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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Good evening, my friends.  I'm back again with a last minute regrettable announcement.

After much thought and consideration, with heavy hearts, the Team Fairies and I will be terminating the showcases immediately after the Awardee Showcase on Monday, June 28.  As the summer has brought on additional activities and responsibilities for most of us, we feel this is not a good time to get the participation we'd like in the showcases, and we do not feel it would be fair to ourselves or you to continue at this time with the possibility of running into summer scheduling conflicts.  Therefore, although we're sincerely sorry, we've decided it best that this be our showcase finale.  It is possible, we may attempt to resume the showcases again in the fall when the pace slows down, but we can't commit to anything at this time.

We have very much enjoyed all the wonderful projects that have been contributed, and thank you so very much for coming over to play with us and providing inspiration and encouragement to others. We are grateful you cared to share your projects being showcased here , and we've had so much fun and  hope you got some enjoyment out of our showcases too.

The Fairies and I will miss the showcases, but I know we won't miss the opportunity to continue being inspired by your creativity.  We've all made some new friends and have been introduced to some new and exciting blogs.  I hope we all continue to explore!!!  It's a good thing!

On a personal note, of course, I will continue to be interested in what you're doing because I truly love and admire all your talent, so don't be surprised if I just may pop in and ask you to "feature" a project you've done here on my blog every now and then.  As always I'll be around, visiting, commenting, giving love!  And, of course, I'll be crafting, posting and hoping to share as much as I can with you as I've always tried to do.

I do hope you'll all still come by to support our awardees on Monday.  And thank you all -- contributors and the veiwing audience for being here for all us Fairies!!!

I'll be seeing you!


217 Creations said...

Oh Audrey! I am so sad but I understand your decision. Summer is a hard time for crafting. I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to so many awesome blogs. Man has my list grown in the last few months!!!! And although I was not always able to participate in the showcase, I have enjoyed it very much. I would encourage you to renew this project in the fall. Thanks again!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am sure everyone is going to be disappointed with this news. I know I will miss seeing the awesome talent that people have been posting, but I understand how people get busy especially during the summer. AND it is alot of work for you and the fairies...hugs

Rhonda Emery said...

so sorry to here but good luck and have a fun summer

Cin said...

Oh! Audrey, I am so sad to see the showcases stop. I did enjoy not only entering them but just coming by to see all the projects even when I did not have time to enter them...... Please do try to restart after the summer and if you need any help, Please you just have to let me know, and I will be there too.......

Jean said...

I have enjoyed the showcases I have been in, but I know the summer can get crazy for everybody!! I will still be visiting your blog and the fairies blogs to see all of you guys great projects!! So glad that I found your blog, because I love all of your projects and can't wait to see what you make next.

just2ducky said...

This is sad news. But COMPLETELY understandable. I have enjoyed the links to the most amazing projects. Thank you for taking the time to showcase all of our work and introduce us to new talent. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, I am bummed, but I understand why. Summer is hard with all of the vacations and weekend outings, and such. I have really appreciated your kind words on my projects, and I have loved seeing all of the wonderful work that all of the participants and you have done. Thanks for doing it, and I really hope you will resume again sometime in the future. Hugs to you all!

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you all for your kindness. I am so sorry to have to discontinue the showcases, however, now is not the best time for them. I am so glad you are all so understanding, it helps me to feel a bit better about about the decision the fairies and I had to make.

Of course, I'm not going anyway, this isn't good-bye, so I'll be still be visiting, admiring and being inspired by you; and I hope you all continue to come and check on me too!

BeeBeebabs said...

Sorry to hear about the showcases - it was really a lot of fun it really gave me inspiration. Although I participated in 2 showcases and won a award on one of my cards which is proudly displayed on my blogspot it was really a lot of fun. I hope you continue to post your beautiful work and continue to visit my blog every now and then. I will continue to check in to see if you decide to do anything on your blog. Thanks again Audrey for being you.