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Monday, June 7, 2010


Good afternoon, all!  First I would like to apologize for being late posting the awardees and their awards, and in preparing the registration for Showcase #10.  Unfortunately, Google had a server problem and bloggers from all over the country (not all bloggers) had to suffer the down time; I was one of the unfortunate ones.  I do apologize, however, this certainly was not within my control.  I guess this just wasn't my week; first my AT&T installation problems and now this recent Google issue.  Hopefully, my "time-to-be-annoyed and frustrated" period is over -- phew!!!

Now, so as not to lose any more precious time, I hope you please join me in congratulating the awardees.  Again, the fairies and I were faced with not being able to exclude one (1) of our five (5) contributors; therefore, we will be presenting all of them an award for the outstanding jobs they did on their projects.

Congratulations to:

Stacy:  "Footprints" Card

MsJay:  "Thank You for Everything" Card

Cindy:  "Magnolia" Card

Barb:  "Baroque Charm" Card

Jean:  "My Pop Rocks" Card

Ladies, thank you so much for playing with us and we hope to see you again soon!  Flowerdisco, as well as all of us, were amazed by your skills.  Here are yourawards:

Please make certain to visit these wonderful ladies and crafters when you can; they are great crafters and inspirers!  They're names are a direct link to their blogs.

Thank you, too, viewing audience for your support and encouragement, the fairies and I appreciate it.

In closing, I'll be back shortly to open registration for Showcase #10 which includes the game contest -- please remember to refer to the rules for posting your response(s) for the showcase game.  I will have them available again on the Showcase 10 Registration/Detail Post.

As an aside, I will attempt to reach each of you with a response who left questions for me that went unanswered to the my Google downtime.

Thank you so much for your patience!  You are all wonderful friends, and I hope, so as to not let you down often, that this is not a frequent occurrence with Google!!!

I'll be back, and I'll be seeing you!!!


Michelle said...

Everyone did an awesome job!!! Congratulations!

MsJay said...

Oh my! I'm so excited to get another ward. Thanks so much.

Jean said...

Thanks so much and congrats to the other ladies! I love my awards from you guys and I always love the showcase challenges. Now, I need to get working on my project for showcase #10.

BeeBeebabs said...

Congratulations - you all did a wonderful job

Love That Bug said...

Hey Audrey,
Me again. I think I just left you a comment but wasn't sure if it went though or not so here I am again. LOL
First off, there is no need to apologize, crap happens. LOL
Second, thank you and the team fairies for the award, I am very excited, and I am proudly showing it off on my blog. LOL
Now, off to enter in showcase #10. ((Congrats on 10 successful showcases too)
Talk to you soon

Ohhh Snap said...

Welcome back! I'm up to my neck in committments this week, so I'm not sure if I can make anything.

My computer is at a central point in the house, so I read something ... wander off, read something else... wander off lol. I'm looking forward to the Monday after next Monday, it shouldddddd be quieter by then. I did manage to steal a couple of hours for my garden yesterday though, the weather demanded it.