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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello, again, everyone!  I'm back to announce the upcoming new showcase, Showcase #11, and to say good-bye to Team Fairy Lori.  Of course, Lori , is a favorite and will be back again to amaze us with another theme sample project in about 3- 4 weeks.  Lori, as always, you did an amazing job and thank you so much.

This week we have Team Fairy Sheryl as our project theme designer.  Sheryl has come up with a wonderful theme sample project for us to follow -- and it's some different!

Here's Sheryl to tell you all about it:


Hi, everyone!  As you know Showcase #11 begins Monday, June 14, and runs thru 8 p.m. central time on Friday, June 18.  I really hope to see your projects entered into the showcase!

I love to repurpose and dress up things that we can usually find right at home. My theme project for you for Showcase #11 is to dress up a candle.  The candle has to be one you've recycled or repurposed.  You can use any candle and can find candles almost everywhere including your local Dollar Stores.  You can decorate and embellish them any way you'd like, using any of your favorite colors.  Here is the one I've done for you as an example and directions for completing this candle can be found on my blog.  Audrey has my name above as a direct link, so come on over, take a look and then get busy preparing yours for the showcase!!!

You can also refer to the top page of Audrey's blog throughout the week to see the picture of my theme sample.

Again, I hope to see some wonderful creations!!!  Have fun!!!


Thanks, Sheryl!  And thanks for the wonderful theme project!  It's beautiful!

Okay, everyone, there you go -- it's time to run along now and start re-designing candles!

Again, registration and detail information will be available on Monday, June 14, after the Showcase #10 Awardee Showcase.  As always, please refer to my sidebar for a direct link to sign up your projects with Mr. Linky for Showcase #11.

Now don't forget...  Please come on over and join us on Monday to congratulate and support our Showcase #10 Awardees.

As an aside, during the Awardee Showcase on Monday, the fairies and I will also announce the Game Winner for Showcase #10. 

Thanks for dropping in, Sheryl and I appreciate it.  And, all the fairies and myself hope to see you on Monday!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I can't wait to see all the awesome candles.

Jean said...

This should be a fun one, I have never decorated a candle before! Can't wait to see what everybody comes up with.