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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Happy, happy Friday to all my precious family!!!  Hope everyone's doing well, and geared up for a fabulous weekend of crafting and scrapping!!!

 I have another little handmade notepad I want to share with you today.  However, before I present it, I was requested to do a tutorial on these notepads and how to personalize/add images to the pages.  I have not personalized or added an image to the pages on today's notepad project; however, I will include how to do that on the tutorial.  I will have the tutorial ready to post either tomorrow (Saturday) or no later than some time on Sunday.  I have several engagements that won't allow me to get it done any earlier than late tomorrow.

For this little notepad, I made a lace pocket to hold it:

The notepad includes a matching little paper clip (isn't it cute?) to use as a note-page holder:
Did you see the little paper clip page holder?  If you missed it, here you go:

This little notepad is smaller than the other one I posted.  This one measures 2.25" x 3.75" and is just right to tuck into a purse!  I hope you like it!

If you're interested in the tutorial on how I made these, please check back with me tomorrow or Sunday.

I also want to share the Butterfly Award  which was, again, passed on to me this time from my sweet little friend, Raina.  Thank you, sweetie!!!  Please click on Raina's name to be directed to her deliightful blog!!!
Instead of repeating the answers to the 12 questions, I'll forego that, but would like to continue passing this along to six (6) others as Raina noted on the acceptance terms.  Normally I'd pass repeated awards on to everyone, but I would really like to keep these awards going so they can continue to be passed on to other deserving crafters throughout the neighborhood.  These are the 6 ladies I'd like to present this award to this time around: 
  1. TerryO
 Please when you have a minute, visit all of my talented family-friends!!!
Thank you all so much for stopping by; you're all wonderful, love you all, and...
I'll be seeing you!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

These are beautiful and yes just the right size for the inside of your purse. TFS

Dawnll from Dawn's Craft Place said...

As always you always make the most thoughtful gifts. This is so useful but pretty as can be.
Love the idea of the paper clip to hold a spot.
Hope your doing well

McVic said...

oops! I think you deserved this award too!!!! I have you posted on my blog- Congrats, you are really really loved!!

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the award!!

mforquer said...

Audrey - your project is wonderful!! What fabulous colors and I LOVE the vintage feel! Ah, and you are too sweet too! Thanks for the award!

Monique Barr said...

This is just AWESOME, I love this so much. It is 2 cute and you can just put it in your purse also. Thanks for the Tut. also and you can get it out when you can Sunday is the Lords day and yours to rest. I love the paper clip also. I love the way you used my fav paper Graphic 45. Thanks so much once again

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Perfect as always...I agree with Shelia, what a nice size for your purse. I will be back to see the tutorial. Congrats on your awards you are very much loved my friend... I hope your engagements are fun one..
But I hate to be the one to tell you that today is only Thursday... lol..

scrappin sista said...

so nice,very fancy!! nice work!!

girlia said...

really awesome

Jean said...

Thank you so much Audrey!! And, the notebooks are beautiful!

Susan said...

Hey ya Audrey!

How pretty this is! Honest story here, a few weeks ago I was craft shopping, (without my hubby knowing..lol, just like you! ha ha) and I came across a clearance section of mixed media stuff. I thought mixed media was someone who blogs and twitters, honest,that's true! Well, it perked my interest so I picked up a few things and figured I would google it when I got home. Now I know what mixed media is I plan on giving it a whirl. This notepad is such a perfect example for me of what can be done! Thank you for posting this! :)

Give lil Buster a pat on the head for me!

Marlene said...

Another beautiful project Audrey. I love the colors and the vintage look to it. Great idea to do the matching clip, LOVE it.

Sandi Cl~ said...

Oh my word, these are gorgeous. You have the craftiest brain EVER!

Sherrie K. said...

Audrey..this is just beautiful!!! I LOVE the notebook and the lace pocket gives it that elegance look:) Fantastic...thanks for sharing!
Sherrie K

Cricut Couple said...

So Classy! I just love it!!!

Susan said...

Happy Friday to you, Audrey! Your little notebook is simply lovely, and just the right size! I do enjoy our little visits! Have a great weekend.

Besthobbyeva said...

Congrats on the award!! Well deserved my friend!!!

I love, love this notepad. Such an antique fell. Just gorgeous. Love, love the paperclip!!


Angi @ CokiePop said...

Love this. It's so Shabby Chic! That paperclip is beautiful too. :)

Mercedes Pineiro said...

Love this one too.

Terry Oulboub said...

Wow, what a gorgeous Victorian note pad set, Audrey! I will be checking back to see the tutorial on these - they are too cute to miss! Congratulations on your award, so well deserved because you are AWESOME! Thank you for passing it on to me - I do so appreciate it! :-)

Brenda said...

what a beautiful notebook. Thank you so much for sharing all your craftyness. I so look forward to learning from you.
Thank you also for the beautiful award, and congratulations for receiving it yourself.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

lovemypaper said...

Hi Audrey, such a very lovely notebook. Thanks so much for the award,and congrats to you on your new award.