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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Happy Saturday, everyone!!!  And hello and welcome to a new family-member, which we all know is a new follower!  Thank you for finding your way home!

As I promised, I have put together the notepad tutorial for you; however, I have decided that instead of attempting to do an entire tutorial for the notepad, due to the length of this tutoiral, I will break it down into 2 parts:  Part I today will show how to personalize the inside pages on on your notepad.  (Page personailzation is optional!  If you do not want to personalize your pages with an image, you can skip to where the "Scoring" instructions begin at the bottom of this post); Part 2 will show how to construct the notebook and I will post that tomorrow.

This notepad will be 2-7/8" x 5.50".  For the notepad pages you will use 8.50" x 11" regular copy paper (the cheaper the better) as cardstock will be too thick and will not produce good pages.  Let's begin:
  • Scan image you want on your notepad pages into  your computer; save and name it into a file you can recall
  • Open up WordPerfect: click to open "File" at the top of the document page; scroll down to "Page Setup" and click to open:

  • Look for the "Layout" tab in the drop-down box at the top of box and click to open layout page; scroll down to the "Columns" and change the number of columns to 3; beneath "Columns" change "Rows" to 2; click "OK" to return to document page: 
  • At the top of document page click on "Insert"; scroll down to "Graphics" and click; select "From File" from the menu to open your directory
  • Click on the drop-down button in the "Look in" bar at the top of your directory; locate where you saved your image and open it
  • Once your image inserts into your document you can click to highlight it, re-size and move it to where you want it on your page; you can place it at the top, bottom or center.  Once you adjust your image, press and hold your "Control" key down and hit the "Enter" key to progress to the next page then copy your image to paste on each of the additional columm and row pages.  Once you've copied and adjusted your image on each page, your document should look like this:

NOTE:  Disregard where your margins are set!!!  Your pages will equally divide once cut and image will be atomatically placed according to your adjustments.  If I am centering my image, I go to the format bar and use the "Center" option to make certain my images are centered.  However, it shouldn't be hard to just eyeball it as there are faint outlines on the page to show where your image is located on the page.
Now you're ready to print and cut out your pages!  After you cut and score your document, you will have the first 6 pages for your notepad.

Scoring:  score with the 8.50 length at 2-6/8" and 5-5/8"; turn paper so that 11" side of paper is across the top and score at 5.50".  I have outlined the scoring below for you to see as an example of what your page will look like:

Cut along each score line to have 6 separate pages:

Stack the 6 pages and continue printing, scoring, cutting pages and stacking them until you have as many inside pages as you'd like in your notepad.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2, showing how to construct your notepad -- this is the easy part!!!  In the meantime, you might want to have all your pages cut and ready, and a sheet of heavy cardstock for your front and back cover!

If you have any questions, please comment me; I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Thanks for dropping by, and...

I'll be seeing you!



flowerdisco said...

hey sweets....finally around a bit and on a countdown to BU. we are planning on leaving on monday but if the weather is bad then we leave on tuesday.

hey...you can gives us some tut for computer related tasks for people like me: tech challenged, lol.
for real.

i would love to know a bit more about tips i can use with my crafting.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [28 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You always make everything look so easy... hoping you had a wonderful Saturday. hugs from ukiah

cricaholic said...

Interesting! I'm going to have to try this. Can't wait for part2. TFS

The Archiving Angel said...


Jess (aka Sparksgal) said...

Thanks for sharing the steps! Can't wait for Part 2. :) Have a great day Audrey!

Monique Barr said...

Just awesome, I will print this out. Thank you so much for this.

Jean said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, on to read part 2.

Brenda said...

Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. You just amaze me.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

Dawnll from Dawn's Craft Place said...

Wow you are really good at directions. Amazing how some are better at giving all those little hints or steps that help make a project go smoothly.
Thanks for always sharing so many wonderful and useful ideas.

Cricut Couple said...

What a cool project! TFS!

lovemypaper said...

TFS your lovely project.