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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Good Tuesday morning, everyone.  I thought I'd take a special moment to extend my gratitude to a few things of importance.

First, I like to welcome my new followers.  I hope you visit often, feel comfortable, and please feel free to enjoy some of the things I have to share.  I love company and I love when you drop in regularly.  Thank you for stopping by and, if I can find you, I'll be paying visits to you and browsing your precious creations.  I consider my place a home where anyone can come by and relax or play, I hope you come to feel that way too.

As you may know, I ran into several occurrences which prevented me access to my blog features.  One of the issues was with a Google server.  This really had me alarmed because it ran into the timely posting for the last awardee showcase, and showcase postings, and important blogs I had to visit.

With regard to my blog downtime resulting from the issues, I'd like to thank the Team Fairies:  Flowerdisco, Lori, and Sheryl.  They came to my rescue by announcing my circumstances to both their posts and mine.  Unfortunately, I was unable to publish any of the explanatory posts on my blog as this feature was unavailable during the Google "crisis";  however, I appreciate all the efforts they made to let all my viewers know why I was not available.  These ladies are wonderful and I'm more than lucky to have them as team players and, most importaant, friends!

I thank all of you for your patience, support, encouragement, inspiration....  and the list goes on!!!  I have felt so much love here and it's an amazing feeling.  I certainly hope I'm giving back as much love to you!!!

I'll be seeing you


flowerdisco said...

u r a sweetheart mrs audrey...love u!

Jill said...

Love, Love the mini-album! Very bright and cheerful! Come give me some comment love on my blog. . .I'm lonely and I have something bright and cheerful that will make it a HAPPY DAY. By the way I like your new running slide show with all your wonderful projects! Nice eye candy!

I'm currently having a NYC designer design a new banner for my blog and new etsy shop- plus logo for the new business venture-Paper Moments. Should be up in a few days or so. Can't wait.

Jean said...

You are so nice Audrey!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Audrey, you are the sweetest person, you give so much love to all of us. I so enjoy it when I see you have left a comment on my blogs... hugs

BeeBeebabs said...

Thank you so much. I just recently met you on the blog but it seem like I been knowing you for a years. Audrey your one of the sweetest person I met without physically meeting you - you help me so much with my blog and you had so much patience with me. Thank you Audrey for being you.

DonnaMundinger said...

So glad things are back to normal for you Sweetie! EVERYBODY feel your love hon, and right back at you! xxD