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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello, friends!!!  Hope your weekend is winding down on a happy note!!!

I hope you please will take the time to read this post:

Tomorrow, Monday, April 19 is the beginning of registration for Contributors Showcase #3; and the airing and awarding to the contributors of showcase #2.  We would really love to showcase and reward your talent, so if you have a new craft (even one prepared for another challenge/contest) why not register it here in the showcases too!   We are also working on some exciting new things to introduce into the showcases in the near future; however, this will only be possible if we can get enough contributors.

We believe your projects are very special, that you are very talented, and would love to present your creations to as many viewers as possible.  We believe you can inspire and motivate others through your talent, so I'm challenging you to show your crafts here in our showcases!!!  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact myself and/or any of the team fairies by posting a comment to our blog; we will be more than happy to get back to assist you.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know those also.  If there is a reason you are particularly not interested in the showcases, we would very much be interested in knowing why. Everyone is (this includes non-followers) welcome to participate!

Here is a sample copy of the award for showcase #3:

Isn't it pretty?  Well, we're anxiously awaiting being able to present it next Monday to five (5)  selected contributors.

As an aside, although all the projects submitted to-date have been, we feel, exceptional, we had to set a  limit.  The decisions as to which projects will be selected are difficult ones and may even result in our possibly having to draw for contestants.  I am explaining this because we do not want any participants who have submitted an entry(ies) that does not get selected to take it personal.  This is NOT a contest!  All your chances to be showcased are equal!  But we have to have a limit!  So, just keep those entries coming in each week and soon your project too will be showcased and awarded.  If we can keep the showcases going, I promise you it'll happen; and I hope you know that I'll do all I can not to disappoint you.

Again, be reminded submitted projects do not have to be exclusive to the showcases, they only need not to have been posted within a specific time frame (see rules) and as of right now there are no craft designations.  However, there are some surprises being outlined for future showcases. 

With that being said,  I hope you please stop by tomorrow to view the projects contributed to showcase #2  and to congratulate the awardees.  In the interim, the fairies will be looking forward to seeing your project entries for showcase #3 -- we hope you don't let us down?

Have a great evening!!!  And...,

I'll be seeing you!

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Barb's Boys said...

Hi Audrey - I wish I could just reply to the comments...oh well, this will have to do! I was reading your post about the Contributor's Showcase and I'm going to try to get a card posted on there tomorrow. Probably the reason your comment didn't go through at first was because I did an edit (I can never remember which photo to upload first and had to change it!) I'm just getting around to scrapping some of my old vacation photos and thought they would work for the Spring Showers challenge, but turns out I was too late to post to that challenge...oh well, motivation to get some stuff finished! Anyhow, thanks for the sweet comments, and don't even worry about the delay on the RAK, I was just excited to be chosen and glad you got my address...thanks again.