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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Happy Saturday, everyone!

How am I?  Doing great after a big scare from "the" Buster!  I assumed he had a tummy ache the other evening, so I gave him a bit of Mylanta for his diarrhea; several hours later he was vomiting, and shortly after when he went out I noticed blood in his stool -- I panicked!!!  To make a long story short, I got him to an emergency vet and it seems Buster must have picked up something "tasty" along one of our walks which caused a stomach infection.  He was given meds and I took him to his vet yesterday morning for a follow-up where I was assured the meds would clear up the infection and that Buster would be okay.  Of course since I've been giving him almost undividied attention, he's really playing it up... LOL!!!  Who ever called animals dum?!!!

While monitoring Buster, I've been visiting with many of you and I'm so impressed by all the beautiful projects you're doing.  It was so relaxing sitting here and browsing your blogs.

Last night, after Buster went to bed, I decided I wanted to play with something new I've been waiting to try.  I wanted to practice using these new supplies on something small because I had no idea how to use them and/or how it would work.  So a made a small box out of transparency and started playing.  Now I'm no artist but I hand-outlined what I thought vaguely looked like a rose with leaves and filled it in.  Here's what I came out with:

So, does it look like glass to you?  I thought it came out pretty good considering I can't draw, and up close it actually really does look like stained glass!!!  Maybe if you click the picture to enlarge it you'll see some of the effect.

Not only does it have the appearance of real glass, I love the texture and dimension it gives.  So, what is it?

Has anyone tried this yet?  If so, you've got to tell what what you think because I think I love this stuff!!!  It's so much fun to play with too!!!   Like glass it's transparent, dries absolutely clear and can even be handwashed.  And, now that I've had a minute to play with it, I can't wait to move on to a real project using it (minus my own sketching--definitely!!!)  It's made to use on most transparent surfaces where you want a glass effect!

To get back to the celebration blog candy post, please see the top right-hand side of my sidebar for a direct link (click on the balloons).  Now keep those comments coming!!!  I love reading them and the more comments the better your chances to win!!!

To those who have not yet been to the party, please follow the directions above to the direct link, and join us!  It's a celebration!!!

Before I leave, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all the beautiful comments you left me on your party post.  I was truly touched with emotion, and that only just rienforces how much I care for you too.

 Love to you, hugs..... and,

I'll be seeing you!


Dawnll said...

Oh poor Buster..So glad you have him on the mend.
Our fur babies can be a handful can't they?
Pippie says hi and get quickly to Buster.
I bought some viva pearl -not the liquid glass, I will have to try some though.
Thanks for sharing

Patti J said...

Poor Buster! Glad you got him to the vet - it might have been very bad for him otherwise. I think your box is very pretty! For someone who can't draw, you drew very well! I'll bet you could heat emboss on glass, and use that stuff in the center! Oooh!!! How pretty! A vase for every season, and every reason :) Thanks for sharing :)

Susan said...

Poor Buster boo...give him a tummy rub for me Audrey. He has a good mom to take such good care of him!

I like this liquid glass stuff! I wonder if Michaels would have it? I'll have to check. That is impressive that you drew the rose free hand, I like the way it came out. It does look like Stained Glass! I'm already thinking of things I could use that glass stuff on.....thanks for sharing! Hope lil Buster feels better soon!


Jean said...

Glad to hear Buster is going to be okay. This looks beautiful!! Love how those gels turned out.

Staying Crafty said...

Pretty! Now I have to get my hands on some of that stuff so I can play too :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

So happy to hear Buster is ok. It is hard when the little ones get sick cause they can't tell you what is wrong. Love your project it turned out great!

Susan said...

I am happy that poor little Buster is okay; and I hope that you came through the scare unscathed as well. I love your fun little glass project. I love that you try new things and preview them for us. We are so lucky to have you (for so very many reasons).

Angi @ CokiePop said...

It does look like glass Audrey. Love how you did this technique. Have a happy weekend. And I'm sooooo glad little Buster is doing o.k. Hugs. :)

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Sorry to hear about Buster...that is terrible!!! I can just see him taking full advantage of his situation...lol (adorable!)

I love the box...I have been wanting to make a clear box like that for a while. I keep forgetting to buy the transparency. Your box turned out great. I love what you did with it, so creative!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Such a scare! So glad Buster is on the mend. OOOh, and you found some new toys! you come up with the neatest stuff. It totally looks like stained glass. Gonna be on the lookout! xxD

Rhonda Emery said...

oh I am so happy to hear buster is doing well. sorry about his tummy. love your project really neat tfs with all of us. hugs friend and hug buster for me.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a scare... I am so glad to hear that poor Buster is doing better.. lol.. yes, our sweet little babies aren't dumb. He needs all that attention, he must have been so scared too. hugs

MyCuriousCrafts said...

Super glad that all is well on the homefront now and love your stained glass project...perfect! ~Shen

Mary said...

sorry to hear Buster gave you such a scare! I love the looks of this technique. Hmmm, another thing to try, lol. TFS, your friend, Mary

lisa808 said...

I hope buster is feeling better.

Treva said...

Audrey, glad Buster is on the mend and your box came out great. I really need to venture into other areas of crafting you seem to have so much fun trying new things!

just2ducky said...

Take care of buster! I love hearing about all his lil' escapades. I know my pooches are a handful so I feel for ya! Wouldn't trade any of them of course. They are family! But I think about it when they wake me up at 2 in the morning. LOL! The stained glass look was beautiful. Another creative success!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear Buster is on the mend. Dogs do love all the attention, don't they?
I love that gel and the flower looks great. Another inspirational idea.

girlia said...

Glad to hear Buster is on the mend. Exactly where did you buy it. It looks like something I might want to try.

McVic said...

So sorry to hear about your dog... Glad he is doing better! Ive never tried this! looks super fun!

GabyCreates.com said...

So glad to hear your fur baby is going to be OK...and you did great with those glass/paints...I have not seen them, only the pearl ones...you are enabling me!