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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Good morning, all!

I should have been trying to sleep this morning but, oh no - not me!  I started out after 1 a.m. this morning playing around really with my blog.  I figured I'd take a few minutes to "tinker" with a few things before retiring and now here I am up all night!  I started playing with some of the available gadgets and what do I do -- I ACCIDENTLY delete my hit counter!  And, wouldn't you know the one I used is no longer available.  Of course, I didn't think to save the code; I didn't even think about the code at all after the counter was installed.  If you don't have your html codes saved, save them-- don't let this be a lesson to you!  I don't know how many hits I had exactly but I know I was pretty close to 14,500.

Well, there goes blog candy when I get to 15,000 because now I don't know when that will be!!!  Ooooh, but not to worry; of course, I'll make it up in some other way!  I've tried to find a counter to start as near to or close to where I'd left off, but the default start count on all of them is 15.  I wish this hadn't happened, I really enjoyed seeing all the visitors dropping in; but it's what I get for tickering around instead of taking my tired old self to bed.  There's no way I'm starting over at this point, so I'll learn to live without it, but I will truly miss seeing all my visitors.

Well, it's after 5 a.m., guess I'll try to get a few hours sleep -- probably won't, too disgusted with myself!  But I'm going to bed and lay down just the same.

Is it just me?!!!  LOL!

I'll be seeing you!!!


DonnaMundinger said...

So we both had insomnia last night! I did manage to go back to sleep around 4:00am, but now it's almost 8 and I hate when that much of the day is gone and I'm still groggy. Bummer on the counter. I did the same thing but when I found a new one it let me set it where I wanted and I had the approximte number too. Maybe you could try elsewhere. xxD

Sandy from Ukiah said...

:-( I am so sorry you lost your counter.

flowerdisco said...

Audrey, I hate when that happens to me...everything is running smooth and there i come to mess it up, lol.

Wife2TJ said...

Oh no, That stinks :-( I'm sorry. That's something I would end up doing by accident.

Cindy McVey said...

Oh no! It's not just you...must be something in the air this week. Did you see what I did on Tuesday Treats??? I made the WRONG project!! Oh well...water under the bridge and starting a new week with a wonderful 3-day holiday weekend. Hope you have a blessed Easter my friend! HUGGGGGSSS

Audrey Frelx said...

You guys really know how to make me feel better!

Cindy, that's something I would do -- guess we have a LOT of things in common, huh?