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Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello, all!!!  LOL!!!  I think it's safe for me to say -- again -- this time it really is Friday!!!

Yesterday I was a maniac because I thought I'd waited until the last minute (which I normally do) to prepare for an engagement which is tonight but which I thought was last night; confusing?  Forget it!!!  Anyway, I'm a day ahead on my weekend plan preparations because I ended up with a day I'd lost!!!  OMG, even more confusing!!!

Anyway, as I had a bit more time than I thought, I began on the notepad tutorial -- but,... because I was a day ahead I only partially finished it so that I could begin another project!  (I think I'm on a roll here!)  Suffix it to say, today I'm back where I was yesterday!!!   Okay, I think I better quit while I'm ahead!!!

How naughty you all were too!!!  Only one of you mentioned to me yesterday was Thursday!!!  Thanks, Sandy!!!  LOL!!!

Overall, I managed to finish this little card I'm going to share with you today due to the extra hours of losing the day I found!  I think these cards are called spinners but I'm not really sure.  I've seen these for a long time and decided I finally felt like figuring out how they're done.  I did!!!  This card has 8 images to fit inside the window as you spin it.  I used both words and graphics; I'm going to show you 4 of them; however, I used mirra cardstock which is really difficult to to get good shots of because it's so reflective:

As this is my first, I think I did okay with it!  And they're so much fun!!!

Now I've got to run, want to get in a few more visits with as many of you as I can before preparing for that engagement tonight that, fortunately, I was able to get every ready and everything laid out for yesterday.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be attending a benefit but I'll complete the notepad tutorial when I come in, so it'll be on-schedule for later tomorrow or Sunday!

Ive also had the honor of being passed another award from another sweet family-friend (maybe two), so I'll be presenting and passing that on also!

As always, thanks for stopping by -- you're all so wonderful and I love you so!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

What a cute card Audrey. It is adorable. Love the little spinner in it. TFS

mforquer said...

Oh Audrey - this is fabulous! I love the silver mirrored appearance with the white flowers!! The spinner is a fabulous touch too!

Anonymous said...

oh wow your card is stunning.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Now I really really like this.. (I love all your creations.. but this is awesome), I love how you have the words, Pray, faith.. and the flowers.. so so creative. I need to make one of these.. are they hard to make? hugs
Sorry I had to be the one yesterday to tell you it was Thurs.. but someone had to... lol... hugs again

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Ok.. I did a search on how do make a spinner card and what I am coming up with is something different that you did.. where did you find the instructions???? hugs

Patti J said...

Ha ha....hope you don't find out that your engagement was for Thursday - wouldn't that be too much fun??!! Another great card, Audrey! I've received spinner cards, but never made one! You aced this one, my friend! Have a good weekend :)

Stephanie said...

That is so neat, Audrey! I gotta try that one of these days!! Thanks for the inspiration!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Ohhhhh Audrey, what a beautiful card! I love the flowers, they are so adorable! The spinner is pretty cool. Great card you made. One of th best cards I have seen in a while.

I am glad you found an extra day! Last year, I thought I was turning a year older than I really am...when I realized my mistake, I was happy to have gained a year. My husband who is 4 days younger than me did the same thing - not knowing mistake...how funny is that???

Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us!

Cricut Couple said...

Oh Audrey, This takes some patience! How in the world did you get that together without getting glue and finger prints all over that silver card stock? Hee! Hee! I avoid using that stuff because it's always so easy to mess up. You can call it a spinner if you want to... I call it beautiful!

Peggy T. said...

OOOH, Audrey, what a beautiful card you have made. It looks like a lot of work. I must try one of these. I'm sure mine won't look like your. I'm sure the engagement couple will love this. Love your blog.

Peggy T.

Jess (aka Sparksgal) said...

Great job Audrey! What a neat card - thanks for sharing!


Rhonda Emery said...

i love love love this how pretty and neat. tfs hugs

Jean said...

How pretty!! Love those flowers and the spinning part of the card.

Monique Barr said...

I just love this card. I thought you said you need to learn to make cards. Look at you. Awesome job.

girlia said...

I love how you embellished this card.

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

What a lovely spinner card!

The Archiving Angel said...

My goodness is this ever beautiful! I am loving the whole dial concept.
Looks fantastic!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us and inspiring us to create.
Keep generating those gems.

JustYolie said...

Oh so elegant!! I love it Audrey! :)

Brenda said...

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Now, you need to make a tutorial so I can learn too. You are such an inspiration. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

lovemypaper said...

Very pretty card!