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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hello, everyone!

And what a great Saturday for me because I've started crafting!!!  But I do have an apology to make.  I received a comment from my blogging friend, Queen Pam, asking to see the shirts I completed for my son.  Unfortunately, my son picked the shirts up several hours before I read the comment from Queen Pam.  So, at this time, I would like to offer an apology because I'm always boasting about how I love to share and yet I didn't even consider the shirts as something to share.  Now that it's been brought to my attention they were, I can only say this was a "JOB" for me and nothing I took any pleasure from; therefore, it never occurred to me or crossed my mind to post not even one of the shirts.  My focus was on getting them done so I could get something fun for me -- crafting!  And, neither did I think to consider anyone would want to see  them.  Although there was nothing particurly interesting about them, just plain white shirts with the name of their lodge and the member's name on them, I really should have thought you might like to see them and I'm sorry I didn't.

HOWEVER, because Queen Pam did show an interest in seeing my embroidery "work" by requesting to see the shirts, and because I didn't have the sense of mind to show them, what I will do is a small personalized embroidery project for her and post it here.  (Queen Pam, I will comment on your blog when I have your project completed and posted.  Your name "Queen Pam" will be embroidered on the project and, if you like it and don't mind sending me your mailing address, I will mail it to you.)

The project for Queen Pam will serve, at least, as a project allowing you all to see my embroidery and as gratitude to her for making me realize my embroidery is still a craft regardless how I feel about a particular embroidery project.  I would like to say, in my defense, I do love my embroidery but I enjoy it more when I'm working on projects that are fun to me -- this wasn't and, honestly, I'm glad I'm done with them!

Agan, my apologies to all of you for my oversight and failure to post the shirts.  If Queen Pam hadn't asked, I would never have given it another thought.  I wished she'd asked sooner.  Hopefully, I won't make the mistake of  not thinking and/or making an assumption to share something with you again.

Now I'm off to finish a project!!!  I'll be back later to post!


QueenPam said...

OOO I feel so special. I have wanted an embroidery machine forever...was told if I could save half, husband would pay for the rest...never could do it and now husband is gone; so I am definitely interested. And of course I would love to own a piece of your art! Tell me where to send you my address and I will do so; be sure to include your return address so I can send you a proper thank you!


Jean said...

Audrey, that is so sweet to embroider something for Queen Pam and I can't wait to see how it looks! I know she will appreciate it.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

no problem!!!!! Can't wait to see your work, I am sure it is beautiful! Happy and blessed weekend!

Melissa said...

You are so sweet Audrey! How nice of you to do this for Pam!

Kingston's Kreations said...

I can't wait to see an embroidery project!! I am just getting back into sewing slowly but surely and I am sure I will need an embroidery machine! :)