comment, 100 visits and 5 comments. Now I try not to worry about, because time is so short, and you may peek and say I will come back to it later. Never happens, so I do understand.
Get well soon!

Hugz, xx


A Creative Operation said...

You still have us! :-)

flowerdisco said...

oh i see...it happens to me all the time, lol

we will be ok ;p