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Friday, January 7, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  It's Friday, and I'm sure there are many of you just ready for the weekend!!!  Well, I hope all's well and that it'll be happy scrappin' this weekend!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any crafting done today because I didn't start the day feeling too well.  Later, this afternoon, my aunt called and asked me to pick up and bring her some Ensure.  I was so annoyed but I didn't refuse her, and I'm so glad I didn't!!!  What an amazing evening this turned out to be!!!  I'll tell you why.  But, first I have something to show you, here's one of my graduation pictures... ohhh, about some 40+ years ago!  Reaally!!!  Take a look and don't you dare laugh:

Now the reason this day became so important is because although my aunt really did want the Ensure, she'd also decided to give me 2 pictures of my mother when she was younger that I'd never seen before.  She told me she knew if I'd seen them sooner I would have begged for them and that she wasn't ready earlier to part with them; she thought it was now a good time to pass them on to me.  This is my mom's graduation picture:

And this is a picture of my mom my aunt has just held on to, hidden, for all these years:

I don't think I'm going to stop crying for the rest of the evening!  My family is notat all  particular about having pictures taken of themselves, therefore, family pictures are far and few between.  So, this is just a blessing and a surprise to me that these actually existed, and that they now belong to me!!!  Oh, I have a few pictures of my mom but all (except one) of them were taken after I was born -- and I think I took them, so these are very precious indeed!  Maybe I'm bias but I think she was just beautiful younger as she was young!!!  My mother was only 42 when she passed away.

The reason I put my graduation picture here along with my mom's is because I wanted to share a very tender moment with the rest of my family/friends, and also because I guess now I'm going to have to force myself to make a scrapbook in memory of my mom!!!  This is the best Christmas, New Year, Valentine present wrapped-up-in-one that my aunt could have given me.

Now, and the most important reason for posting my graduation picture, my picture has been tucked away and hidden too -- in my piano bench.  I'm going to take out allllll the pictures I have of myself and make certain I share them with everyone I love!  I was fortunate to be here when my aunt decided to let them go; I won't take that chance with my loved ones!

Thank you for dropping in to share this with me. 


Jean said...

Audrey, this is so wonderful! I love the pictures and that is so great that you now have these.

Rhonda Emery said...

oh I sorry you dont feel well. but am so happy for you you got pictures of your beautiful mother. I am really happy for you. hugs to you

shari said...

Audrey, this is so sweet! You and your mother were both beautiful young ladies. You still are! I can't imagine loosing my mom so young, I can see why you would treasure these photo's. I can't wait to see you scrap them. Shari (cricutrookie)

Rose said...

what a blessed evening :) thanks for sharing

mforquer said...

Audrey you are gorgeous!!! Love that beautiful picture of you. Your mother is beautiful too. So happy that you shared this with us. Isn't it funny how blessings happen everyday when you least expect it. That's why they are so wonderful!

CraftyGirl said...

What a tender moment you got to spend with your aunt tonight! I am so happy you have these gorgeous photos of your mother! What a blessing for you to be able to hold on to these as well as the memories! Both of you are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Barb :)

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

This is so precious!!!! and this is why I love scrapbooking..... we can freeze these memories in paper! Thank you for sharing and God bless ALL your loved ones.

Flamenco92627 said...

Audrey how wonderful that you got those pictures! They are all gorgeous! Oh my gosh, 42 is so young, I'm sorry you lost your Mom then! Your album will be so beautiful-I'm so excited for you.

sucor said...

Wow, what a special treasure and blessing you received.

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Well you definitely come from a long line of gorgeous women that's for sure! I LOVE looking at older pictures of my relatives. Such a neat feeling looking back on what they wore and looking at the surroundings.

That's so special that you are able to have these pictures to keep and look back on. So sorry your mom passed at such a young age :-( 42 is way to young for anyone to have to be parted from family and life.


June said...

What a beautiful post!!! Thank you so much for sharing and I think that making a scrapbook in memory of you mother would be wonderful!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey i am so excited for u that your aunt gave u these BEAUTIFUL pictures of your mom. My mom died at the age of 32 years old. And I am so thrilled that u are going to scrapbook them. Hugs my friend

Beebeebabs said...

Wow Audrey you haven't changed a bit. The pictures of very nice especially the one of your mother. I am like your family I really do not like to have my pictures taken - my son always tell me in 20 years you will appreciate pictures of yourself which is sooo true. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories!!

Kingston's Kreations said...

Audrey, what a great post! You have me in tears! It must have been so hard to have your mom pass away when she was so young. What a great gift your aunt gave to you. I think it is a great idea to make a scrapbook to honor your mother. So sweet!...and I would love to see it. I also love your graduation picture, very beautiful!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh what a precious gift, Audrey! The pictures are beautiful and so special. Your kindness and love for your Aunt is being repayed in unexpected ways. xxD

Terry Oulboub said...

Audrey, what a beautiful young lady, so poised and elegant. Also wonderful pictures of your mom, what a special moment getting the Ensure for your aunt made. I just purged the contents of my storage unit and found an album I'd made with just photos of my mom and dad - they took tons of pictures, which is good so we can cherish since they are both gone. I know that yours will be cherished in a lovely album too - another scrapbooking project to enjoy. Congrats on your blog-o-versary!

- - Sheryl - - said...

Hi Audrey
what a special evening for you.

Thank you for sharing your story with us - it is special to have those moments to cherish.


Curt in Carmel said...

What a heart-warming post Audrey. . .I can see where your beauty comes from. Your Mother was a beauty too. I love old photos and I love looking at them. These that you shared today are amazing! Their are so many things I love about you, and one of them is your sense of family. You are truly an awesome person, and I'm so fortunate to have "met" you. BTW, even your comments to me make me feel really special! Thanks for being such a wonderful lady. . .Best, Curt

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

What a blessing your evening turned out to be. I treasure the photos of family of days gone by, they are just so special. Thanks for the reminder of what is important in life.


Oh Audrey, how wonderful!!!! xoxox

Dawn said...

What beautiful pictures of you and your mother.
What treasures to have.
I always think woman hate having their pictures taken.
I started last year letting my picture be taken and used whenever.
While making scrapbooks I have very few pictures of me and that made me so sad.
Treasure all these gifts from your Aunt- how sweet she shared with you now.
Hugz my friend

~JulieH~ said...

Happy New Year Audrey. What beautiful photographs of you and your mum and so precious for you to have them to treasure always.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

I am so happy for you. What an awesome surprise! You and your mom are so beautiful :-)

flowerdisco said...

audrey..these are priceless my dear. i love looking at old pics too...actually, i love it!
thanks for sharing your beautiful momma w/us

Toni said...

Ohhhh How wonderful .... your mom was so pretty!!!!! as were/are you .....what a great treasure they are

**Treefrog** said...

What beautiful pictures Audrey and Thank You so much for sharing such a special moment with all of us! It actually brought a tear to my eye because I do truly believe that you need to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones while they are here. You will always treasure that day with your Aunt and everytime you look at that picture of your Mom you will also think of your lovely Aunt. I just recently found some pictures of my Mom and Dad that I had packed away and Love looking at them. I actually did a Layout of them while they were dating, and it made the Front Cover of the Bug Magazine, woo hoo! I am going to frame it and hang in my scrappin area so I will always see it! Enjoy your pictures, your both Beautiful, and enjoy reminising each time you look at them.
((Hugs)) Theresa

Tanya said...

Aww love these! Thanks for sharing with all of us!


~BridgetL~ said...

Audrey, I know I've commented on several of your post and Im not seeing them. I wonder what is going on.
What a treasure to have these pictures.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Wow...Gorgeous photos. I love the look of photos like these. :)

Sandi Cl~ said...

Audrey, I am so glad that you shared this with your blogging friends! I so covet family photos and feel fortunate to have all that I do. What a blessing that rained down on you with these treasures. Fabulous photos too I might add!