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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for all the caring emails regarding the weather warning we were under yesterday.  Phew, the worst of the storms passed us by and so did the tornado!  However, we did have a really nasty hail storm that lasted about 20 minutes and several short thunderstorms.

Well call me a glutton for punishment because I ruined my last 2 blank screens last night trying again to get a screen print only to have the same thing happen.  If I'm anything, I guess it's persistent!  I did speak to PC this morning about the ink drying so quickly on the screens and they said my ink is probably too thick, that I could use water to thin it a bit and it should be okay.  As I'm out of screens I'm going to run out this afternoon, buy a couple more blank screens and come home to try again.  If I'm successful, I'll show you my project; if not...

Anyway, it's time for the giveaway I promised.  This is a small RAK I wanted to offer in appreciation for you just being you, and for taking the time from your crafting and schedules to just stop in on me:

Again, this giveaway is open to everyone!  You don't have to be a follower, however, I love compamy and any new followers would be more than welcome in my family of friends!

This will be a random drawing and the recipient will be selected by Random.org on Thursday, May 26, at 5 p.m..  I will post the winner immediately following the selection on that day.  To qualify, please leave me a comment for the RAK on this post only.  That's it!  Good luck!!!

I am interested in knowing if any of you are attending the 2011 Summer CHA Show in Chicago in July.  I will be attending and would love to meet up with you.  Please let me know, I'd hate to miss you!

Well, that's it for now, but I'll be back.  Thanks for dropping by, good luck on the rak, and...

 I'll be seeing you!


Monique Barr said...

I love to try and win things I do not have. Thanks so much for this chance.
Glad that you guys are okay. Still praying for your state.
Be bless have a get give away.

Monique Barr said...

I mean have a great give away. Crazy laptop/or person on it LOL

Rhonda Emery said...

okay just pick me and get it over with. ha. just kidding just stopping by to say hi and see what you are up too. hugs

Treva said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win. Enjoy CHA this summer!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You have so many people that love you Audrey... I am glad the storm wasn't any worse, but I am sure any storm is scary. Good luck to everyone for the surprise drawing....besides being sooo sweet, you are also a very generous lady. Good luck with the Yudu.. hoping to see what you create with it. hugs

Mary said...

So glad those nasty storms passed you by! Sorry to hear about your Yudu screens. What a shame. I'll have to add water to some of my ink which also is too thick. What a great RAK this is. It's so kind of you to offer this up. Hugs, Mary

Love That Bug said...

First off, so happy the storms weren't terribly bad and you hopefully the hail did no damage.
I hope PC is right about your ink and it will work better next time. What a great lil giveaway you are doing
Hugs, Stacy

Staying Crafty said...

I hope you get your Yudu issues figured out. I am REALLY interested in getting one, mainly to make shirts for my ultra picky husband. Have fun at CHA - one of these days I would LOVE to go - SO badly, but it's just not in the cards with young kids at home.

Momma's House said...

Wow you mean i'm the first one,lol. I have a Yudu and its still in the box for like 2 or 3 yrs, really considering getting rid of it,just taking up space. I really don't want to work with anything that will stress me out,lol.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

wow.... love what I see!!!!! Thank you for your giveaway!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

I am sooo sorry you ruined your screens. That is terrible. I know you will get it figured out!!! I can hardly wait to see what you create!!!

CHA sounds like fun!

The Cropping Canuck said...

I wished I lived closer to go to CHA.

Maybe to play with your Yudu as well... lol I'm going to read back to see your trouble with the screens. I have used the Yudu at Michaels.

girlia said...

It looks like a great give-a-way! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

So sorry to hear about your ink situation. What a fab giveaway of goodies. Glad you guys are all safe. Crazy weather going on. Wish I could go to CHA. I've always wanted to go. :)

Dawnll said...

I am attending the CHA in july- bought my membership and just got my tickets.
I will be coming in on Monday afternoon and leaving on Wednesday afternoon.
I am so excited.
Sorry I haven't been around...many personal difficulties, please pray for me and my mother this week.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [24 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Nana Donna said...

Well Audrey I am sure glad you made it through those storms OK, what an awful ordeal. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway

McVic said...

Im already a follower- Wish I could go to CHA- Im sure you will have an amaZing time~ Cant wait to see pictures

Kate said...

I'm so glad that you were kept safe in the storms! Watching the news yesterday, I know that some areas of your country were hit especially hard.
Best of luck with your screens!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Glad the storms passed you and you didn't get hit. We get hail here in NC all the time, it's really weird. lol!

Glad PC gave you an idea about the screens hopefully that will work. I really hope after all that hard work you can get what you want made :-)

-Sam :-)

Cricut Couple said...

YAY! I can finally post on blogger! Hee! Hee! So sweet of you to do another RAK (now that I know what it means, it's even sweeter. Hee! Hee!) I am so glad you all made it through the storms. We are less than an hour and a half away from Joplin, MO and have several friends there. This has been such a terrible storm season, and it's really scary to be so close to home. The worst thing about it is that there are so many people missing and there are also so many people dead who they aren't able to identify. The death toll is 116 right now, but there are many, many more they can't add to that number because they can't be identified yet. Everyone's prayers mean so much! It's working... people are being rescued constantly and spirits are high! Thanks so much for praying for Joplin!

Maria said...

So glad you made it through the storms. Great give away
Hope i win
be safe

Brenda said...

Oh I am so jealous. I wish were going to CHA. Someday I will get there

My Hyer Space said...

Glad you made it through the weather. Thanks for your blog. agent3547ataoldotcom