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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Sunshine Award for Me!

Good happy Wednesday!!!!  At least I hope it is!  I really don't care for the term "hump' day; it sounds so strenuous and I'd hate to think of your day that way.

I got another Sunshine Award, this time from my friend at Just2Ducky.  You must visit her blog when you can.  Not only is she a great crafter, she really is so funny and entertaining.

Thank you so much, my friend! 

Now I must pass it on to five others; the first three (3) being the Team Fairies who work so hard to bring you the theme samples each week for the Showcases.  Not only are they wonderful crafters, they are such honest and faithful team players, and sincere friends:


The next person I'm passing this award on to is:


Sandy is such a sweetheart and leaves so much love on my blog everyday that just fills my heart.  She is also extraordinary in that she's opened and shares her life and family with us 365 days a year through her journal blog.  I try not to miss a day of her antics in getting her "daily pictures".  I enjoy her and her family's adventures and try not to miss a day of sharing her life with her through her words and pictures.

The last award, as always, is reserved for you!  You have been here for me as long as I've been here, and I couldn't ask for more.  Thank you, all my wonderful friends!!!  Grab it and enjoy!!! 

Please visit my all my friends!  They're all wonderful sites!

I'll be seeing you!!

P.S.  Are we all watching my followers list?!!!  I still have that RAK I hope to present to someone something soon!!!  LOL!!!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey, you are so sweet to give this to me... I am always so excited when I see you have left me a comment on my project 365, I feel it comes from your heart and that is so special. You are a very special lady. Thank you again. I will get this posted as soon as I can.

Jean said...

Audrey, You have another one of these awards on my blog as well! I just received one and I immediately thought of you, because I love all of your projects and the wonderful comments you always leave for me as well!!

- - Sheryl - - said...

Thank you so much - you are so kind!!!!

flowerdisco said...

my sweet audrey....how can i say thanks to you ? you are always taking care of me...love u for it and thanks again.

Lori Apgar said...

What an honor Audrey!! Thank you!