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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Happy Sunday morning, everyone!

Does anyone want blog candy?!!!  Well, tomorrow afternoon I'll show you what I have to give away and when!

Right now though, I have a couple of quick cards I put together last night to share with you.  Because these cards can pretty much be all occassion cards, I didn't add a sentiment.  I haven't a clue what ocassion I'll use them for and who will get them, so I'll make the sentiment match the occasion at that time.  Here's the first card:

Here's the inside:

Here's the second card:

This paper was so heavy it's kind of hard to see all the embossing, but it really came out better than I thought it would.  And here's a peek on the inside of it:

Well, I've got to go.  We're under a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch right now, and I hear thunder.  If you've been reading/following my blog for a while than you knowmy house shuts down during storms and a whole lot of praying goes on because we believe that's when God is talking -- can't hear a message if your ears aren't tuned in... lol!!!

Anyway, just wanted to get in here and make certain I said hello, and  shared a little something with you.  After all the problems I had yesterday with my Yudo, I'm surprised I got through a project at all... hee!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see if you might be interested in the blog candy!!!  And I hope you like my quick cards...  oh-oh, I hear hail!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Jean said...

Love these cards!! So beautiful. Stay safe in the thunderstorms.

Mary said...

Hail is never good when you are under a tornado watch, lol. Love the cards and hope you get some answers from PC on your Yudu tomorrow, hugs, Mary

Sandy from Ukiah said...

LOL.. you are so funny Audrey... but I do agree, you can't hear God if you aren't listening.. we get so busy with our lives that we don't take time to be still and listen, then He has to get our attention.
Your cards are so beautiful, very elegant, I am sure whoever receives them will be very happy. Hugs Sandy

Melissa said...

Stay safe! Beautiful cards!

GabyCreates.com said...

Thunderstorm and tornado watch? ouch....
Take care and stay safe!
Love both cards... I am attracted to black and white and love the huge bling on the first one!

scrappin sista said...

I love them both, as usual Audrey you make beautiful cards and projects!! Glad to see you back, i would have come to visit sooner but blogger was acting up!!

Besthobbyeva said...

Audrey- my thoughts are with you! I sincerely hope for no tornado's!!!! I love, love your cards, they are both beautiful! Great job!!


ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Hi Audrey! Beautiful cards!!! I like both of them. Awesome embossing, I can see it just fine.

I know what you mean about tornadoes, having just been through April's Fury here in AL. There was an F5 that touched our neighborhood, it looks like a war zone about 1/4 of a mile from my house. We heard the first of 2 tornadoes go over our house...that is when I told the kids to get down and start praying. It was a very long day, 6 -7 hours in our safe zone, there were so many tornados, they coulnd't keep up, they just said if you are in this (or that) county, take cover! Needless to say, we all get a little antsy when it starts to storm now. We had some scary stuff today again, but thankfully it was over pretty quickly. We were without power and phone for a week. Still have to conserve power or else it gets overloaded and everyone is without power again.

Take care!

A Creative Operation said...

These are very pretty!!!

Cricut Couple said...

YEAA!! Audrey, These cards are just amazing! I really love the black and white one! As always, they are very classy and elegant! Just love 'em! TFS!!!

Love That Bug said...

First off, I hope you are safe with the storms! Second, I love your card, my favorite is the black & white one.
So happy you are back crafting & creating

Dawnll said...

From the girl that says she isn't a card maker!
Both of these are lovely sweetie
Hope you didn't receive damage from the storms.
We got very lucky- nothing but the winds and rain.
I was listening
blessings to you, Dawn ll

Carol L said...

Yeaa!! lol. Super cute cards! I hope you have a blessed you!!!
Hugs, Carol L.

Staying Crafty said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!

Kate said...

These cards are gorgeous - inside and out! They both have such an elegant look to them!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I don't know how I missed these gorgeous cards but I did so I thought I better stop by and tell you how beautiful they are! TFS and glad you are safe. My daughter was at a restaurant in McHeny when the sirens went out and they put everyone in the basement and fed them ice cream as the freezers were located there. The children loved it and it took everyone's worries away.