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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Good evening, my friends!  I am so sorry I've been absent and haven't had a chance to post and/or visit with you the last few days.  However, I have been having some really busy days -- mostly helping my son with some term papers.  Also, if you were following the news yesterday, you heard that we had a severe thunder storm sweep through Illinois that left quite a bit of damage and some power outages.  Well, of course, I was one of those who was left without power most of yesterday evening and into the morning; and, if you remember another post, you'll know I'm quiet during these types of storms.  This has really left me behind in getting what needs to be done DONE!  Being  I'm the theme designer for Showcase #12, I prayed  that my electricity would be restored in time to get my son's term papers typed and my theme sample project completed and posted for the showcase.  So far my prayer is being answered but I'm so backed up I'm really racing to beat the clock!!!  I guess my streak of rotten luck isn't yet over but I refuse to let it defeat me -- the devil is busy and so am I!!!  LOL!!!  Anyway, if I'm hitting and/or missing here, please forgive me and understand.  My son's papers are due on Monday so, hopefully, I'll have some free time after I get the Awardee Showcase posted and open registrstion for Showcase 12.

Registration for Showcase #12 will be open on Monday, June 21 through 8 p.m. central time of Friday, June 25 after the Awardee Showcase.

I want to thank Team Fairy Sheryl for being the theme fairy designer for Showcase #11 and for her amazing candle project she made for the theme sample.  Sheryl herself is amazing, and if you haven't visited her yet, please do!  Just click on her name above for a direct link to her blog.

Your theme sample project for Showcase #12 is to complete a home decor project of your choosing.  You can use any color, medium, design you prefer.  The home decor sample project I have made for you can be used as a wall hanger or magnet as I've attached both:

I used a paper crimper for the crimped paper panels, used Scor-Pal to score the lines for the fans and then just hand-folded (mountain and valley folds);  I used a cricut pen to write the wording using the Jasmine cart and colored it in with a watercolor pencil; the organza flower is one of those I made earlier and posted using the candle burning method -- do you remember them?  Finally got the chance to use one!   Lastly, I added 3 short strands of pearls to the ase of the flower, a pearl to each fan to complement the pearl in the center of the flower and the strands of pearls at the base of the flower.  I embellished by edging the project with peach colored stickles, and used it to also highlight certain areas on the project.  Sorry if it isn't as nice as I'd liked to have done but I really did have to do it in a hurry!

Of course this project will be available above the Posts at the top of my blogfor review during the week, if you want to refer to it.

Now, please don't forget to join me and the fairies for the Awardee Showcase on Monday.  I will be around to visit each of you as soon as I can -- I promise!!!

I'll be seeing you!


Love That Bug said...

That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina said...

Beautiful Audrey. You make such lovely home decor projects.

- - Sheryl - - said...

Oh my word Audrey
Beautiful! Love the fans! The pearls. I'll have to try the flower technique.
Can't wait to see what people create and enter.

Glad you got your power restored and sounds like your son is all set!

Have a great day!

Jean said...

Very pretty!! I love it.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Well that is just gorgeous, I don't think you could have made it any more gorgeous even if you had more time... I love the crimped paper. I got your message about the paper... thank you so much Audrey. AND I will be keeping you in my prayers. Stay inside and be safe. Sending big hugs