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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi, everyone!  I hope you're all well and I'm delighted to be starting out a brand new year crafting with all my wonderful friends.

As I said I would last night, I began playing with my Imagine.  I spent most the evening calibrating it and just looking around to see how it works; today, I ventured into making a project.  Unfortunately, I don't like the project -- not at all!!!  But I feel that as I'm not yet familiar with the Imagine, I'd show you the project anyway, and hope you'll forgive and/or overlook my lack of experience with my new toy; I really hate to think I'm boring you.

I'm still not overly excited about this Imagine, however, this evening I'm going to try a project using it along with one of my Cricut carts to see what I can come up with.  I figure that eventually I'll come up with something satisfactory to me.  I wish you Imagine owners would give me some pointers!!!  Anyway, here's the box I made on Imagine:

The graphics came from the JT cartridge.  I really don't care for any of the graphics on any of the carts enough to buy any; I'm hoping they'll come out with some better ones.  Here's a close-up of the top of the box:

I used Stickles, feathers along the sides and put a bow on this box, but it just doesn't do anything for me -- it's just ugly!!!

Oh well, I'm not one to give up -- so I'm on to to trying something else!!!  I'll  beat this Imagine if it kills me!!!

I'll be seeing you!


"Um Buggin" said...

Hi Audrey,
Welcome to the Imagine family! You are so going to love it once you get the features down. It does take time to understand it. I love your first project, and don't think it is ugly at all. You did a great job, compared to my first one which I threw in the garbage, lol. I have only made one card which was the baby invite, and that was back when I first got it in October. I haven't played with it since, but now that I have a new Imagine buddy, I think you will inspire me to get to work. So happy you got an I girlfriend.
My back has been out since before Christmas, missed my CB challenge for this week, due to being under the weather. Hope to see more soon.

Hugz, xx


mforquer said...

Now Audrey this is adorable!!! Why lousy! Silly! Love it - but I agree that Imagine is one tricky lady!!! LOL - mine is still sitting in a corner staring at me - collecting dust! Missed you and glad you are back!

Leanne said...

Oh Audrey!! This is not ugly!! You are being wayyy to hard on yourself! I think that it turned out lovely!! I wished I could help you with the Imagine but I don't own one so I have no clue lol!! TFS!

Flamenco92627 said...

You are so funny! You couldn't make something lousy if you tried LOL. I think the box is edgy. I like the graphic and the wings behind it. Have fun with your I!

shari said...

Audrey, I honestly love it!! You are being too hard on yourself. Shari (cricutrookie)

Brens Designs said...

Well... You may not like it, but I think it is pretty cool! I know you will conquer the Imagine soon. I do not have one and have not decided whether I need another machine or not but do like the things I have seen with it. Happy 2011 to you and yours my sweet friend.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

it's not ugly at all!!!!!!!!! I love it and the colors too. The pictures never give justice to the work, details and colors. If this is a bad one, according to you... can't wait to see what a good one will be like!!!!!

just2ducky said...

Yeah, I am not feelin' it either. Told Agnes as much. But like you, I 'will' prevail!!! My go to is my expression without a doubt. But I think the I really has potential once they get going on it. So I am looking forward to what it can do in the future. But currently, not so much. Email me if you'd like and we can swap some ideas. Oh, I do love the printing portion - if done right, it can take the place of stamps for sentiments. That part is nice.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Hey Audrey, I am so glad you are playing with your Imagine :-) JT is not my fav cart, but I LOVE what you did with it!!!! I think this looks great and I love the decoration you made for the top of the box. Not ugly at all girl!!!!!

Someone posted a projected on the Cricut MB using this cart and I thought she did a good job too...you guys may have inspired me to get a new cart!

Don't give up on the imagine...I know you like to make boxes, how about you use an old cart to create a box - use the Imagine to create the pattern paper? I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!!!!

Have a great week, hugs!

flowerdisco said...

what don't you like about it? from here it looks awesome gf...awesome!!

and congrats on your new toy. maybe you can give me a true opinion about the ink. i have been asking but w/no luck ;p

Staying Crafty said...

I think this turned out nicely! I understand how you feel about the graphics though. I haven't purchased an Imagine, and as it stands right now I have no intention to. I'll see if they add more functionality and better imagery down the line but for the time being I'm spending my $$'s elsewhere.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey nothing you do could possibly be ugly... I wish I could give you some pointers, but I need to learn it myself. BUT I am never home long enough to play much with it... I left Ukiah at 9:30am to take Karen and Tony to the airport in Sacramento... the traffic was just horrible. I am just now getting home and it's 9:15pm..(well i did stop in Sacramento to have lunch with Judie and then I stopped at two Costco's... I am so tired, but want to take a quick peek to see if you had posted. I love your box and can't wait to see more of your creations with the imagine. Tomorrow I am off to Santa Rosa to take Alex for his allergy shot... hugs

Sandy from Ukiah said...

AND forgot to say, you could never bore anyone.. I so enjoy visiting your blog..

Jean said...

I like the feathers graphic on the box Audrey. Can't wait to see what else you make with the Imagine.

Curt in Carmel said...

I don't even know what an "Imagine" is! LOL After reading some of the comments of those who have them, I'm not sure I want to know what it is. But I'm the same guy who won't even go near a Cricut. At least you have the courage to jump right in and figure it out! Kudos to you! Happy New Year! Best, Curt

Lori Apgar said...

Audrey ~ I can see this is not your usual style, but it is not ugly!! I am having a hard time with the carts too as I really don't like the styles. I am, however, loving the the snapshot ones. I can't wait until the Gypsy works with the Imagine!!

Lori Apgar said...

I saw someone else mention making boxes....you can take the back side of a patterned paper (that is white) and put your box on the screen and flood fill it with color. This way the inside of your box gets a pretty pattern too! Elizabeth from 217Creations made a video of this on her blog!

Lisa said...

What are you talking about? Lousy? Not at all, I think it's very nice. I don't have the imagine, but you did a great job.

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you all!!! That's what I love about you all, you just won't let me be disappointed in myself with any peace! LOL!!!

A funny story is that when I first showed the box to my hubby, it didn't have the bow or feathers added -- he loved it!!! THEN!! He said it looked like a man's box, but then I went and ruined it by turning it into a "frilly thing" with the "fluff-fluff stuff"! His words, not mine -- LOL!!! Ends up he didn't like it either... Why should that make me happy?! Haaaaa-haaaaaa!

Shelley said...

Audrey! I wished my projects looked that lousy! I love your box! You will love your Imagine just hang in there and keep on playing with it.