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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hello, everyone!  Just dropping in to say I hope you're all doing well and ejoying the weekend, so far.  As for me, no cmplaints other than I'm missing crafting!   I'm feeling better daily and being entertained royally.  When I'm fully functional I think I'll probably miss the spoiling and pampering almost as much as I miss crafting -- keyword "almost"!!!.  Hopefully I'll have my hand removed from this splint this week so I can get back to my crafting which I miss terribly.  If not, at least I know the wait now will be sooner than later.  It's not that I'm such a patient person, it's that I have no choice!  So I'm not heroic, brave or any such thing; just biding my time  -- which is fastly approaching.

I must tell you, I've been trying to visit and keep up with what's going on with you and in the "neighborhood" as much as possible, and I've been so inspired by ALL the wonderful projects and creations you've been doing.  I have all these wonderful ideas in my head that I'm planning, and can't wait, to begin working on.  Funny, but I think I've had more mojo working for me now than before -- LOL!!!  Although it would be just like me on my first day of being able to craft again, not to recall any of my ideas or to be able to come up with a single project -- LOL!   My hubby keeps telling me to write my thoughts and ideas down, and I think as soon as I finish talking to you that's exactly what I'll do.  Ole brain isn't as spry as it used to be!  (Did I say that?!!!)

If I've missed getting around to visit anyone, I'm still working my way around and I'll get to you too!

Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your weekend, hope you do lots of crafting,  enjoy and savor every [special] moment of your life!


I'll be seeing you


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey, I am sorry your still aren't feeling well. But at least you are getting spoiled... hugs

DonnaMundinger said...

hey lady! You must be chomping at the bit. Nice to be spoiled though. I agree with hubby about writing down the ideas. Can't wait to see you in action again! xxD

Sammibug said...

Enjoy the spoiling! Hope you will be back to crafting soon. I miss seeing your projects!

Brigit said...

Audrey we miss seeing your beautiful work, hope you get better soon!! I just got your message and I'm so thrilled, Thx!!

Ladybug said...

Sorry, Audrey, that you're still "under the weather". Just keep thinking:- there's light at the end of that tunnel! You'll be better before you know it and you'll be back to crafting up a storm!! Hugs!!

Ohhh Snap said...

Write down your ideas while you remember them lol. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to start crafting soon, but at least you're getting the royal treatment while you aren't able to craft :).

Fern said...

Audrey, I've missed your fabulous creations!! I hope you're back to your wonderful self soon!! Take care!! XXXXX